Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grandsons, Spinning Wheels & Finding a Lost Object

We watched our youngest 2 grandkids today.. the older one is 3 and he calls his 2 year old brother "A" and the 2 year old calls his older brother "B" -- for "baby".  Which is a hoot.  They are rough and tumble and quite the little characters.  Below is A.  He has the cutest head of curls, he gets a lot of attention from everyone who sees him.  
Here he is finding a bug to show his grandma (me).  It was a ladybug and hopefully it lived through being caught and shown and then having B take it away from A.  This is A on their "Slip n' Slide".
B had a cup of ice and was in the swing and he twisted and twisted it and then let it spin him around.
It spun and spun then he stood up and was so dizzy he fell down and thought that was really funny. :-)
My son's neighbor has planted several colors and varieties of Clematis on their side of the fence, and happily this is what we see on my son's side of the fence... pretty!!
B had the swing for quite a while and A wanted a turn.. so he got in the trampoline and called to B to come play.. as soon as B got in.. A said.. "my turn".. and started to head towards the swing.  B caught on to the ruse quickly and bolted back to claim the swing.  Look at the dejected look on A.  LOL
Then he "bounced back".. sorry for the pun.. and jumped around a bit..
Then he gave it up and headed over to visit with Grandma and Grandpa.  What a hunk of a 2 yr old!
Next up on the agenda for entertaining the old folks, the boys each grabbed a stainless steel dog bowl and plopped them on their heads and marched around the back yard.. and they bonked the bowls upon their noggins to give a resounding metallic clang, kind of like the sound of steel drums.
Then A grabbed his sippy cup and asked Grandpa to hold him and he stuck his legs up so he could be held like a baby.  Awwwwwwwwwww!
We had a great time with the little dickens!  We then headed off to do some shopping, we had seen 2 leather recliners at Costco at a heckuva price so we had brought the Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel Duelly so we could haul them home.
Above is my spinning wheel, it's been up in the guest room upstairs for too long, so hubby brought it down for me and I oiled it all with lemon oil and re-strung it.  (The little grandkids had spun it and the old drive line was gone)  I can't wait to spin some of the wool I have purchased at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival last year - it's dyed pretty colors and all ready to spin.  More on that when I have some to show you.  I have spun for years.  This is my 3rd wheel.  I started with an Ashford that we put together ourselves.  Then a friend's sister-in-law was having to sell her hand made cherry wheel and it was my 2nd wheel which I used for a long time.  And then a few years ago I saw a Kromski Polonaise and I had to have it.  It spins beautifully.  Some of the people who've encouraged me to get my spinning wheel out and going are Lucy of In The Sky and Denise of Knitting Kitties and also finding a high school friend on Facebook, Kevynne, who also spins and weaves.  Thanks, ladies!
Last but not least... I had lost my absolute favorite sterling silver crochet hook last year and we looked and LOOKED for it and I was convinced it had fallen down in my recliner, even though hubby had turned the chair over and looked all inside of it on many an occasion.  I had to order a new hook to replace my lost F hook, so I got a G just in case I ever found my F.  So, today when we got the new chairs, hubby turned my old chair over one last time and I heard something rattling down the inside.  He looked and looked and still couldn't see it, so I got him a flashlight and he turned the chair over again and I heard something falling about in it.. and then... HE FOUND MY LOST F HOOK!  Happy dance!  These sterling silver crochet hooks are the absolute most amazing and best hooks to use.. and are made by two lovely craftsmen that live on an island in the San Juan Islands up in Washington State.  Their company is called Celtic Swan.  Their names are John & Molly.  If you order from them, please tell them I sent you, as I consider them good friends.

Thanks for visiting me.. I love the new friends I've made who visit my blog.  And you know, the comments just make my day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. I know I've said it before, but your grandchildren are JUST GORGEOUS !!!! Oh for that crop of beautiful curls. I hope your son's neighbour gets a similar view of those flowers on his side of the fence :) Aren't they a lovely bonus for your son. I also have a couple of John's sterling silver hooks and agree, they are excellent but I've got so used to having a thumb rest that I now stick to my Etimo hooks which I absolutely love.

  2. Oh wow, Theresa, you found that hook at last ...I remember you talking about how the recliner ate it last year - you must be so pleased. Like finding a long-lost friend!

  3. Hi...fab pictures of grandson..love the curls
    HEHE...Always losing my hooks down the sofa in the lounge..craft room sofa it can't happen
    Glad to here you go your treasure back though
    BLOGGER won't let me add pictures this morning..sad!
    Hugs Suz x

  4. OMG! All those curls! Those are two adorable boys. I miss that age so much. Your crochet hooks and spinning wheel are beautiful. Can't wait to see your wool!

  5. Just look at those curls. Not fair, not fair at all. What I would give for that hair.

    So, I didn't know you were a spinner too. Please, please do give us some details as you get started. I've always wanted to give it a spin.

    But, what would come first. Sterling hooks or a wheel. Those hooks are stunning. Maybe, Santa, he is always looking for a goodie for a good gal like me.

  6. Such beautiful boys...and your spinning wheel is a thing of beauty also.

  7. Your Grandkids are so cute!

    Thank goodness the crochet hook was found....those are really beautiful hooks by the way. :)

    I love your spinning wheel. I can't wait to see all the yummy yard you make with it....and how about some hooky action? Are you working on anything right now?

    Blessings to you and yours always :)

  8. A and B are great lads; I love those curls! I'm glad you found your precious crochet hook;isn't it great when something turns up that you had given up on!
    Happy Wednesday,
    Jane x

  9. Your babies are so cute. That is quite a handful you have there! I love your spinning wheel and can't wait to see your work. I have been preparing raw fleece tonight! Yuk! I love finding lost things it is great, your hooks are too beautiful to lose! :)

  10. Teresa, the boys look like they were having a terrific time. Both A and B are adorable. I would love to learn how to spin, I think I may take a class or two in a few years when things quiet down at my house a bit.
    Hugs back to you,

  11. Looks as if your cute grandsons had a marvellous time playing there! I loved that amazing clematis the neighbour kindly grew! and wow- what a lucky thing you finally found your silver crochet hook...and I didn't even know they made silver ones either!! I am learning things about crochet every day, and enjoying it a lot!
    Have a happy day. Helen x

  12. Horray!!! You found your long lost hook!!!!!!
    Those grandkids of yours are absolutely the cutest grandkids I have ever seen (you know since my kiddos are way too young to give me some). I love the imaginations of little ones, the things they do crack me up!!! Great blog post.

  13. That's how my hair looked when I was little, curly, practically white, and wild!

    And I told you on rav, but I'll say it again, yaaaay for finding your hook!

    Sam <3

  14. Lovely pictures, your grandsons seem to have had a great day. What gorgeous curls! Yay I'm pleased to hear you found our lost hook! Joanna xx


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