Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2 Oregon Lighthouses & Inside the RV

Hi and thanks for stopping by.. we had another nice day at the Oregon Coast today.  We had lunch at "Georgie's Grill" which has a great view of the ocean and we've gone there for years.  I had Prawns and D had Halibut Fish & Chips.  Then we headed South to see the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse below.
This is the view right below the lighthouse looking West across the Pacific Ocean.
Heading inland this is the beautiful Yaquina Bay Bridge.
We drove through Historic Bayfront of Newport and got this shot of the bridge from the bay with some fishing boats in front of it.
Heading back into the bay front area, lots of fun shops, galleries, restaurants and candy shops.
Here is a "famous" place, Mo's - known for it's clam chowder.  This is the flagship cafe, now there are Mo's all along the coast.  Her cafe has been a popular place for fishermen and tourists for years.
Then we headed to see my favorite lighthouse - Yaquina Head - and here is a "lava tube" at the point.  See the tunnel on the left? You can see the light through there, it's neat.
Below is the beautiful lighthouse - every time I'm here it has a different look depending on if there is sun or not.
And look what I saw as I was walking up to the lighthouse? A big Osprey on a tree limb and it's nest is also in the same tree to the left.  Ospreys are also known as Fish Hawks - they dive for fish.
This is a further shot of the lighthouse.
I took some shots of the trailer this morning before we headed out.  On the sofa is my rainbow Granny Stripe blanket I crocheted.  We really enjoy the free-standing table and chairs instead of the "booth" in our old trailer.
Here are our recliners and boy are they comfy!
Here is the kitchen, I hung one of my hand-painted clocks that I made and there is my trusty MacBook Pro next to my chair. :-)
Here is our cozy bedroom.
And the view out of our bedroom.  The ocean really is that close!
I saved the best for last. LOL  Our Cairn Terrier, Buddy.  How cute is he?

Thanks for visiting.. we've had such a great time.  Back to reality tomorrow!  Thanks for coming along with us on my birthday trip to the beach.  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. I want one. Now, that's my kind of camping. Love all your blankets too. Perfect fit.

  2. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the country. Happy birthday! Looks like a wonderful way to travel.

  3. Teresa, your pictures are gorgeous! I so enjoyed the trip with you. The first lighthouse is amazingly beautiful and what a house. Loved the bridge and ocean pictures. But I can't believe how cozy and perfect your trailer is. I would love to vacation in a trailer and you can get sooooo close to the ocean. Thanks for the lovely time. xoRobin❤

  4. I am really beginning to appreciate the beauty of Oregon because I get to see it through your eyes. It is so obvious you love your home....and Buddy :)

  5. Buddy is just adorable! Of course I'm partial to terriers of all kinds. :o) Great pics!

  6. I think the picture of Buddy says it all. He looks so happy on his blanket and he appears to be enjoying your adventure. Thanks for taking us along on your trip, the pictures are beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day,

  7. Aw how sweet is Buddy! What a cutie. I've love to be that close to the ocean, it's beautiful. Lovely photo of it through the trees as well.

  8. I am so jealous! First you have that wonderful R.V. It is such a nice home away from home. Also, you can easily go to the ocean. We lived in Jacksonville, Fl for a while and Oh I just miss the ocean so much. Even when we lived in Georgia we were only a few hours away.
    Great post and gorgeous pictures.

  9. wow!!! how nice. You take such wonderful pictures..such a joy..

  10. Wow Teresa your trailer looks bigger than my house! I love your sea photos and seafood is my favourite so my mouth is now watering. I'm so glad you had a great birthday trip,
    Jane x

  11. Teresa your trailers fab! We only have little caravans in England (ok some people might have trailers) I actually thought it was another bit of your house at first! It looks great with your blankets :-)

    Very jealous of the beautiful views you have there, the lighthouse is great! x x x

  12. Happy Birthday Teresa! It looks like've had a marvellous time! Hugo and I were just cooing over Buddy, and wondering if he would make a good boyfriend for our little Ellie! He's about as gorgeous and hunky as they come! Love Vanessa xxx

  13. I have a passion for lighthouses so thank you for these wonderful photos. Looks like you had a fab time

  14. I enjoyed your photos today. I especially liked the second lighthouse and the peek inside your trailer (which looks enormous!). I like the granny square type balnket you have, is it one of your previous makes? The colours in it are beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  15. What fabulous lighthouses and a wonderful place to stay! I love to be right by the sea - or in this case the ocean! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay.
    Helen x

  16. Buddy is the sweetest and your cabin so cosy, i love that throw!
    your posts are wonderful, always full of life, love and joy

    wishing you the happiest May day

    with warmest hugs xxx


  17. What a lovely cosy trailer! And I love those lighthouses!
    Beth xx

  18. vendo tudo isso taum lindo agente sonha ,pelo menos sonha kkk mais e tudo muito bonito parabens foi um passeio maravilhoso bejs ana


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