Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last Vacation of Summer

We went to a wonderful place for a 5 day vacation - Kah-Nee-Ta - it's located in the high desert of Oregon, then down into a canyon with a hot mineral springs that they use to fill a big beautiful outdoor pool.  It's so warm and the water is amazing, no chlorine - and as you're floating you have the amazing red rock canyon to look at on all sides.  Here is the pool!

Isn't it pretty!

Here is my grandson sliding on the kiddy slide!

Our son and his family joined us, our "caravan" is up front.

The canyon rock formations.

Here is Mt. Hood on our way home.

We sure had a good time!!  We plan to make a tradition of going there after Labor Day for a week of swimming and fun.


  1. We were camping too on the same weekend in our home state of Colorado. Lovely weekend! I also read Attic 24 and recognize the brightly colored selection of your blanket. Very pretty!

  2. Hey Pooch, are you a crocheter too? I'm on Ravelry in the "We Love Lucy" group!

  3. You didn't quite make it far enough east...should have headed towards IL and WI! :) I would love to have a camper and take a big road trip. Sounds like so much fun!

  4. Hi Kelly, next time we head east it will be to visit our daughter who is moving to Ohio. You'll have to get a camper someday - you'd love it!


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