Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Message in a Flower

I hope you don't think that I'm crazy... but.. below is my "rescue" Christmas Cactus that I brought home from my dear mother's room last year just days before she departed this earth for her next adventure.  This poor little plant was shriveled to near death and I brought it home to care for it.  It lives in my garden window in the kitchen in the funny little cachepot that Mom had it in and I water it and talk to it.  Not long after we lost Mom this little plant burst into brilliant bloom and I was just sure that it was Mom saying hello to me.  We shared the love of plants and flowers.  Today it flowered again.. "Hi Mom!!"  
Below is an adorable tiny Narcissus that we picked up while grocery shopping yesterday, it's so tiny and cute, like a miniature Daffodil.  If you see a funny round thing at the bottom of the photo, it's an authentic, old and encrusted Japanese glass fishing float.  I have quite a little collection of them.  I love the sea, sailing, and fell in love with these little vintage orbs that survived floating in the ocean for years and years.  Many are made from glass melted down from old bottles, many are this wonderful aqua, reminiscent of old Coca Cola bottles.
Here is one of my Valentine bouquet flowers, a Stargazer Lily - they last so well!!  And the aroma.. divine.  
Below is the little grouping of flowers on our dining table.  
The vintage Ball canning jar has a collection of sea shells, little driftwood pieces and sea glass from our last trip to the beach.  I so love the ocean.  We have reserved an ocean front RV site in April, I can't wait to smell the ocean, watch the waves and explore the Oregon coastline and beaches, not to mention the great seafood restaurants, and Salt Water Taffy shops. :-)

I hope you had a great weekend and have a super week ahead of you.  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. I just found your blog when I was looking for a Scandinavian heart crochet pattern, yours is great - thank you!

    Your collection of seashells in the bell jar is super cute, too. :)

  2. I love all your flowers, so beautiful and in the corner is your lovely crochet covered jar, love it.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day,

  3. Hi Kathryn, I visited your blog - thanks for stopping by and linking back to me on the heart pattern. How did you end up in Japan and where were you born, just curious! :-)

    Hi Meredith, I love my crochet covered jar too, I need to do some in colors. But I do enjoy the natural cotton and muted things too. We're expecting a snow storm to move in, can you believe it? Eek!

  4. That Christmas Cactus is fabulous. I've an African Violet that belonged to a much loved aunt that I keep in the same way! Hope that snow doesn't come but if it does ~ keep warm. CK

  5. Hi Teresa, thanks for stopping by my blog, it's lovely to meet you!
    I love all your flowers, that stargazer is beautiful. :) I too have lots of little jars of seashells as well and I love gathering sea glass on the beach.
    Vivienne x

  6. Hi Teresa, Love your Christmas cactus. I don't think you are crazy, in fact I think your mom was say HI and making you smile!!! Sometimes I have happy signs from my Dad. Just happy little things that I know my Dad is visiting me to show his love. Makes me smile so and even a tear. Special moments. I think we are lucky! xoRobin❤

  7. Hi Teresa, how lovely that your dear Mum's cactus has bloomed again for you. I agree with Robin, these are happy signs and memories. All your flowers are beautiful, enjoy them. Your ocean plans sound very exciting, remember to pack the camera!
    Jane x

  8. How pretty and cheerful. I love the flowers! Wish I had a green thumb.

  9. Don't you just love Christmas cactus? The blooms are so beautiful. I have one (out of 5) that is a peach colored. I'll have to see if I can find a pic of it. I may not have one on this pc, perhaps on the other. xoxox

  10. The Cactus Flower is so beautiful and what a wonderful way to connect with your mother

  11. ClickyNeedles - I also want to try an African Violet.. what color is yours?

    Vivienne - Oh, sea glass is a favorite of mine - I have a pair of earrings and a necklace that I made with seaglass that was drilled. Fun!

    Robin - just today we had my Dad's favorite meal - Coney Islands - a hot dog with chili and cheese on top, and I thought of him.

    Jane - no worries, I will have my camera and an extra battery on the ready. :-)

    melba - you should try a Christmas Cactus, one of the easiest and most forgiving plants.

    Hookin it - I now have 3 of them but of course the color of this one is the most stunning.. and it's my mom's. :-) I do hope you find the peach one to show me.

    Maria - thanks, it is a fun way to feel my mother connecting with me.

  12. Oh you are so sweet to think of your mother like this.
    That flower really is like a bright and cheery warm hug from a loved one.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful array.
    You really do have a brilliant 'green' thumb.

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  13. All your flowers are so pretty. I wish I could smell your lily. It's one of my favorite flowers.

  14. I don't think you are crazy, I think it is sweet. Beautiful flowers, so much gorgeous color! Thanks for visiting me and I would love, love to try your hubby's recipe, thank you so much! ♥

  15. The glorious Christmas cactus is a living tribute to your mother. What a blessing the blooms are as they greet you and connect you to your mother. I feel the same way when my peace lily blooms.


  16. So special the profound effect our Mom's have on many of us.... beautiful flowers.


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