Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crochet Flowers & Fun on the Farm

When I started my blog I thought of what to call it.. I was inspired by other bloggers to start my own and many of them had crochet as a central feature, so I named it "Teresa Kasner's Crochet".  Then as I went along blogging away I realized that the title wasn't really "true" as I post more about life as usual and crochet is just one facet of my life.  So, I deleted "crochet" from the title.  Now I add crochet things from time to time, but it's definitely not in all of them.  But I finished some booties and showed a baby blanket recently.. and yesterday while our middle child and his family were visiting I got a few more flowers done on my shawl.  I'll take it today and work on it while I volunteer at Multnomah Falls.  I'm using Drops Alpaca - it's so yummy!
Then I went out to join the boys out on the farm.. my son Shawn had fired up his Polaris, a fun vehicle, and he invited me for a ride around the farm.. of course I had my camera.. do you see Gabriel on his quad in the bottom right of the photo?  
We're now up on the hillside behind the house and Gabriel is zooming down the hill.
Coming up through our lower pasture.. the grass is SO green and lush!
Then we went back down and my son asked his Dad if he wanted to drive around on it, so we went back up the hill and I spied the neighbor's horses and got this shot of them.. there is nothing prettier than a horse, is there?
And then I took a photo of the bane of our existence.. BLACKBERRIES!  I have to smile when I read blogs and they tell about actually planting "those things" in their gardens.. here in Oregon there is a saying that if we all left the state for a few years, the blackberries would cover the entire state.  Hubby has been battling the blackberries for years on his tractor.. but this is the fence line and our neighbors are not doing their part.
I spied amongst the blackberries something else evil.. but pretty.. "Deadly Nightshade"!  Egads!
Atropa belladonna or Atropa bella-donna, commonly known as BelladonnaDevil's BerriesDeath Cherries or Deadly Nightshade, is a perennial herbaceous plant in the family Solanaceae, native to EuropeNorth Africa, and Western Asia. The foliage and berries are extremely toxic, containing tropane alkaloids. These toxins include scopolamine and hyoscyamine which cause a bizarre delirium and hallucinations,[1] and are also used as pharmaceutical anticholinergics. The drug atropine is derived from the plant.
A shot from up on the hill down upon our cozy humble abode, our cozy cottage, plus the woodshed and chicken house.
Our second rose to bloom on the farm.. this is a Double Delight.  This rose has been said - that if you could have only ONE rose, this should be the one.  It's beautiful and deeply fragrant.  And an interesting story is that my sister Denise's mother-in-law tested this rose for Jackson & Perkins and was given the gift of naming it.  She named it Double Delight because of it's beauty and aroma.   My son bought a house with 5 giant and robust roses in front of the house, all selected for beauty and fragrance.  His wife did not like rose bushes and so last summer dug them all up, so our son brought them to the farm while we were away on our trip and planted them all for us to enjoy here.  And this one just bloomed and 3 others have buds, one is barely making it with one tiny shoot showing.  So, these roses are survivors, too!
Below is my honeysuckle and I'm *SO* happy that it's doing well!  All the years since I planted it when it budded out, the next thing was the flowers were covered in black something and all the flowers died.  So, I was fully expecting that this year would be the same.. but look! Healthy happy flowers! YAY!
Purrrrrrrrty, yes!?
And this.. our last Rhododendron to bloom, each and every year.  It's a beauty, isn't it?  After this bloom, it will be trimmed down.. it's covering the front porch and I have plans for Christmas lights across this.  :-)
And closer... :-)
As I came back out of the front yard, I see Grandpa is driving Gabriel and Buddy around in the Polaris.
And as I walked back up on the back deck I saw this.. a pot of Dianthus or Pinks that came back from last year.  Don't you love "volunteers"?
Speaking of volunteers, I got this blog post done just in time to get ready to go volunteer at Multnomah Falls for the afternoon.. with my sister Denise.. and of course we have to have lunch together in the beautiful historic Lodge before we volunteer.  :-)

Thanks for stopping in for a visit.. you know I love your comments!  Oh.. and *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* to Kate at Garden Bell for pulling out my name out of the hat to win her giveaway.. I'm so excited!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. First, I really did pull your name out of the name. The other two I know only by their blog name and just barely and fairly new. So.... way too go... I wondered that about your name and now I know.

    What a fun tour today. Nothing better for me to see than a few horses in the field, the colors of the Pacific Northwest and of course kids keeping busy with good clean playing out in the sun.

    Remember to send you mailing address is you haven't already.

  2. Wow Tereasa you have so much land around your house, I think most of my road would fit in it -LOL! Lots of lovely flowers growing and yes your grass looks so lush. Congrats on your giveaway's your lucky day.
    Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  3. Hi Teresa, You certainty live in some beautiful countryside. Your land and mature gardens are so lovely and yes sooooo green. Love the honeysuckle, I hope it smells good too. I love the aroma. The roses sound so nice and look beautiful. Boy, roses and honeysuckle you are very fragrant! Have a great weekend, xoRobin❤

  4. I will have to be more observant on our farm and look out for some Nightshade. I don't doubt we have it here. I love your flower photos. Really, really beautiful!

  5. Your images are stunning! I do love your so darling...the colours are perfect! Happy weekend and thank you so much for all your sweet comments you leave me! xoxoxo

  6. Well what can l say..STUNNING
    Love the flower shawl progress and the trip around the farm..the fun and the colour
    Love it all...more more more please
    Enjoy your weekend
    Hugs x

  7. Ooh your flower shawl looks stunning - can't wait to see it finished! As always I swoon when seeing pictures of your amazing farm and surroundings, you live in the midst of such beauty! And such happy grandchildren to be able to play there! :-)
    Hugs from Belgium xxxx

  8. Wow. That shawl is beautiful! Is this the second one you've made or still the first one? I don't recall a ta-dah post!

  9. teresa, your property is beautiful and you are so blessed to live in such a lovely area. Your shawl is looking fantastic, I love all the color combinations. You will look fantastic with it on. I have both of mine thrown over chairs in my living room. I can't pack them away in my closet they are too beautiful.
    Happy Friday,

  10. Hello friend!
    It's always nice visiting your blog! I enjoy all your beautiful pictures. I will have to look up the pattern for the flower shawl, it is so beautiful. Hope your day is filled with sunshine and roses. Blessings always :)

  11. Love your side of the world! And your pictures are beautiful! It's always great to learn new things about different places and parts of the World! Some are amazingly the same and some are completely different.

  12. Love the flowers in your shawl, beautiful colors and exquisite work. You live in a great place, I just think about all the work you have to put into it. Lovely flowers and excellent pictures. Have a happy weekend.

  13. Hi Teresa, did you ever get your bootie pattern written? I need a easy bootie pattern for my new grand daughter coming in August. I didn't realize what a pain in the a** they are to make. I've tried them all and had one that came out okay but was still a pain to make. I would appreciate any easy bootie pattern you have. Thanks so much! Eileen:)


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