Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome Ravelry Friends!

Hi Ravelry Friends, I just posted on Rav about my blog and asked others to post their blog URLs - what a fun way to get to know each other better!!

Autumn is here in the Columbia River Gorge - even though it's not official until next Thursday.  It's cloudy and gray, but it's warm!
Kitten update - we found where the mommy cat moved the kittens - in the loft of our barn!

Here is a photo of them - anyone want to adopt a kitten?


  1. I would love to adopt a kitten, I just love them but I think the distance to the UK would be a problem! Aren't they sweet!

    I have added you to my reader after seeing the thread on Ravelry.

    Ms C (HappyElastic)

  2. Hi Teresa ~ Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I have been quite a bad blogger recently but have not left blogging forever. I should hopefully get back to it very soon :O) x

  3. Ah, kittens are SO CUTE! I don't think Oliver would be very tolerant of a little one though. :(

  4. Oh my, those kitties are adorable, i would LOVE one at Number 24!!!
    Lovley visiting with you Teresa ♥xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Kelly, Lucy and Casey!! The mother cat keeps moving the kittens but we've once again heard them in the loft. I hope we can get them adopted so they'll be loved and cuddled.

  6. Hello!!!
    Glad you sugested this blog sharing!!! I love your banner picture...

  7. Such cute kitties. We had kittens when my kids were younger. The hardest part was giving them away.

  8. Hi Shanti, thanks! It's my Pin Oak tree in Autumn. I'll go look at your blog too!

    Hi Denise, I would love to find a good home for these little guys so they have a nice safe future.


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