Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Hello!  Dayle and I ran some errands yesterday and went out for lunch, it was a sunny day.  When we arrived home our feral cat Simba was sunning on the deck steps.. lo and behold he allowed us to walk by without streaking off under the deck.  

A not so good photo of the lilac buds.. but seeing them makes me hopeful for the future.. I can't wait to have bouquet of 3 different colors of lilacs on my table.  White, lavender and purple.  Did you know there are some yellow lilacs?  I think I'll pass on those.

The iris patch is showing promise, too!

And the Daffodils are in bloom.. I need to cut a bouquet!

The little chickies are feathering out nicely.  Peep, peep.. cheep.. peep.  It's kind of fun to have their music in the house.

In national news, the FBI head Comey announced that they found no truth to 45s tweets that Obama had his wires tapped in Trump tower.  The FBI is also looking into Russian contact with members of 45s campaign.  

Who would have thought reading the headlines in the US newspapers would be like watching a bad movie?  :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your little chicks are so cute. I would love to hear their peeps as I go about my day. And you have daffodils! The only flowers I have at my house are the ones I bought at Trader Joe's yesterday! :-) Have a lovely day Teresa.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Very encouraging to see your Spring flowers! With this long winter we've had, nice to see the promise of a warmer season.
    I'm very distressed today by the senate passage, along party lines, of the bill to allow once again the slaughter of bears and wolves in Alaska. That includes killing these animal by air and near their dens. This congress will reverse anything set forth by President Obama, even if it involves animal cruelty. Sickening.

  3. Got to love those little chicks and very brave Simba lol

  4. Chicks are so sweet! I check on my lilac and there are some buds. Woot! Your posts about yours encouraged me to plant one.

  5. Hi Teresa! The spring is there I can see. The daffodils are beautiful! :) I love tulips too and the lily of the valley... do you have these flowers growing in your area?
    Chicks are cute and so tiny!

    Have a wonderful day ahead! Hugs!

  6. I wouldn't move if I was in that gorgeous sunny spot either. I love how settled he's becoming. Lilacs are one of my favourite flowers. I remember watching a programme about the Queen's garden, and they picked some for her desk, they were divine. But as you say, I don't want to see a yellow one. The headlines are grim indeed, I don't like to think about what will be next. Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  7. Lovely that Simba is settling down and feeling at home and safe. He looks very healthy there. Your sunny flowers are looking lovely too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Helen xox

  8. A terrible movie that if it was actually made no one would believe. Its bad when the truth is worse that fiction. Love the chicks. I would take lilacs no matter what color down here in Florida if I could.

  9. Love all the signs of spring. Planning on planting some pansies today. They are one of my favorites. Your little chicks are so sweet.

  10. Agree with Meredith. The news is very upsetting.
    Your flowers are way farther along than ours. Ours are just peeking out . Keep those pretty pictures coming

  11. After your prompting I looked and noted that our lilac bushes are forming buds. Yay! xx


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