Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Friend Indeed

My best friend from 7th grade spent a few days and a night with us, along with her sweet husband, John. Below is a photo of my friend and I at my 2nd wedding 8 years ago.  Shirley is a treasure of a friend.  Let's go back to when I was 12....
Mom had taken my sister and I to visit friends at the coast and on the way back on Sunday we stopped to visit her ex-sister-in-law.  It was late, so mom told my younger sister and I to go to bed, and I said, what about school in the morning? So mom goes, we'll get up early and head home in time for school.

Mom got us up the next morning and informed us that she was divorcing our dad and that we were going to start a new school there that very morning.  I got rather hysterical and cried.  ::sigh::

She promptly drove us up to the new school and enrolled us.. and what I remember is standing there in the hall by myself and must have looked a bit shell-shocked... a red-haired girl walked up and said hi, what's your name?  And I said Teresa.. she says.. can I call you Terri?  I shrugged.. I guess.. so she took me under her wing and helped me find where I was supposed to go and from then on I had a friend.  And I had a new name too, as she introduced me to everyone as Terri. :-)

Shirley helped me fit in there at the new school, we spent weekends hanging out and we spent the whole summer goofing off together.  I went to school there 1 1/2 years and then the summer before my freshman year mom moved us again to Portland and another school.. where I met the boy who would someday become my husband.  After 2 years in that school, mom re-married and moved us to another school, but they started me in the wrong school and so after several weeks I then had to start at ANOTHER high school.  3 grade schools, 2 middle schools and 3 high schools.

Shirley and I kept in touch during all this.. and when I went to Hawaii after graduating, Shirley came to visit me there.  Then after I got married in Louisiana, Shirley came down there to visit and stayed with my new husband and me for several weeks.

Then we moved back to Oregon and I got to see Shirley more.  Then she moved to Seattle, but over the years I've gone to visit her there and she comes to visit here.  I guess Shirley's sticking by my side is even more poignant because a few other women who I thought were very close friends have failed me, which makes me appreciate her steadfastness.

Shirley is a lifelong friend and I love her dearly.  I do hope you have a friend like that.  :-)


  1. What a wonderful friend! It's so special to have someone like that who has been a lifelong friend. Thanks for your post!

  2. Friendships like this are so hard to find. I guess thats part of what makes them so wonderful. :) My good friend Burgundy and I are a lot like you and Shirley. We don't see each other every day or even talk every week..but when we do it's like we haven't missed a beat. Knowing you always have someone to depend on is a great feeling :)

  3. Aren't old friends, just the best friends. But, I do have to say I have made some pretty good virtual friends in blogland too, just like you. I think a picot it is. Thanks for all you ideas. I do adore this pattern and will miss Rainbow Sherbet, but I can always make another, right?

    TTFN, that's Ta-ta for Now,

  4. How sweet! I actually do have a couple of friends like that and they are the best. One of them I've known since we were three & the other one since we were in sixth grade. I wouldn't trade them for anything at all.

  5. Friends are amazing, new and old. I don't know what I would do without all my friends, they don't judge they just help you get through life a lot easier. You are blessed to have Shirley and I know she is blessed to have you,

  6. Goodness me Teresa what a difficult time you had with your schooling and on top of that the sadness of your parents divorcing. There is a lot of life experience there. Shirley is a real treasure, you certainly have a best friend in her. As you know you read about my dear best friend on my recent post and yes I certainly treausure her too. Here's to our soulmates! It's still glorious weather here....SO hot and more for the weekend. Have a sunny weekend over your side of the pond.
    Jane x

  7. THAT is a great friendship!!! a true one, the one worth fighting for...
    Thanks for sharing...

  8. Friends are wonderful. Thanks for your "story".

  9. Not another story to make me sniffle! Ah it was lovely to be introduced to your dear friend Shirley, I have a couple of 'through thick or thin friends'. You have reminded us not to take our friendships forgranted. Thanks ;)

  10. Hi Teresa I have a friend like yours. When I was seven a new girl came to school. First of all she sat by someone else but was not happy. The teacher put her next to me and the rest as they say is history- that was 53 years ago! She moved again not long after we met ( her dad was in the army) but we wrote to each other. we did not see each other again until we were 15 but she was at my Wedding and every other important event in my life and me in hers. We also visited each other. In fact we went to see her two weeks ago, she now lives in Witney. (close to Oxford) She was at my Wedding as I said 40 years ago and will be at our Ruby Wedding Celebrations in August. Sorry for long comment. Anne x

  11. A beautiful friendship. I also have a friend I have known since kindergarten (4yrs) and were born in the same hospital and our nanna's used to stop when passing in the street with us in our pushers and we even use to wave, smile and baby chat to each other, so i guess friends for now 54yrs (from birth ☺). I dont get to comment very much these days Teresa, but I soo love your blog, thankyou for being such a sharing caring lady.
    Wendy xoxo

  12. I love this post. I also have a friend that I have known since Brownies! We have been through everything together. Thanks for sharing this story.

  13. Teresa thank you so much for your comment and for becoming a follower :) It means a great deal to me ...take care and have a great weekend!


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