Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Oregon Zoo with our Granddaughters

We have been a busy bunch around here lately.  Thursday we attended the graduation of my granddaughter from kindergarten, Friday I went swimming and hubby and our son took our two little grandsons for their first fishing trip, and today we took our granddaughters to the Oregon Zoo!
I can't remember the names of the primates, but the one above is a large furry red one! :-)  Now I have to admit, seeing the monkeys was kind of sad, they looked a little bored, but the Oregon Zoo takes very good care of them and many if not most have outdoor play yards accessed from their cages.
These two were cute, the white one was grooming the black ones face.
This one has a very colorful face!
On to see the elephants.  Twenty-seven Asian elephants have been born at the Oregon Zoo since 1962, establishing the zoo as one of the foremost elephant-breeding facilities in the world.
We took a rest here at this animal sculpture garden and the girls had fun trying out all the animals.. here is J on a baby elephant.
Baby girl looks like a cowgirl on this hippo!
BG on a camel with J mid run to join her.
Here is a cute photo of the girls, I think the steam locomotive blew it's whistle here, hence the look on BG's face. LOL
The train trip took around 45 minutes through Washington Park, the sun was streaming through the forest, it was so pretty.
J looking cute for the camera.
The train stopped here to pick up passengers that were boarding from Washington Park and the Rose Garden.
Chooooo chooooo!! Chugga chugga chug..
When we were heading to catch the last train this tiger was out in the middle posing beautifully in the sunshine.. when we got back, he had gone up to take a nap in the shade. :-)  Next was a stop in the gift shop to buy the girls a couple of stuffed elephants and some crystal rocks.  Then we took them to the Sonic drive in and sat in the outdoor dining area and got the girls some chocolate sundaes.  Then we delivered them home and drove another 45 minutes to our home.  We are *TIRED*!  :-)
And I wanted to share photos from our first grandchild's kindergarten graduation.  She's the one looking at the camera.  The each got to decorate their own cap and keep them.
Here she is receiving her diploma and the teacher told a story about the specialness of each child before she called them up.  J's talent is her art! Proud!!
Here is Grandpa holding Baby Girl during the ceremony.. when the kids walked in the room wearing their caps and gowns, BG said in a loud voice.. "Why are they wearing those funny hats?"  LOL
Here is J posing in front of a life size picture of herself that she colored!
And the cap that she colored.  We're proud of this little girl.

Thanks for visiting and I just loved all the nice comments on my last post.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. I love your photographs. I love orangutans, must be the hair colour! :) I can feel how tiring that trip to the zoo must have been. It looks great fun though. You must be very proud of all of your Grandchildren and they are all beautiful. J looks particularly cute in these photographs. I love the way she is wearing her hat, with her flower. An artist eh? Takes after Grandma. BG does look surprised by the train whistle, what a funny face. She looks like Grandads best pal :)

  2. What a busy but fun time you are having Teresa. The girls obviously loved your zoo adventure especially the train ride, BG expression in that photo is priceless! I was really surprised to see that you even have kindergarten graduations..the only time us Brits graduate is when we received our degrees from university-LOL! J looked super, well done to her. "See" you after my holiday, time to pack today.
    Jane x

  3. Teresa,
    Love the photos of the girls, they are getting bigger and even cuter if that is possible. The zoo photos are beautiful although I love zoo's I have a bit of a problem seeing those beautiful animals not out in the wild. The graduation photos are terrific, such lovely memories you are making for your gradnkids and of course for you.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Looks and sounds like it was a glorious day. Loved those train trips when the kids were little. The graduation ceremony for your grand daughter sounds really special. Wonderful that the teacher said something positive about each child. And the self decorated caps are sweet. Have never seen that done before. I can tell she really is a little artist. Hope you are having a great Sunday. Tammy

  5. HI Teresa,

    How lovely to see you enjoy the time with your granddaughters like this! I'm glad yu had a great day and the graduationpictures are lovely too!


  6. Nothing better than a day at the zoo. Scott and I try to go once a summer. It looks like you had perfect weather and the sun was shining too.... It would be even more fun to have those cute little grand-babies to look after.

  7. I love the monkeys! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the zoo! Seeing your pictures from Kindergarten graduation took me back several years and made me a little mushy. So sweet!

  8. WOW!..What a wonderful day you all had...orangutan my favourite too
    Could watch them for hours
    Hugs xx


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