Friday, May 13, 2011

Vanna's Choice

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday and I knew that Vanna White was coming to film some location promotional scenes for the "Wheel of Fortune".  My sister and I went on duty at 1:30 and she was expected to arrive in a few hours - her film crew was there with trailers and trucks and camera booms, setting up for a few hours - then Vanna's limo pulled up and she and some of her entourage and director walked through the plaza.  I said hello to her and welcomed her to Oregon as she went by.  Then I took my camera up and took some photos of her while she was filming.  She waved to the people walking by and trying to figure out what was going on. :-)
The sun even came out and glowed on the plants in the background!
Here is a photo of where she was filming and the crew and the falls behind her.
I had talked to one of the crewmen while she was filming and told him that I was the President of the Friends of Multnomah Falls, the newsletter editor and the webmaster and would love a photo with her. When she was leaving, she was almost gone and that crewman told her handler, you need to come back for this one.. :-)   So, they stopped their quick exit and I went up to stand by her.. she goes, oh, let's turn so the sun is shining on us.. and she apologized to me, saying "I'm sorry I'm in such a hurry." and I said, oh that's alright, I know you have a plane to catch.  And then the photo was taken and she took my hand (her little hand was so cold!) and said goodbye.
What a long day for her, they filmed these clips in many locations yesterday - the waterfront in downtown Portland, the Rose Garden, Pittock Mansion, Vista House and many other locations.  The falls was her last stop before hopping on a plane to head home.
This is a wild flowering berry in the planter in front of Multnomah Falls Lodge.  Wild currant?
On my drive home home the wildflowers are finally blooming after such a long cold Spring - here are some Larkspur - lots of them on the roadside.
There is a huge patch of Camas Lily in this one certain spot, I watch for them each Spring.  The Columbia River is behind it.  This was a very important plant for the local Native Americans, they dug the root and were called "Indian potato".
Aren't they pretty?
I pulled out on the viewpoint and got this photo of a river barge going downriver.
I zoomed in and you can see Rooster Rock and Vista House.  You can see how the gorge has greened up since my earlier photos.
I got home and my son, Travis and his wife Kristi and 2 boys were here - they brought out all the stuff for a BBQ and made dinner on the deck for us all! :-)  The boys are fascinated with the pond!
There are 3 goldfish left - Dayle has bought 19 of them and the Blue Heron and Raccoons keep eating them... ARGH!
Hayden, 3, kept wanting to get closer to the fish.. :-)

Blogger was having technical difficulties yesterday, I had to wait until today to do this post.  I noticed that I lost some comments from my last post in the dust-up.  That's upsetting as I love my comments from you, my friends.  Thanks for stopping by to visit.  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. From what I understand, she is a very sweet lady, but since she knits and crochets, we knew that already :) Have you lost any of your posts? I lost one post and associated comments and Denise lost some too. Very frustrating. But it's like I told Denise, mine at least was just fluff. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. How fun to meet a celebrity! It's nice that she came back to take a photo with you. Have a great weekend!

  3. What a lovely day you had. My parents had a pond in their garden which had koi carp in it and a heron kept coming in (fortunately he didn't get any of the fish) so my father bought a life-size plastic heron to put by the side of the pond. I believe herons are territorial, so the real one must have found somewhere else to stalk fish as he wasn't seen again!

  4. Great day!!! it must have been exciting to have a pic with Vanna! Love th pics of your little ones over the pond!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Wow! I'm glad you had a happy day! Keep enjoying your weekend!!! x

  6. Hi Teresa! How fun that you got to get a picture with Vanna. You live in the most beautiful place. The scenery in your pictures is something we don't see anywhere around here. It's just gorgeous.

  7. What an exciting day you had, Teresa! Loved seeing all that beautiful scenery, and the amazing flowers growing wild -just gorgeous. It was a shame some of the comments disappeared yesterday - but someone else's blog had information that they may be restored soon!! Have a great weekend!
    Helen x

  8. I love to see the photos of your amazing scenery. It is soooo beautiful. What an exciting day you had! Joanna xx

  9. How cool was that?!! Your pics aare always so nice..

  10. Great idea who Vanna was so l Googled her..looks like you had an exciting day
    You live in a wonderful location...the scenery is fabulous are the falls far fro where you live?
    I know distances are relevant, here a few miles seems a long way..what comes of living on a tiny Island hey? lol
    Loving the local scenery photographs..keep them coming
    Hugs Suz x
    ps Boring match we came home at half time and l fell asleep on the comfy orange sofa woke up just in time to see them get beaten..never mind always next year

  11. pps..looks like we all lost some comments in the maintenance..and yes l am awake in the middle of the night...sofa sleep did me no favours lol
    Hugs Suz x

  12. THAT was a big day! I'm glad Vanna stopped to say hello and have her picture taken with you. You've had an official Brush with Greatness, there. :-)

    And as Pammy Sue said (above), you just live in the most amazing surroundings. That is exactly the sort of place I want to live when I retire. Or now, really, but eventually would suit me fine.

  13. So glad they let her stop to have a picture with you.


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