Monday, November 16, 2015

Thoughts and Other Things

I want to take a few moments and send my deepest sympathy to France and the families of the victims of the tragic killings there last friday.  I also want to include my thoughts of support for the other places around the world that have had these mass murders.  As you know, we suffered greatly here in America on 9/11.  I wish I knew how to combat this way of thinking.  I light this candle for those innocent people who are lost around the world and hope that someday, somehow these things will cease to happen.

My sister and I are working on a Hitchhiker shawlette/scarf.. she is way ahead of me, that is hers on the left and mine on the right.  I started out using my new circular needles and must say that it drove me CRAZY having that long cable in the way and flipping this way and that.. and the needles were shiny silver and I couldn't see the stitches for all the reflective shininess.  So, I grabbed my vintage tortoise shell needles of the same size and I liked working on these MUCH better.  I may have to move over to the circulars at some point, but.. not yet.  My blog friend Dorothy from Australia asked to join in on the Hitchhiker "knit-a-long" so anyone else who wants to do it with us is welcome!!

Since my sister and I are working on this together, she invited us over for dinner so we could knit together.  She made meatloaf, green beans with bacon, cheesy potato bake and this amazing butternut squash puree.  NUMMERS!

Each fall my 2 Japanese maples turn a brilliant red and if you don't look quick, the leaves are gone fast.  So, I grabbed my camera to record the moment.  This is the bigger maple next to the creek.

Can you see the waterfalls and creek running through next to the gazebo on the deck?  There is a Blue Fountain Bamboo on the right and the Hydrangea on the left.  The tree branches coming up on the left are a Corkscrew Willow - my daughter took a bouquet home from my Dad's funeral and called me to say the curly branches in it were rooting!  This tree comes from my Dad and my daughter.

The leaves are a gorgeous crimson red.

This is the small Japanese Lace-leaf Maple.  It's only 2.5 feet tall!

The moss on the shed roof is happy now that it's raining.

Standing on the deck looking towards the west - the Walnut leaves are turning yellow and brown and the Pin Oak leaves are deep red.  The green you see there is my Black Bamboo grove.

Looking to the left the huge Chestnut tree is turning yellow and brown.  The leaves are dropping fast now as it's raining and blustery.

The garage roof is sporting some thick green moss.

The pond is full of oak leaves.. must do some skimming. 

My sister gifted me with a beautiful woven scarf that she brought from Rome on her recent trip to Italy.  Isn't it gorgeous?

And this neat little heart from Croatia, also from her trip.  It's made of leather!

So, now I have a Croat's Warm Heart!  I have it hanging on a knob of my TV cabinet, but it will take a place of honor on our Christmas tree.  Denise knows how much I love hearts.  :-)  Thanks, Sis!

My son hung my framed artwork for me.. I thought you might like to see how it looks.  This is the wall directly to the left of my "nest".. or easy chair.  You can see the tops of my jar of knitting needles.  :-)

My two paintings from my New Orleans trip last April are now hung to the left of the TV cabinet.  I am sure enjoying having these on the wall.  You can see the scarecrow I made years ago.  He comes out each Autumn.

Kristi was sewing the other day and looked out the French doors and spied Simba watching her sew.  Cute, huh?

We are finally recovering from our colds.. I might start swimming again on Wednesday.  :-)  But a few more days knitting by the fire are in order, I think.  At least that's what my inner doctor suggests.  What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Sharing your sentiments for the people around the world who have been affected by terrorism. So sad that there is such evil. Hoping the leaders of all countries can get together and find a way to eradicate it.
    Your knitted project is beautiful! This weather is perfect for settling in and doing handwork. I've been making Christmas cards using my new Sizzix die cutter--what a fun toy that is! Just what I need--ha.

  2. The slaugher in Paris was horrific Teresa. One of my husband's French clients knows a young man who was killed on Friday , such a terrible end to a young life. Terrorism is horrific but we must continue to show that evil can never win.Thanks for lighting a candle.
    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and keeping cosy. It's been work for me today x

  3. I thoroughly concur with your words Teresa.
    beautiful photos of your farm as always. The shawl is going to be gorgeous - love the colour. That meal looked delish. Hugs Anne x

  4. Wonderful to see what is happening in your world Teresa. Your words at the start of this post were very moving indeed and are so right. xx

  5. Sorry to hear that you'd been sick, but glad you're doing better now, Teresa. Your foliage pics are gorgeous, and I love your pond and stream. Love them!! How nice that you and your sister can knit together. :)

  6. Lovely words Teresa, my thoughts too. How gorgeous your garden is looking in its autumn finery. And how fantastic your paintings look on the wall, it's nice to see your sailboats up there, I know how much they mean to you. Memories of happy summer days. I'm not up to much over here. It's raining hard, so I'm enjoying the sound of the raindrops against the glass while I'm warm and snug inside. CJ xx

  7. I see what you mean about your moss. It's beautiful. Wonderful story about your willow. Love the scarf and heart from your sister. If I lived closer, I might sneak in for a bite of that meatloaf and that potato casserole!

  8. Teresa, God Bless your sweet thoughts for our World.
    we have no leaves left.....its bare trees around here. SO much so the bike ride in the woods today seemed so full of sunlight!
    I live vicariously through your delicious meals! Keep those pictures coming.

  9. OMG . you two are well into your hitch hiker scarves !!!!! What type of yarn are you using? My pattern says sock yarn but that is so thin it might take me several decades (if I last that long) to finish it. Love the picture of your little stream taken through the gazebo - so very pretty. Enjoyed all the other things in this post but am now starting to worry about what yarn to use so I can try to catch up. xox

  10. I really love your Japanese maples. The color is stunning. Your framed art looks lovely on the wall. You're a very talented artist. I'm glad you were given that pretty red heart, it seems very "Teresa" to me. :) I hope you're feeling totally better soon, take care and enjoy the week.

  11. Beautiful words.......and so glad you are all feeling better, Yes to staying warm by the fire, although
    here is roasting lol

  12. Hey Teresa, if I join in on the hitchhiker knit along will I be invited to a dinner like that too? Yum! Your shawls are looking beautiful as is the farm. It's a chilly day here and all of our leaves have blon away. It's looking more and more like winter every day.

    I agree with your thought on the senseless violence. A good friend of ours was in Lebanon last week when so many were killed. His wife was in a panic because she hadn't heard from him. We just got word yesterday that he's fine but communications were down. So scary.

    I'm glad you're feeling better. Swimming is good, but knitting by the fire is better. **grin**
    Blessings always my friend,

  13. I adore your Japanese Maple. They are beautiful trees and it is perfect next to your water feature.

  14. Love your red leather Heart for Croatia.
    Beautiful thoughts.

  15. I have had a candle lit on our mantel this afternoon and evening...and have been thinking how light dispels darkness..."you are the light of the world." I love seeing the beauty in the world around you, Teresa. Thank you for sharing it with us! xx

  16. I too pray for world peace. On a lighter note, your dinner made by your sister looks delicious I would definitely join the knit along if I was rewarded with that wonderful plate of food. Loved the leather heart, a beautiful gift. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  17. Just to let you know I started my Hitchhiker and am enjoying it. You've motivated me to get back to blogging too - I needed something like this. Thank you.xox Just have to take photo of my HHWIP tomorrow.

  18. Hi Teresa, Nice to hear you are feeling so much better, yes a few more days knitting is in order, says, Nurse Robin! Love your photos of red leaves, moss, artwork, and always have such beauty around you : )
    I'm with you with thoughts and prayers, xoxoRobin

  19. Your scarf looks lovely and it would be a good idea to keep knitting it for another day or two to make sure you're over that cold. The colours in your garden are glorious. It's a very wet day here today. I went out at lunch time and now I have wet feet.

  20. Thank you Teresa and others blog's friends. I'm french and all the sympathy from you and our Dear World are fantastic in our heart and soul.
    Bless you.

  21. I am trying to get all caught up and you have been one busy girl. I would love to make that scarf but have way to many projects backed up to complete. Love the photos of the girls and all ou have shown us. I have been missing you,

  22. I'm knitting my second Hitchhiker, didn't realise there was a CAL going, but why didn't I have a dinner invite? ;-)


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