Sunday, June 19, 2011

Booties, Blooms, Girls & Cake Recipe

Before I say another word - it's Father's Day and I want to say to my hubby who reads my blog faithfully.. *Happy* *Father's* *Day*!!  You are a great father to our 3 kids.. and even more wonderful is how incredibly fabulous of a GRANDFATHER you are to our 6 grandkids.  You *ROCK*.  :-)

Another eventful weekend here on the old farmstead.  Our daughter brought our two granddaughters out to spend a few nights with us on Friday.  Before they arrived I put the finishing touches on a pair of raspberry colored cotton blend baby booties for a friend of mine who is expecting her first child, a girl, in September - up in Seattle.  I have written up a pattern but several crocheters tried it and none of them had success, so I'll have to try following my own instructions and see what the problem is.  But aren't these cute?  
I also got a few photos of flowers blooming on the farm to share with you.  Below is a lovely Clematis.  Now.. question for you all.. do you pronounce it "cluh-MAT-us" or "CLEM-uh-tus"?  
Another shot of my 4th of July rose.
There was a local art show a few weeks ago, below is a "hardy" fuchshia I bought and potted up for the deck.
When the girls arrived on Friday, we were having a splendiferous day - warm and sunny.  Our oldest granddaughter **LOVES** mint.. so she collected some of each of the varieties in the garden.  Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon Mint & Chocolate Mint.  Here's her minty bouquet. :-)
Then she set about to weave on the little loom I gave her and below is Baby Girl, who is fascinated with the colors elastic weavers that came with the loom, and is putting them on Grandpa's hand.  I took a few and had some fun making ponytails with her wispy fine hair.. they didn't last long as she pulls them out.
We took the girls to dinner at Red Lobster and our server said hello, and BG said "We're going to have a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's house".  The server gasped and said.. how old is she and should she be talking like that?  We get that all the time.. BG is ahead of the curve on speaking. :-)
Knowing the girls love of fresh strawberries, we stopped at a new fruit stand in Troutdale and I hopped out and found the best flat of berries.  We've been enjoying them for 3 days!  Just had some of the last with pound cake and "squirty cream". :-)
Dayle played "Cars" for the girls.. notice the "Tow Mater" toy next to Jenna?
I made Nutella and bread sandwiches for the girls.. and later walked by and noticed BG was sitting there in a bit of a daze.. so I brought her in and held her and covered her up with the baby blanket I made for her when she was born.. a diagonal stripe using CottonTots yarn.. and soon she fell asleep.  I have to tell you it was the most magical thing to have her sleep on my chest.. and I thought.. this might be the last time a grandchild sleeps on my chest.  ::sigh::  I sure did appreciate the moment.. and will treasure it forever.
Soon our daughter arrived to visit and take them home.. she awoke when she heard her mother's voice.  Here she is all pink cheeked playing with blocks while we chatted.
I asked Jenna to pose with the weavings she made on her little loom.  She actually made 4, but one was packed away in a gift bag for her to give her dad for Father's Day today.  I got them a card to sign for him too.  The first (top) one was for her mom, the 2nd, for her dad, the 3rd for her and the 4th for her little sister.  She's so generous!
I'm very proud of the fine job she did on these.
My adorable granddaughters.  Below is Jenna standing on her head.. what a character!  We sure did enjoy having them for 2 whole nights!
I showed you a yummy cake on my post before last made by my older sister and the recipe was requested.  I asked her for it and she sent it.. and I can assure you, this may have been the tastiest and tenderest pineapple upside down cakes I've ever had.  Enjoy!!


Preheat oven according to cake mix directions.
Rub butter or margarine on sides of 13x9 inch glass pan.

6 oz butter              in microwave melt butter in glass pan
brown sugar      sprinkle solid layer on bottom of pan
8-10 slices of pineapple   arrange in rows on top of brown sugar
Maraschino cherries      1 cherry in center of each pineapple slice plus 1 in each corner of pan
pecan halves      arrange pecans to fill empty spaces

Prepare ~ any ~ white or yellow cake mix per directions.  
Pour gently on top of pineapple slices, cherries, almonds, etc.
Bake according to cake mix directions.
P.S.  I used a ~ yellow butter cake ~ mix for the one in the photo, but any kind will work just fine.
EDITED TO ADD: After baking cake, let it sit for 20-30 minutes, then turn it UPSIDE DOWN on a serving platter.
Thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Those booties are adorable. and im gonna try the upside down pineapple cake yummy

  2. Yea! Thanks to you and your sister for the recipe! Your girls are adorable. Love that blanket you made with the Cotton Tots yarn. Nice post.

  3. Always enjoy reading your posts Teresa and I love the blanket you made for your beautiful grand-daughter. They do grow up so fast don't they - cherish every moment. Hugs, Dorothy

  4. Cute booties! Love those and the girls are precious.

  5. Beautiful photographs again and another great post. I love the booties and intend to give them a try for sure, the cake looked so good in a previous post thanks for the recipe. What impressed me most though was the textile work. Please tell your Grand daughter I think her weaving is absolutely fantastic. It realy made me happy to see. There is something wonderful about making your own cloth that no one else has. What a lucky Daddy to have a homemade bag :)

  6. Looks like a lovely weekend, you're grand-daughters are beuatiful & i love the cutie booties
    Karen :)

  7. Your booties and your grand daughters are both gorgeous. I do miss having that baby cuddle sleep. Hope your week is as wonderful as your weekend!

  8. Hiya

    I say Cluh-MA-tus, I think Clem-a-tus is posher! The Lychnis has the common name Rose Campion. Glad to be of assistance!

    CN x

  9. Teresa, sounds like you had a fantastic time with the little girls. I can't believe how they are growing, I know you are treasuring your time with them. Every once in a while whe I am at work one of the little ones I work with falls asleep in my arms, it really is magical.
    Hugs to you as always,

  10. What a lovely weekend with your beautiful granddaughters. Joanna xx

  11. Helloooo Teresa!!!! How on earth do you find the energy to do all that you do?!?! What a fantastic post! I love those little raspberry slippers! Thanks for your sweet notes... they really make my day. Finally the fingers are healed- YAY!- but now it's ankle surgery recovery. I'm going nuts and am suffering from incredible ADD with little funds to fuel the project ideas... anyway, just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you for your kindness... XOXO Ursula

  12. Hi Another fabulous post...oh to have grand children to stop over..lucky you
    Love the weaving following in Grandmas steps hey?
    Hugs xx

  13. What a wonderful weekend with your sweet granddaughters - and such times to treasure! I love the weaving - such a goood idea to provide a little loom like that! And the raspberry booties are so very cute! Have a happy week, Teresa.
    Helen x

  14. Don't know how I missed this post! Great weekend with your little ones. I see my 2 little ones tomorrow and I sleepover! Mom and Dad go on a date and I get to play with the little girls. My cup a tea!!!! xoRobin❤

  15. Hi Teresa, I'm back from Tuscany and enjoying catching up on your posts. What a wonderful weekend you had with your darling grand children. So many lovely things they did with you, you are very good grandparents.With the pronunciation bit I will confuse it even further as I pronounce clematis, CLEM-Aatis. Tee hee! Happy 1st day of summer from here across the pond.
    Jane x

  16. Love the raspberry booties and baby blanket! Such pretty colors! Yea for teaching your grandkids crafts--I sure wish I had asked my grandma to do that:)
    Beautiful flowers--as always--and yummy looking berries (glad you found some-ours are still not red). Mint bouquet--your granddaughter has GREAT taste!


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