Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day at the Farm

How was your Christmas?  We had a lovely day!  We slept in.. had some fresh pastry and a cup of coffee.. then Dayle started a fire for us.. and when we felt like it.. we retired to the drawing room (work with me here) and leisurely opened our presents to each other and the ones from our daughter Amy who lives in Ohio.  These are Dayle's surprise gifts to me.. he thought the ornament looked like us.  I thought that Santa was ready to bop Mrs. Claus on the head with the rolling pin.  LOL!  He also got me a few chocolates from the General Store in Troutdale.

He also got me a weekender bag from Pendleton, but it wasn't a surprise.  :-)  I am going on a trip to New Orleans in April to spend a week with my daughter and she invited my two sisters to join us which they were happy to oblige.  I'll be able to use this bag as my carry-on along with my rolling carry-on bag.  The blanket pattern is Chief Joseph in sage.

My daughter sent me this neat pair of barley twist candlesticks.  They look really nice with the taller ones she sent last year.  She knows me well, I love candle holders and candles!  Thanks, Amy!

I got a tooled leather checkbook cover for Dayle - he's used those plastic ones that come with the checks his whole life and I thought he'd enjoy a nice one - and he actually loves it!  I also got him a Carhartt t-shirt.  

Our daughter Amy sent this wonderful book to her Dad.. he loves doing crosswords in the newspaper, but we finally cancelled our subscription since they cut back on the days that they deliver.  I sneakily bought one for myself on Amazon so we can do crosswords together.  :-)

Here's my surprise on the tree.. those are my two granddaughters in the photo ornament on the right.. Paige and Jenna.

Dayle baked the ham in his pellet smoker/grill and it turned out DEE-liscious!  It has a red currant glaze that is very tasty.

Our son Shawn, his wife Beth and sons Michael and Gabriel arrived at 2:45 and Michael jumped right in and helped me prepare the roasted potatoes and asparagus.  I think he might become a good cook in his own right.

All set for Christmas dinner!

We got the boys these MiP robots, and they had a total blast playing with them!  They dance and play music and even have a little tray so you can send your robot to deliver something to someone across the room.. they are really fun!  We also gave them an Air Hog UFO hover craft thing that was really fun to watch.  Last year we gave them all clothes, but this year I wanted to give them fun things and I think they were a hit.

Our son and his wife gave us this.. yum!  And some Aplets & Cotlets and some Belgian chocolates.  Oh my.  I will have to swim faster!

One of the robots.

This is one of them all lit up.  You can run them from your smart phone or computer!  They had them going all around the house, beeping and dancing, it was fun to watch.

I am going to haul my carcass out and go swimming today.  Yes, I am.  I really am.  Right?  How was your day yesterday?  Did you get something fun?  Was your dinner delicious?  I'm looking forward to a mellow week ahead, and to work on 2 crocheted baby guinea pigs for my granddaughters.  :-)  But first I need to find some fuzzy yarn!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It looks as if your day was a happy one Teresa. I love all of your gifts, especially the Pendleton bag. I DO think that ornament resembles you and Dayle! :-). Our son and grandkids left this morning. :-(. We dropped my car off for a new battery and oil change this morning and will pick it up this afternoon. We're meeting friends at the Olive Garden for dinner and I'm doing lots of laundry today. Mostly trying to keep busy so I don't think about my kids not being here.
    Have a wonderful day Teresa. Lots of love.

  2. Wonderful!!! Lots of lovely goodies ! I so love the way you have you house that is Christmas in all its glory!!! Many thanks for this glimpse into your family's Christmas celebration...I can see ir all looks smashing!!!

    Merry Christmas

    Amanda xx

  3. This post is totally delightful, Teresa! Your [work with me here] got me LOL a lot and then the bopping Mrs. Santa possibility got me HO HO HOing even more!!! I enjoyed the account of your day, and am so glad you all made merry memories together. [I am still in a daze from my merry memories for swimming today...Mercy please, for me, but I am cheering you on if you go !] xx

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful day with some lovely presents. I like the sound of crocheted guinea pigs, I shall look forward to seeing them. It was a quiet day here, and three of us (me and the two elder boys) ended up with tummy bugs in the late afternoon/evening, so it wasn't the best Christmas ever. I've been lying down most of the day. Hopefully we'll feel more like ourselves tomorrow. CJ xx

  5. I think your day was pretty perfect. I love how it unfolded at the perfect speed. I laughed at that ornament, you are right it looks like Santa is going to bop Mrs Claus in the head! We had a very nice day, and now I can't wait to get everything put away, but I am waiting until Sunday when Mr. 21 leaves to go back and train.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  6. Your day looks a full, fun one. It's Friday and I'm clearing out some things in the LR to put them away. We are having our Christmas tomorrow at my sister's home. I can't wait to see all the grands and watch them open presents. We adults don't buy for each other at this gathering. I got just what I wanted and I'll be writing a post soon to show everyone. Merry Christmas, Teresa, to you and your family.

  7. Looks like a fantastic Christmas and some great gifts! :-)

  8. What a fabulous day and wonderful gifts and loved all of you pictures Teresa, here my girl bought me a whole lot of colourful balls of wall to make mittens to get my crochet mojo back xo

  9. Such wonderful gifts. I love the ornament! Too, cute. Happy New Year to you sweet friend. :)

  10. I cannot wait to see the guinea pigs!
    I got yarn and books and clothes. Much needed clothes. Your holiday was lovely. Who made that gorgeous yarn basket ornament?

  11. Lusting after your pendleton weekender bag.
    I pinned it to my Pinterest board for inspiration and plan on making myself one for my trip to Japan in March.
    Perfect. Want one.

  12. Catching up on the posts I have missed in the last few days. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!
    LOVE that bag!!! Such nice photos!
    xo Kris

  13. Our day was good, and that's all I'm gonna say. Got some good gifts. Megan and I went out and saw Christmas lights in a part of town we knew would have nice ones. Stopped at a friend's home and glad at least Jean was there cuz we sang her Silent Night when she opened the door! She loved it! Then we came home and all three of us played three rounds of dominoes. Megan won two and I won one, no to Phil. I'm glad you had a good day and it looked so festive at your house! Hugs!

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Those toys look like so much fun. The gifts that you and Dayle gave each other and received from others are so nice.
    We also had a wonderful day. We don't do much in gifts. But we had 28 people here. Every day (holiday) that mom is still able to spend with us is a bonus.

  15. What wonderful gifts you gave each other! I am so happy that you all had such a good time together. We had a lovely day at my Darling Mum's house, lots of good company, laughter and of course some yummy food!

    Yesterday was very relaxing, and we had some snow!


  16. Hi there friend. It looks like you horn had a wonderful Christmas... I'm off from work and looking forward to a week of rest, knitting and crochet.

  17. What a wonderful Christmas time, Teresa! I enjoyed reading about your lovely day and seeing the gorgeous gifts and fun you all had. I think the new ornament is adorable!
    Enjoy the rest of your Christmas week!
    Helen xox

  18. Boy your ham looks yummy. I've never actually cooked a ham but I love the look of the top glazing. Sure beats mine !!! I'm still recovering from the big day - unlike the rest of my family who are all now away. Just me, the cat and two dogs at home. I'm always official doggy-sitter for my daughter's Pug but I don't mind as Quincy enjoys the company. Have a nice rest yourself over the weekend. xox

  19. I love all your family pictures! That ham looks fantastic. My family are not big ham eaters, but my GF gave me her hambone and I'm making more soup w/it! Loved the Mrs and Santa Claus ornament Dayle gave you! So perfect for you bakers! You provide such a loving home for the grandkids, so nice to see.

  20. Happy Christmas to you! I think those robots would be a hit with my grandsons, too.

  21. What a cheery Christmas with lots of lovely gifts ... that ornament does look a bit like you and Dayle!

    Our Christmas was noisy and full of good food and family. We had brunch (no asparagus after all, but ham, quiche, gratin Dauphinois, salad, orange-cranberry-walnut muffins, veggies, and fruit), then grazed the rest of the day on the leftovers and copious amounts of sweets. :)

  22. Love the little Santa and Mrs. Claus ornament--it does look like you both! Looks like you had a great Christmas -- that dinner photo makes me hungry, again, for ham:)
    Looking forward to seeing your crocheted baby guinea pigs soon!
    Blessings, Aimee

  23. Wow .. How cheery and festive is your home! Mr and Mrs Santa are too cute and your tree is fairy tale beautiful :-) Pat xxx

  24. Looks like it was a wonderful holiday! Ours was spent in Dubai so that was gift enough for me, plus, of course, the shopping done there. Best wishes for the rest of December and the new year, Tammy

  25. I'm a little late but Happy Christmas hehe! Your dinner looked delicious :-) Did you get to spend a second christmas when rest of the house returned? x


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