Friday, December 3, 2010

The luscious flow of red ink... and a "Gift-Away"

This will be a short note to you dear readers.. I am busily hand-addressing 50ish envelopes in which to enclose my Christmas card and family newsy-letter.  And then I had to create my newsy-letter and pick out photos from the last year... and write in 200 words or less what we've been doing for the last 12 months... LOL.. amazing how our busy lives for a whole entire year can be condensed to fit one third of a 8 1/2 by 11 inch page!  
I've been thinking for the last day or so that I want to do a "give-away" but have renamed it "Gift-Away" as it will be a gift to you.  I will post more information on it tomorrow.  No need for secrets, it will be for one of my hand-crocheted heart ornaments.  But tomorrow I will photograph one and tell you how to win one for your very own tree.

I just love my Parker fountain pen.  It's made of iridescent creamy white with black marble veining throughout.  I have the matching pencil with .09 soft lead that writes nice and dark and the pen in which I have a Gel refill in medium blue.  I do love my nice pens!  I have quite a collection of beautiful bottles of ink, the red I'm using is from the Private Reserve Ink - incredible collection of inks in mind boggling colors. Private Reserve Ink

We have our tree up and a lot of our decorating done but things keep getting in the way of my completing the tree decorations!  Tomorrow.. right?

Yesterday I led a meeting of the Portland Women's Forum - I'm serving my 2nd year as President.  It's a nice group of ladies whose mission statement is to preserve and protect the Columbia River Gorge and whose original members raised the funds to buy an important viewpoint to save it from being developed by private companies and it would have been lost to the public forever.  They did it by having tea parties and talking to the powers-that-be. :-)  Here is the group just this last Spring at the Portland Women's Forum State Park that they saved!
Well, off I go to address more envelopes.. swoosh and curlie-cue I go!

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. That's a gorgeous view. So good of your group to preserve it for others. I think I could stand in that spot forever.

    It reminds of back home, Letchworth State Park, which they call the grand canyon of the east.

  2. So Teresa, what are the guys doing there? Hmmm? Great work you are doing! So you are also a letter writer. I find there are fewer of us. I love writing letters and receiving them too. Fountain pens were a tradition in my home and everyone had one. Thanks for the memorable post. I really felt at home.

  3. You all look so lovely. How great that you all invest so much time into preserving such a beautiful area. I haven't even come close to starting my cards, I am way, way behind on Christmas.
    Happy weekend,

  4. Love the fountain pen Teresa! I have a few by haven't used them in a while. I think they are so sophisticated and pretty to write with. Thanks for reminding me of them. They are a lost art form I think! Come back Fountain pens!!! Thanks for posting busy busy lady! Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Robin

  5. What a lovely group to be a part of, you should be very proud! I love your Christmas tree, it looks so much fuller than mine! I think I'm going to invest in a better one in the Jan sales :-)

  6. Everything looks so festive and cozy!

  7. Hi Teresa, Just catching up with your blog and I loved your mention of your fountain pen. I still use a fountain pen when I want to write "nicely" and in the last few months my sons, aged 16, have become very interested in these pens and are busy building an impressive collection. I can't tell you how using them has improved their handwriting! They have found an online community like our Ravelry called the fountain pen network! I shall show them your link for ink as they usually buy all theirs online. Love your Christmas decorations, everything looks beautiful! Christine

  8. Well done all of you.Truly Inspirational..... Girl Power!


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