Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The "Girls" are Laying Eggs!

My granddaughter spent the weekend with us - she's a sweetheart and just plays with all the toys we have here for our 6 grandkids and she kind of sings a little sweet song while she plays.  
When my daughter came to pick her up she visited a while - and we packed up an egg carton with a dozen eggs from our 3 hens.  I just *LOVE* the different colors of them.  The "blonde" Buff Orpington is laying a rather pinkish brown egg, the Rhode Island Red is laying a darker brown egg, but the star of the "egg show" is the minty green egg from our Americauna chicken.  
Aren't they pretty!  If you've never had fresh laid eggs, you should find some to buy at a farmer's market or even drive in the countryside and look for an "Eggs 4 Sale" sign and get some.  

Here's a photo of my daughter and granddaughter and our pretty eggs. :-)


  1. My father had chickens when I was much younger. He kept geese in the same fenced off area. The geese would guard the hen house.

  2. Hi Denise! That's my dear younger sister's name! I just told my DH what your dad did with the geese, what a good idea! Thanks for visiting!


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