Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sons & Farm Artsy Shots

When your kids fly the nest and get married and have kids of their own you think that just possibly you won't have to worry about them anymore.  You would be wrong.  I haven't talked about something happening in our family until after it was over at the request of my middle child, my son.  But now he's told me it's okay to talk about it.  On Monday he went into the hospital for "Gamma Knife Radiation Surgery" for a brain tumor, a Meningioma in the "Cavernous Sinus" region.  It was a terribly painful ordeal where he had a metal "halo" screwed into his skull and it was on for 4 hours.  Unfortunately the anesthetic did not work so it was excruciating for him.. but he soldiered on and made it through.  My poor boy!  The doctors think they "got it" and the tumor should not grow.  And so.. a big sigh of relief, it's over and he's resting and relaxing poolside and hopefully this worry can be laid to rest. 
Our youngest son had found a car he was interested in and asked his brother if he could ride with him halfway to where he was going so he could look at the the car.  They both agreed it was a good one and so he bought it and headed back north.  Above is his new vehicle.
Boys.  His two toddler boys love this new car.. it's a great big new toy.
Here is a photo of our boy driving his wife and two toddler boys around the farm and they're in the woods now.  I must say, my bamboo on the left, hostas in the middle and fern on the right frame them beautifully.
In the woods...
Oh... and I just had to take aNOTHER photo of my pretty waterfall and garden sculpture and greenery.
My new Fuchsias I bought and planted this Spring.
After much pestering on my part, hubby let his "Bonsai" tree actually have some growth, at least he hasn't pinched it all off YET.  I like it much better with green growth.  The Japanese float in the pot is one of mine that is actually "signed"... I love those.
I've left my crocheted bunting/banner/pennants outside and it rained on them and I was hopening they'd uncurl.. and they have a bit!
My "volunteer" Dianthus.
Here is a flower I've loved for years but never knew what it was and now I know, thanks to my blog friend, I think it was Lucy in the Sky.. but it's Rose Campion!  It has a dusty fuzzy leaf.
Another bloom on my 4th of July rose!
My beautiful "Double Delight" rose, courtesy of my son, Travis.
I love my Black Bamboo!
And looking up my front walkway to see that the "Lamb's Ears" my friend gave me are thriving in their new home.. the lavender Rhododendron, our last to bloom, is in it's glory... and our porch swing.
Can you smell the honeysuckle?  It's the best year for it EVER.

Pammy Sue, I know you don't like phone pictures, but I hope you've enjoyed these shots anyway. :-)

Well, thanks for coming to visit.. your friend.. Teresa


  1. First, let me say, I'm so glad things went well as expected yesterday and they got it all. You know you never really know what we all have going on behind the scenes.

    Now, about that car... Green and I want one. It's so cute. And by the way, you need to send what ever kind of car that is... that picture in the woods. It needs to be in the brochure. Great capture. Great colors. Great ride.

    All you plants are doing so well. We are still a little behind here. But, 90s the rest of the week and weekend, so we should catch up nicely.

  2. Hi Teresa, I wish your son well with his recovery from his big operation - plenty of rest and follow the doctor's orders. I know that this must have been a big worry for you and send you a big hug from across the seas. Joanna xxx

  3. Wishing your son a full recovery..sound like it's done the trick but all best wishes to him
    Love the artsy new vehicle in the woods picture..fab shot a favourite plant..Hostas
    Hugs x

  4. So terribly sorry to hear of your son`s ordeal. It must`ve been such a worry for all of you but all power to the boy for going through all of it and coming out the other side with hope.
    Your flora pics are stunning and in particular, your honeysuckle is just crying out to be copied into something wonderful and crocheted like only you can do, Teresa!Good Weekend to you when it comes.

  5. I must say, you have some of the most beautiful flowers! It makes me wish I could take a stroll and smell them all :) I love stopping by to see what fun new pictures and stories you have for your readers. I'm sorry to hear about your son, but hopefully the doctors are right and he won't have to worry about it again! Best wishes for you and yours!


  6. Dear Teresa you are so right that we never stop worrying about our 'children'. So sorry to hear about your son but glad that he is making good progress. My best wishes to your son. Anne x

  7. Teresa, I enjoy your lovely blog so much and want you to know what a bright spot you bring to my day. My prayers are with your son in his healing and with your family as he recovers. My three adult and quite independent children are ever in my thoughts, so you truly spoke to my heart.

  8. Love all the photos...prayers going out for your Son. Bless his heart, what an ordeal.

    Drop by my blog if you want to see my fish's so ugly it's almost cute.....well, maybe.

    Wishing you many blessings to you and yours

  9. Hi Teresa!!! I've enjoyed catching up with your past posts... I've been so out of blogland that I feel my days are not complete...

    I'm glad everything went well with your son, and I'm sure you will take care of him always, that's what moms do. He is very Blessed of having you as his mom.

    I enjoyed all your pictures too, and the BBQ post was fantastic!!!
    Big Hug! keep enjoying summer!

  10. By the way, the jewelry on my last post is not crocheted... is a tecnique called "Viking knit" in which you weave the wire around a mandrel, and then make it thiner in a draw plate (I think that's the word).
    There's several tutorials and videos on the internet showing how to do it... I like this one a lot

  11. Teresa, I am so glad you are able to talk about the situation with your son. It helps and we are here for you from all over the world. I bet you have been so scared, I don't care what age they are you worry about them all the time. Sending him healing thoughts and calming thoughts to you.

  12. Dear Kate, Joanna, Suz, Nana, LaceAnn, Anne, Pooch, Stitchy, Shanti & Meredith.. you guys are absolutely adorable and wonderful and I love you for the kind and supportive words. It's been hard not to talk about this in my blog, but it was at my son's request. Now that it's over he told me I could share what's happened. He's having headaches & blurry vision, but today he said the headache was tolerable. That's a relief. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

    You are all just the best! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. I will remember your son in my prayers this eve-how you are SO right about always being a mom (worrying) when it comes to our children no matter what their age is! I'm glad to hear that his prognosis is so encouraging:) Such a relief that must be to your heart!!!

    You always have something new to show us--I didn't even know you had bamboo! I LOVE ours!


    PS: Congrats to your son on his new vehicle! Enjoy!

  14. Aimee, thanks for thinking of my son. I absolutely adore bamboo! I have 5 species, Black, Golden, Dwarf Variegated, Blue Fountain and one I'm not sure of. It's the bushy one in the photo. I wish I had it's name!! What kind is yours?
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Teresa, I am so glad to hear that the surgery appears to be successful. You & your family have been in my thoughts & prayers for a while now. I know you are so releved to be able to let that deep breath out finally. Hugs!!

  16. Dear Teresa, I am so glad to read everything went well with your son, must be such a relief for the entire family... I absolutely love all of your pictures, your waterfall part of the garden seems to come right out of a fairytale!
    Hugs from Belgium!

  17. Hi Teresa, please send healing thoughts to your dear son. I am glad to hear that he is doing well. You must have been SO worried. A big hug to all of of you.
    I'm glad to see your garden is looking more and more beautiful and it is always fantastic to look at nature as a distraction at what must have been a really tough time for you all.
    Take care,
    Jane x

  18. I can almost smell that beautiful Honeysuckle. Lots of love to you and your family :)

  19. Hi Teresa, I was so sorry to hear your news about your son, wishing him a full recovery. Thinking of you and your family.

    CN x

  20. Dear Teresa What a brave son you have - sending warmest wishes for his recovery. It must have been so hard for you all recently, I hope all will be well from now on. Your garden pictures are wonderful today, I just love the bright colours and the sweet flowers. Wishing you a happy day.
    Helen x

  21. Hi Teresa,

    Thinking of you and your son (and the whole family.) Hoping for much better days ahead.
    best wishes from Michigan,

  22. Teresa,
    Glad to hear your son is recovering-albeit slowly(it is always too slow for moms I know). To answer your question--I am not sure what kind of bamboo we have--one my DH bought quite awhile ago; one my sibling gave us and we brought it home from their house (we, I am sure, made quite the funny picture with this HUGE bamboo laying down in our truck all the way to our home)!
    I will try to get a photo when our vacation time with my DD and family is over and post it--maybe you'll be able to ID it--I hope:)


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