Friday, February 10, 2017

New PINK yarn and Snowdrops

Hello there!  I plan to make myself a new pink pussycat hat.  The first one I made was with some nice yarn I had here, but I'm enjoying wearing it so much that I wanted to make a new one with some 50% silk and 50% alpaca and in a luscious raspberry pink.  I must finish the one I'm making for my new friend before I start this one.  :-)

I used this yarn in red for my big red shawl.  It's from Blue Sky Alpacas.  This is without a doubt my very favorite color.

This is my sweet younger sister Denise, I'm going to give her this hat when I'm done with my new one.  We volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday.  The Historic Columbia River Highway was closed on either side of the falls due to mudslides, so it was a hard day to give directions.  

It's always fun when you're volunteering to meet people from all over the world.  This lively group of giggly women swooped in the door and I asked them where they were visiting from and one of the girls said it was the center girl's bachelorette party and they flew all the way from Miami, Florida to visit the Columbia River Gorge!!  I had to snap a photo.  :-)

made another baby hat while we volunteered - I will have four to donate to the DAR "Operation Diaper Bag" at the meeting on Monday.

It was a rainy and foggy day.. you can hardly see the waterfall which was ROARING!

We are having a sunny day today which is good as the poor ground is sodden.  And look.. the Snowdrops are in bloom!  

The daffodils are coming up too.. so I'm feeling more uplifted.

For my "news" today - we're dealing with 45 (I'm calling the current president 45) tweeting this: "My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom.  She is a great person -- always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!".  Can you imagine a sitting president condemning a huge company and self promoting his daughter's business?  More HERE.

Then Kellyanne Conway, his advisor, went on Fox news and proceeded to shamelessly promote Ivanka's products.  Click HERE to see that.  She is being paid by taxpayers now and this is clearly against the rules.  She apparently was "talked to" about what she did.

And speaking of taxpayers paying for ridiculous things.. it cost nearly $100,000 for us to cover a recent business trip of his son Eric to Uruguay.  What??  Read more HERE.

The only good thing to happen since he took over the White House is that 3 Federal Judges have declared his travel ban illegal.  But still, each and every one of his ill-chosen cabinet picks have been approved so far.  :-(

Please keep our country in your good thoughts.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gorgeous yarn Teresa. It must be great fun meeting new peeps when you volunteer. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. What a mess this weather has caused this winter. Mudslides, avalanches, roads closed everywhere. I'll be glad when it's spring. And your flowers give me hope that maybe that's on the way eventually. Great baby hats. I know they'll be welcomed by the families that get them. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Betsy

  3. We just walked outside to look at one of our pine trees that's leaning in the squishy soil. What to do with it? We were gone during the snow but here for the melting. Nice hats you've made for a great cause. I, too, am very concerned about #45 and his scary decisions and appointments!

  4. Hi Teresa, love your hats I have made three for other people and may have to make one for myself . Love your new color! Agree 100% with all your last statements!!!! No snowdrops here just lots and lots of snow. Have a wonderful weekend xoxoRobin

  5. Amazing landslides and flooding around here as well. Rivers rising before they fall. The air felt so good this afternoon though as it wasn't so cold and wet. Hope you have a good weekend with some sun. It was good to see it awhile today! Take care!

  6. Love the look of your new yarn - should be very soft. Since I've seen your pussycat hats I've been wanting to make one but in crochet and for a toddler. Still trying to find a suitable pattern. It still looks cold over your way - quite different to what we've experienced here for the past few days. In parts of Sydney today, the temp was 47degC which is 116.6F. Bit hot to do anything really. I have the airconditioning on full blast and the house is ok but its still hot outside and its now 9.30pm. Tomorrow is forecast to be cooler - thank goodness!

  7. Your Country Teresa will always be in my thoughts and prayers, it is a country that I love and have many friends. Such beautiful yarn. Thrilled to hear the travel ban is illegal lets hope it stays that way.

  8. Love your foggy picture of the falls and your snow drops. Your hats are gorgeous. So much to worry about these days...Appreciate your cheerful pictures.

  9. Your hats are wonderful! I love the foggy falls capture. NICE!!! I chopped some snow off my evergreen hedge today. it was all ice and I dont want it to burn the hedge. No sign of any flowers shoots or the like out there! But its wisconsin.
    God bless America. It has been a rough few weeks....

  10. I do love that hat! Must give it a try .. Lovely post xxx

  11. Love your new blog header. Really really inappropriate for the Orange One to even tweet about his daughter's business dealings and for anyone else from the WH to speak about them publicly. Hello people! There are truly some very important topics and issues that need attention in this world. Love all the hats you are making. We've had ever changing weather here the past several days, too. Take care and having a relaxing Sunday.

  12. That pink is perfect! Another thing to note, all information for parents/teachers with special needs children has been removed form the Department of Education website. That is what happens when you put someone in charge of education who has never been in public school, does not have a special needs child and does not believe those with special needs deserve anything extra for their education.

  13. Love that colour too Teresa. Those girls looked like they were having lots of fun, great photo of the falls! Always uplifting to see the snowdrops! I am behind you all the way re 45!!!!! Hugs Annex

  14. Love that colour too Teresa. Those girls looked like they were having lots of fun, great photo of the falls! Always uplifting to see the snowdrops! I am behind you all the way re 45!!!!! Hugs Annex

  15. Scrumptious pink yarn, Teresa and such a lovely photo of it! Great picture of the falls too and the visiting happy girls! I was pleased to find some snowdrops out here this weekend has been very cold and bleak here weather wise. Wishing you a happy week ahead.
    Hugs, Helen xox

  16. Hi Teresa, yes, we in Australia are aware of many events in US politics and it is discussed daily. I appreciate hearing first hand news from ordinary US citizens, through your blogs, about how the new administration is directly affecting your every day lives. It allows us to gain important perspectives besides the feed from news and current affairs media channels.
    We were glad to hear that the judges did not allow Trump his way. At least there are some reasonable people in power. I pay that those in powerful positions have the courage to stand up for what is right and just and call our bullying when it happens.
    I heard a discussion on Australian radio during the week comparing the social conditions in Germany during the 1930s with social conditions now; e.g. hyper polarised society, playing on fears of 'the other' and that Hitler slso stood up and spread blatant falsehoods through the media and propaganda early on in his rise to power. Similarities like these are most disturbing. I hope that any journalist worth their salt will be responsible with their reporting by insisting on finding the truth (or reporting that they can't find the truth when facts become elusive). They already have President Chump denigrating their profession. If journalists fall for the propaganda then they will be contributing to the demise of their own reputations. (Sorry for the lengthy response, you got me going! ;-) )
    Good for you for using your voice.
    Thanks for your 'insider's view'


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