Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Day in the Life

Yesterday I attended my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting at the Red Lion Inn and then headed to the club for an hour of swimming.  On Mother's Day (Sunday) we were invited to dinner at my youngest son's house and his wife Kristi had made a big spread of ham and lots of other wonderful things. We also celebrated our son's 35th birthday! Oh my! My baby is getting old!
Today my younger sister Denise made a fabulous lunch for our other sister, Roberta, and my daughter and 2 granddaughters and her daughter.. "Girl's Lunch".  She made a delicious "Chicken Spaghetti" out of the cookbook of one of our favorite fellow bloggers - the Pioneer Woman.  She also made a dessert from her book, a fresh blackberry cake.  It was yummers!  Below are a few of the quilts my talented and precious sister has made and uses to decorate the walls of her home, and uses for bedcovers too.

The one below is her newest out of some fabric from England - the granddaughters decided to be in the photo too.. cuties!
Below is the other side and the amazing design of the quilting.  I'm so proud of my sister!
We had a great afternoon of chatting, playing with the girls and enjoying the beautiful sunny day!  On the way home I pulled over and got 3 shots of the Sandy River - we live just a few miles on up past this river gorge.
One of my favorite things is seeing the sun sparkling on fresh clean water.. ahhhh.
And the lime color of the sun shining through new Spring green leaves.. with sparkly water behind.
Last summer hubby and I went on a 5,125 mile loop around the middle of America.  From Oregon, through Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas and into Oklahoma for a family reunion of my Shaklee and Woldridge (dad and mom's families) relatives.  Then we headed to visit his brother in NE Oklahoma - then headed NORTH (to get out of the heat) into Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota where we visited Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Devil's Tower & the Little Bighorn Battlefield.  Then on through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington and back home to Oregon.

In Oklahoma I fell in love with the old windmills dotted across the plains and asked hubby to get me one.  Well, he actually has looked and looked for a real vintage windmill, but today I came home and this one was on the deck. :-)  It's a small ornamental one, but I love it!!  He got it at Coastal Farm & Garden store.  LOL
And it was such a nice day that I took some photos of the garden and enjoyed the sunshine.  Below is another of my Hosta and some candytuft flowers. (I think!)  Don't look at the darn blackberry coming up where it shouldn't.
Another shot of my Bleeding Hearts.. just love them.
Below is a fun little garden "statuary" - it's a Chinese Pagoda lantern.. it was from Dayle's Dad's garden.  We rescued it from the backyard before the house was sold after his Dad passed away.  
Below are 2 little waterfalls in our "water feature" which has 4 waterfalls and a small pond at the bottom.  My red maple is coming out nicely and you can see my other garden statue, an art nouveau lady.
Below is a close up of some moss in my husband's "Bonsai" tree he's been growing for several years.  It kills me when he pinches off ALL the new growth.. I say, honey, PLEASE let that poor tree grow SOME leaves.  But the next time I go out, there it is, naked of all new growth (I think it looks terrible!) But he loves it.  LOL
Here is the farm in late afternoon sunlight.  The 2 old oak barrels on either side of the walk have got to go, they are coming apart.  I'm trying to figure out what to put in their place.
Below is the 2nd Rhododendron to bloom - it's bright red.
The plant below is a wild bush and I think it's called "Red Elderberry".
And then as I was walking around the yard I noticed that there was a 2nd blooming of my Star Magnolia, I think it's first bloom was too early and it was too cold, so it came back for warmer weather.  At least that's my explanation! :-)
Another shot of my pretty red Azalea.
I do hope that I don't put on too many photos for you, dear readers.  I am so pleased you came to visit and you made it all the way to the bottom. :-)  And again, I treasure your comments.  It's time for some TV and dinner now!  (((hugs))) Teresa


  1. Love it all. Just look at those quilts and all the beautiful things coming to bloom out in your yard. Gotta love those hostas.

  2. I love all the pictures of your beautiful garden... being from Puerto Rico, I rarely get to see such lovely blooms. Keep posting!!!!!

  3. What a lovely garden you have Teresa. How beautful the sandy river is. And it's always a pleasure to see quilts, because I am a quilter too.

    Another sunny day to you!

  4. I love seeing the sun sparkling on water, too. The sandy river looks very beautiful. Loved seeing your sister's quilts too, so colourful. Hope you are haivng a lovely week in your beautiful part of the world.
    Helen x

  5. Keep posting all those beautiful photos, Love them! ♥

  6. Everything is so beautiful! If you ever want to come to NC, I have a blank canvas for you to work your magic :)

  7. Your sister's quilts are stunning! You have a large amount of land around your home Teresa, how lucky to have such a big garden, I think mine would fit in there 20 times over! Lovely photos. Your trip lasted year sounded great, what a huge country America is!
    Enjoy the rest of the week,
    Jane x

  8. Hello there Teresa,

    thanks so much for visiting my blog, what beautiful quilts your sister has made, and beautiful images of where you live.

    It looks like you had a fantastic Mothers Day spent with your family.

    lily x

  9. Hi Teresa, I don't see any way to subscribe to a feed for your blog. hmmm....

  10. Hi Hashi, I added a follow by email... is that what you wanted? Thanks for coming to visit!

  11. Never worry about putting too many pictures on your blog, you take great pictures I have never seen the Star Magnolia, what a beautiful flower. Your garden is so lush and verdant. I really love your blog.

    Sarah from Texas (where we are in a drought)


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