Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cozy Day by the Fire

Getting some work done on my Granny Stripe blanket today with Buddy's assistance. :-)


  1. teresa,
    I am happily crocheting a baby blanket for my new great-niece. I love your colors.

  2. What a good helper! Most of my crochet has cat hairs in it, he's my constant companion.

  3. He seems to be counting the rows for you. How cute. It is going to be sooooo pretty!

  4. It's looking great! Looks like you have a wonderful assistant in quality control with Buddy! My kitties like to help me too.

  5. Hi Meredith, Julie, Clara and Melbatoast! I took that photo with my iPhone and uploaded it via my iPhone... talk about an easy way to post!

    I love seeing you say hello to me! The dog hair is fairly easy to pull out of my work as I go along, but OH the silky wispy long cat hair is another story! Oh well.. I'll have their DNA in my blanket in case I need to make a new pet. LOL

    Hugs, Teresa

  6. Love the colors in that afghan. So bright and cheerful. What yarn are you using?

  7. Hi Denise, just visited your blog.. the comment section is gone again. So, HI there! :-) I'm using the Lucy pack of Rico Creative Cotton. I ended up not using 4 of the colors, a dark teal, pastel teal, peach and pinks. I guess I'll make a baby blanket with those pastels. Can't wait to see your 'keets get their colors! :-)

  8. Teresa, i absolutely love your blog! with your lovely home and sweet family (furry and human), not to mention all the lovely baking and other creative goings-on.
    i do love your blanket and the little poochie is so adorable!
    i will call by often.

    wishing you a happy, healthy, joyful, peaceful and creative new year


    millie xxx


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