Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Cold Grasp of Winter...

... reaches it's icy grip over the farm trying to hold on even though the earth and growing things have begun to emerge and reach longingly towards Spring. 

The view out our bedroom window below, the lacy cedar branches laden with snow, the Quince tree has little green leaves and it's branches hold piles of fluffy snow.
These are the French doors in our master bedroom which look out to our woods filled with Cedar and Douglas Fir trees.
Our woods quiet with a blanket of snow.
 I love how the snow has covered my stand of dwarf variegated bamboo.
Dear husband took the camera out into the farmyard and took a photo across the road at the tree covered hill there.
 And captured this moody shot of the clouds, a patch of blue sky, our barn and pasture with the old pear trees, yews and walnut trees.
Here are our two walnut trees that stand sentinel over our circular drive.
The sun is now out and the snow is melting and the daffodils are smiling.. I see it on their little tightly furled buds.. :-)


  1. All your pictures look quite lovely from where I'm sitting. Where I'm sitting it's just a bit chilly. Glad I don't have to feel the cold that goes with those pictures.

    They are good enough for a calender or post cards.

  2. Everything looks so pretty! And cold :)

  3. It looks so pretty! I can appreciate other people's snow more than my own, since yours doesn't complicate my life lol. We had 3 inches the other night causing schools to be closed the next day. Such a nuisance! I can't wait for our daffodils to start poking up, it's almost March!

  4. Piękne zdjęcia, piękne drzewa i piękne widoki!!!
    Pozdrawiam :)))

  5. Every one is worthy of being a Postcard.
    While its still very warm here, I did sense a slight coolness in the morning air - Yeah, autumn is very slowly on its way

  6. Your bit of the world looks pretty good to me as well Teresa!
    Maybe one day either you or me will cross the pond.

    CK x

  7. Beautiful photos, the snow is so pretty against the greens of the evergreens and the blue sky.

  8. You know, I can get a bit jealous over here! Not because of the snow, we've had loads of snow the last couple of years but your view, the farm, the woods, the tress. I'd love so much ground around my house. Don't get me wrong, I don't complain, I live in a fairly large house, according to Dutch standards anyway, but I would love to live in a forest...

  9. So beautiful, you look like you live in a snow globe. Have a beautiful day,

  10. Real pretty...1st signs of spring here yesterday
    Nice to hang the washing outside for a change lol
    Hugs Suz x

  11. Wooow Teresa, your views are absolutely breathtaking, those woods are amazing, and that beautiful barn... It seems like you're living in a fairytale! Thank you for sharing! xxx

  12. You live in a very beautiful place. I'm jealous. xoxox

  13. Hi Teresa, We are still having the white stuff too. 6-12 inches predicted again today. Beautiful but enough, I need spring. xoRobin❤ (especially since honey's break, winter sports are not even an option)

  14. I so loved seeing these beautiful pictures of your farm under snow. I love the buildings especially the red barn - and the lovely snow covered trees.You certainly live in a lovely place! Helen x

  15. Gosh Teresa it just shows us that we are still in winter despite all the signs of spring around us. Even so everything look so beautiful with a dusting of snow, lovely photos. I hope your daffodils peep out again soon,have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  16. oh my goodness you did get quite the flurry too! what a beautiful set of pictures... we still have it here but mr sun is out and doing his best :)
    have a peachy weekend my dear
    Tif x

  17. Everything looks so beautiful. Beautiful wintertime. However, I'm longing for spring.



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