Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer BBQ on the Farm

What a great time we had yesterday.  We had a family BBQ on the deck.  We had hoped for sunny weather, it was overcast all day, but it was warm and was a nice day.  The 4 kids had a blast running around through the pasture and seeing the chickens and chasing about.  These photos are all candids, no posed shots, no staged "magazine" beauteous-ness.  Just life and kids and family yakking away.  :-)
Caleb, the youngest of the grandkids, took the drink right out of my nephew Cliff's hand, crawled up into an empty chair and figured he was one of the guys. :-)  My brother-in-law Steve is on the left.
The boy's mom took them on a train ride earlier, on Thomas the Train in Hood River.  They arrived to the BBQ sporting train engineer hats and train whistles.
Dayle BBQed two plump chickens on the rotisserie and they turned out tender and delicious.  This was despite a mishap.. hubby was down by the barn and looked up on the deck and he saw flames shooting out the back of the BBQ.. he ran up and opened up the lid and extinguished the flames and found that one chicken has slipped off the spit and the juices were draining on the burner and causing the flare-up.. but after re-securing the chicken and finishing the cooking process and daubing BBQ sauce over it all, you could barely see the charring. LOL
Here is Paige looking at the row of adult men shooting the breeze.. then she had to pull up her cute little skirt so we could all see the shorts under it.  LOL
Jenna brought her Strawberry Shortcake doll up to show us all.
Older sister Roberta brought 10 lbs. of Orange Baked Beans!
Hubby cooked up lots of Polish hotdogs.
The "Grill-Master" and younger sister, Denise.
Grandpa with his brood of grandbabies.. they adore him.  Daughter-in-law Kristi and her two boys.
After dinner my sister Denise and hubby Steve made ice cream cones for the kids with sprinkles!  They were in heaven!
We love ice cream!!
Below is my plate of Blueberry Crisp and vanilla ice cream made by my little sister, Denise.  YUM!!
The girls, Tami my nephew's wife, Amy my daughter, Denise my little sister.
The guys.. Denise's hubby Steve, my son-in-law Jay, my nephew Cliff.
After Caleb took Cliff's first drink.. he came back and took his 2nd drink.. and promptly drained it. His mom is incredulous.
Family.. :-)
Baby Girl Paige.. got a bit dirty.. don't you just love it?  I do!!
Here she is showing me a red rock.. hehe!
Then Caleb decided he wanted Grandpa to give him a ride on the riding mower.. he pointed at the barn door and said "PAPA, PAPA.. ride! RIDE!!  So of course Grandpa got it out and made many trips around the farm yard with babies and kids on his lap.  He lets the kids steer so they *love* it.  And don't worry, the mower is not on during this..
I hung up my crocheted bunting for the affair.  Silly things curl on the bottom, but my guests told me they thought I curled them on purpose! :-)
More kids on the mower...
All in all a great day.. hope you enjoyed hanging out with us.  Thanks for visiting!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. What a blast, now that is what I call a family get together! I bet everyone slept well that night! I love your bunting curls n' all. :) x

  2. This looks like such a great family get together. The food looks so good! Love the lawn mower shots. Precious that grandpa gives rides.

  3. I will have a dog and some of that dip please. Oh, don't forget the crisp too.... Great party, great time, great weather, great family and friends. By the way, got something off in the mail today to you. I'm off to stage my magazine shot but first I must paint on my poppies. This is really a fun idea to get your mind rolling. But, we shall see.


  4. Teresa, your truly have the All-American family and I consider that a wonderful thing!!!!! I see so much love! All your food looks delicious and I laughed at the flame flare up!! Happy 4th. xoRobin❤

  5. Nice family, food, and fun! What more could you ask for. Those big fat blueberries look wonderful. We get little bitty ones here that are shriveled most of the time. Ha-ha. YES, I'm talking about blueberries! :O

  6. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. It's always nice to get together with family. All the food looked so yummy! And the little ones looked like they are having a blast. :)

  7. It looks like your family had a wonderful time, and I am drooling over the blueberry crisp!

    Your house looks like a fun place to be!

  8. That looks like a great family get together, lots of yummy food too. The crocheted bunting just sets the feel there...glad you had a great day ;0)
    Jane x

  9. Oh wow, that looks like an amazing time together! Love the crochet bunting, the curls do seem intended, they all go the same way! Grandpa definitely rocks :-)

  10. What a fun day you and your family had, the children certainly look like their having a lot of fun - they are so cute! Love your bunting too. Joanna xx

  11. That looks like a lovely bbq. So nice to have family come around like that! The food looked absolutely delicious.

  12. Thanks for letting us hang out with you. That chicken looks amazing.

  13. Such wonderful summertime shots! Looks like so much fun! Oh, and I like the way the bunting curls, too.

  14. Hi there...I am shug and I am certainly glad that I came across your blog...You have some great pictures here. Isn't this what life is all and good times..
    Thanks for sharing...see ya soon

  15. How wonderful..nothing like a family get together
    Thanks for the B'day wishes
    We all had a fab day
    Hugs x

  16. What a lovely day! The children are so adorable!

  17. What a wonderful famuly time - and delicious food! I just love seeing pictures of your red barn and your house, as you know, and I really loved the picture of the bunting hanging up against the painted house exterior - so gorgeous! Have a happy day, Teresa.
    Helen x


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