Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebrating Another Year! *<|:-)

On Sunday we packed up some things and hooked up our trailer and headed to the beach to celebrate my birthday.  I took the shot below with my iPhone of the incredible clouds as we were heading South.
We have found this amazing place called Sand & Sea RV Park and you can park your trailer RIGHT on the ocean!!  This is the view of the Pacific Ocean standing in front of our trailer.  We're just North of Depoe Bay.  Last night it was so stormy that we awoke at 6 this morning to the trailer jumping around. So nice that we're warm and cozy inside.
Looking West across the sea.  It is roaring and sounds so beautiful.
We asked the lady when we checked in where the best restaurant was and she immediately said "Tidal Raves" at Depoe Bay - so below is the dining room and it was SO good that we made reservations for my birthday dinner tonight. :-)
This is the view from the dining room too.
Today we'll be toodling around doing some sight-seeing and I'll take some more photos.

Thanks for coming to visit and all the lovely comments about our Easter Egg Hunt!  Dayle and I have been talking over about the fun time we had and how funny and cute the grandkids were.  Life is grand, isn't it?  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. What a wonderful place to spend your birthday, glad you are having such a lovely time.
    Many Happy Returns.
    Carol xx

  2. Happy birthday Teresa! Hope you have a lovely day - it looks really beautiful where you are and lovely to wake up right next to the shore!. Love Joanna x

  3. Oh my gosh, how beautiful! Sounds perfect to me. Happy Birthday, Teresa!

  4. Sounds like the perfect Birthday gift. Enjoy and looking foward to more of your beautiful pics.

  5. Happy Birthday, what a stunning location to enjoy your special day. I also have followed you, lovely blog.

  6. Teresa!!! Just wanted to say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you had and will have a great time because you know how to enjoy the little (and big) things in life!!!
    Wishing you many more happy years to come!

  7. Amazing shot with a I-phone. I thought it was some big fancy lens. Very cool. You know what I love the oceans whether it's sunny Fl or brisk OR.

  8. Teresa, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday. Glad you are doing something special. Love the pictures, enjoy your special time.

  9. That looks SO beautiful, I love the northwest so much. Happy birthday!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERESA!!!!!! Have a fabulous trip and a fun B-DAY dinner. xoxoRobin❤

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!! I'm so glad your celebrating your birthday in such a lovely place! That cloud picture is amazing!! Love it!
    HOpe you have loads of fun :) take carexxx

  12. Have a fantastic birthday Teresa and what a beautiful place to be staying...enjoy :0)
    Jane x

  13. What a gorgeous place by the sea you have chosen! Happy Birthday, Teresa! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay - it looks wonderful there!
    Helen x


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