Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Day

Yesterday was sopping wet, soggy, rainy and ccccccold.  Then overnight it snowed.  We woke up and looked up at our skylights over the bed and they were covered with white.  I love having skylights over the bed.  You know the minute your eyes open what the weather is like.  :-)

This is a photo taken today when it was snowing like crazy.  Then the sun came out.  Then it got cloudy again.  Oregon weather.  

This afternoon my dear husband said he'd like to take me out to dinner.  This is momentous. In our 40 years together this may be the 2nd time it was his idea to go out.  :-)  He took me to Tad's Chick'n 'n Dumplins.  It's just 10 minutes away, a historic little eatery perched above the Sandy River.  They make the most amazing chicken and dumplings! 

We're home now and enjoying the fire.  

Thanks for stopping by!!  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. We have just finished with the snow here it has all been rained away, it was delightful when it was here so we had our white Christmas, have a very Happy New Year. Nicky x

  2. Mmmm, chicken and dumplings sounds heavenly! Enjoy your snow! We've warmed up into the 40s here, feels like summer lol.

  3. The snow has been so pretty! I LOVE your red barn. I don't know why, but I've always wanted a red barn.

  4. That snow is pretty. Better you than me with that snow. I LOVE chicken and dumplings.

  5. Oh gosh, the photo of the barn brought back memories. My Aunt use to own a property in Canada with a barn like that. Hehehe I remember one of the wild cats scratched me and I remember her chasing me around the house to put some red stuff on???? However a much older brother had been teasing me about how I'd have to have "shots" so not to get rabies and it would really, really hurt.. and I thought that is what she was going to do.

    Strange what stays with you eh, I would have been 5yrs old. LOL

    Anyhoos, lovely blog (found you through I love Lucy on Ravelry)


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