Monday, April 25, 2011

A Birthday Surprise!

After a stormy night we were thrilled that we had some clear and sunny times today - our view just a stone's throw from our trailer.  My youngest son, Travis, called around 9:30 am to wish me happy birthday and I told him how great the camping spot was and told him I wish he could see it.  My daughter also called and son Shawn texted me with birthday wishes.  I was reading some birthday wishes on my Facebook page and the door opened and I thought it was Dayle, and then I saw that it was my daughter-in-law Kristi!  The kids made a spur-of-the-moment decision to drive on down to surprise me! What a great gift!
We visited for a while then headed off to go to lunch.  Here is my youngest grandchild Caleb.  Isn't he an angel?  Tee hee!
Here is our son holding both the boys, Caleb has birthday ice cream in the corner of his mouth.  Hayden is ready for the next adventure.
We then drove South to Seal Beach where we'd found agates before, I was hoping since the tsunami had hit here after the earthquake in Japan and all the winter storms that perhaps there would be a plethora of agates.. but not one was found.  Here are Dayle and the kids on the beach.
And coming back.  I had to stay behind as I have a knee problem and the path down was treacherous.
We then headed to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, here is a grouper that Dayle photographed in a tunnel fish viewing area.
I took this photo of a tiger shark swimming overhead.
Travis holding Caleb as he watches the sharks.
Our kids looking at a tide pool.
Dayle, Kristi and the boys getting to "pet" the star fish and anenomes.
Here is an especially vibrant orange star fish.
Below is a particularly vivid Stawberry anenome.
Below is the cake Dayle bought and he sang Happy Birthday to me. Awww...
Dayle snapped this sunset when walking the dog.
We'll sleep well tonight with so much fresh air and exercise today.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to type me birthday wishes.  I could just hug you one and all.  And so, I'll bid you goodnight.  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday. I enjoyed looking at all your pictures.

  2. What a wonderful birthday you had Teresa, I could almost taste that salty fresh air...great pictures. I bet you slept SO well! Have a great day,
    Jane x

  3. Sounds you had a great time! I'm happy you enjoyed it! Such a wonderful birthday!!! Love all your photos, they're gorgeous!!!

  4. What a great surprise!!!!
    I love, love LOVE aquariums!!!!

  5. So glad you had such a special birthday! Photos were fabulous.

  6. What a wonderful birthday treat. Nothing like a walk on a beach to top off the icing on that cake. As always, you pictures are fab.

  7. So happy you had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for sharing the pics! xoxo

  8. You are just having the best Birthday aren't you? How fun to hear all the Birthday wishes, and a surprise visit!!! You are spoiled and thats great because you seem to spoil everyone around you. Again, Happy Birthday Teresa.

  9. I am glad you had the day you deserved. xxx

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Lady!!! I'm glad to see you had a truly wonderful day! I hope this "new year" continues to bring you many blessings and birthday wishes! ((HUGS))

  11. Hi Teresa, sounds like a fabulous birthday and what a lovely surprise you had. That cake looks very yummy. Just love your phoographs. I am just back from a trip to Somerset to see my mum. We had a lovely long weekend together.Take care. love Anne x

  12. A belated Happy Birthday to you Teresa. It sounds like you're having an excellent time, shame there weren't any agates for you.

  13. looks like you had a perfect birthday :o)

    wishing you many happy returns xxx




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