Monday, April 11, 2011

Buzzzzzzy Bee!

Golly I've been busy lately! Thank goodness I'm retired!  I wanted to share with you the progress I'm making on my crocheted "wrap".  I'm using Drops Alpaca and it's very soft and has wonderful colors.  I'm using the "join-as-you-go" method and have decided to make the wrap in a "U" shape.  I can't wait to be able to wear it.
Last Thursday I led the Portland Women's Forum meeting, a great turnout.  We discussed our Bus Tour in May - we'll go to Hood River and see the Hood River County Historical Museum, then on to lunch at the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel - I can't WAIT to show you photos of that wonderful place, it's beautiful and there is a waterfall right behind the building that is amazing and pretty.

On Friday I went swimming and then our son and daughter-in-law brought the toddler boys out for a visit and we enjoyed the sunny day in the yard.

On Saturday I led the Interpretive Volunteer Training Session for the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  We held the meeting in the historic Corbett Grange Hall.. want to see some photos?
This great old hall is located just East of Corbett, Oregon.
Here is the interior, the volunteers are learning about the historic logging companies and towns of Bridal Veil, Oregon area.  I've been involved with craft shows at the grange over the years, I love the building.  In the basement there is a wonderful operation - it's called "Helping Hands" and it's a gleaners group which collects baked goods, meats, cheeses, and produce from places in town and shares them with Corbett residents.  You pay $10 to fill up 2 recycled fabric bags.

Yesterday we headed off to have dinner at Red Lobster with our middle son and his wife for her birthday (and 2 grandsons) and got a call from our youngest son, can you pick up the 2 year old at the emergency room? The 3 year old had fallen and cut his head - he ended up with 4 "staples" in his head. We had taken the 2 yr old to dinner with us and they came to pick him up at our middle son's house later.  4 stitches but he was in a good mood.

Today I headed off at 10:30 am for my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting downtown Portland at the Red Lion Inn and gave two reports - one for Women's Issues and one for Units Overseas!

::whew::  Tonight we head to have dinner with the boys and their families at a pizza parlour.

Tomorrow?  I'm resting!!!  LOL

I hope you're having a great week and that your life is full and happy.  Thanks for visiting!!

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. You're wrap looks amazing!!! I've barely had any time to crochet lately :(

  2. HiTeresa, I'm exhausted just from reading your activities!!! What a lot of fun things you did and so much volunteer work, reports and trainings. All these organizations are so fortunate to have you. Love your U wrap, such pretty colors!! It is really coming along. Rest up tomorrow and have a great day.

  3. Hi Teresa .. My goodness you're a busy lady !! Its amazing that you get time to crochet .... oh, and your wrap is absolutely gorgeous. Those colours are so bright and happy. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished..

  4. Your wrap is beautiful! Makes me want to reach out and touch it! Look forward to seeing that Ta-dah!!
    Girl if your retired then I'm glad I still much for me too keep up with. Seriously though..the world is a better place because of people like you...take care :)

  5. Busy bit happy, and that's what matters.

  6. I think it's the being busy that makes us enjoy life Teresa..there are some great projects you are involved in. Enjoy, and maybe put your feet up just for the 1 day!
    Jane x

  7. That wrap is going to be so soft and light, can't wait to see the result.

  8. Wow Teresa you are crazy busy!!!! Your flowers are beautiful, I love the color combinations. You are going to look fantastic in it!
    Have a wonderful day,

  9. The wrap is looking just gorgeous and it must be so soft in alpaca! I love the colors.

  10. That is really lovely. I learned the flower and have made one scarf and one shawl. Now, for the one I want to make for myself, I will have to figure out how to make a U shape. Omg!! ;-) Can't wait to see the finished shawl. I have always been a show me gal when it comes to crochet. Not new to crocheting, but have recently returned to it after 30 some years and enjoying every bit of it, even more, looking and reading lovely blogs like yours.

  11. You are a busy lady Teresa- I am now retired and have never been busier, don't know how I had time to go to work. The wrap looks beautiful and will be stunning when you have finished, the colours are fabulous. My knitting/proposed crochet project on back burner at momment. Love Anne x

  12. I love your flower shawl, gorgeous selection of colours. I've made one single flower from cotton which I used on a card for my Mum. I need to figure out how to join as you go and find some delicious yarn so I can join the flower shawl club too!

  13. Your wrap is lovely, what beautiful colours. What a busy time you have had recently - you definitely deserve a restful day full of crocheting goodness! Joanna x

  14. Yeap. You sure are one busy bee. what a fun day. By the way, Pammy Sue has the pattern for Rainbow if you need it.

    Sorry, I've been soooooo relaxed poolside on this trip. Don't want to miss one part of being outside after the long winter.

    Should get back to normal next week when back home.

  15. Can't wait to see your flower shawl on you - looking good busy lady

  16. The flower shawl is looking lovely, My goodness how do you keep up with it all :)) Hope the little boy is much better :))


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