Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Cousins

Summertime, and the livin' is easy, fish are jumpin', and the cotton is high...
OK, maybe there is no cotton here, but all the rest is true. :-)  We have our 2 granddaughters for a few nights, tomorrow we'll bring them to a family BBQ at our youngest son's house and deliver them back to our daughter.  Our middle son and his family will be there too, woo hoo!
The toy Jeep is our 2 youngest grandson's - our son brought it out here for them to play with it on the farm.  The kids just love it.  Here is Jenna, Paige and Gabriel.
The battery is so low all that will work is the radio.  Kinda funny.
They got it to go downhill a bit.. weeeeeeee, the 2 year old is at the helm.. lol
11 year old Michael shows off riding Grandpa's trail bike over a wheel ramp... weeeeee
Ooops.. sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug... no permanent injuries were incurred in the filming of this stunt.  :-)
Jenna is pushing Gabe and Paige.. wheeeeeeeee
The stars of this movie are... the summer cousins.
Saturday morning... grandpa and Paige watching "Eloise Goes to Hollywood".
Jenna is the family artist and is coloring while watching Eloise movies.
Grandma gets a turn at holding "the baby"... awwwww
Dayle brought in the funniest, tiniest little egg and showed me.  It's about the size of the end of your thumb!  One of the hens is slacking off!  :-)

I'm glad you visited today - and thanks for all the encouragement on my office/craft room excavation.  I have some before photos but just can't bring myself to show you.  I have decided to show you the AFTER ones only.  :-)

I'll take photos of the BBQ tomorrow.. hope you're all having a great summer weekend!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. What another great weekend. The kids all look like they are having so much fun, and as always so does Grandpa! What a tiny little egg, you would want a few of those for breakfast wouldn't you? I would be tempted to carefully 'blow it' empty and decorate it for Easter!

  2. Hi Teresa isn't it just lovely having grandchildren to stay. Yours are just delightful and look to be having a lot of fun. Love having ours here just wish we had as much room outdoors (and probably in) as you have for them to run around etc.
    We are planning another trip to see my DS and fmily up in Leeds, approx a 3 hour journey and my younger DS and family will be going up to - I love having them altogether.
    Weather todaay has been very changeable here in the midlands - a lot of rain then sun then rain and so on. I am hoping we will get some good weather in a couple of weeks time as I have family and friends coming for a BBQ. Can never be sure of our weather though. Hope your BBQ went well. Anne x

  3. Never mind. I was think about you and wondering what was up. Now, I know, you were have a busy fun grandbaby loven' week. Looks like fun was had by all, and glad to see they can settle down for some serious snuggle and movie time. As always I've enjoyed my trip to the farm.

  4. Such wonderful pictures of your lovely Grand jealous
    Beautiful children they are
    Enjoy the BBQ
    hugs x

  5. Wow, don't you live in an amazing place! Thanks for visiting Planet Penny, it's so nice to meet you and to discover a new blog to follow. I'm awed by your description of making your Sourdough bread, I must try harder! Penny x

  6. Thanks Teresa, loved the clips from the "Summer Cousins" Sneak Preview!!!Your grandkids are so great and have so much fun on your farm. I know I say it often but you guys really are such wonderful grandparents and parents! My little angels come up today, we are going to a dairy farm. They have declared it National ice cream day, so off we will go to watch and taste ice cream made. Of course we will see the farm and all the animals too. Billing's Farm, Woodstock, Vermont. Have a great Sunday. xoRobin❤

  7. Fun stuff going on in your corner of the world. You live in such a beautiful area. We have to travel far and wide to see beautiful forests and waterfalls. Good luck with getting your craft room cleaned up and cleared out. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Hi Teresa x i never realised just how big your barn was!! as always a pleasure to share your joy's with youm have fun love Amanda x

  9. Looks like a fantastic day with your family. Have fun at the BBQ,

  10. Ahhh such sweet photos of the little ones. So cute. :)

    Please show the before photos of your craft room, trust me, it probably looks a lot better than mine! :)

    Any crewel work to show us? I am wondering what you think about using the wool?

    Blessings always

  11. So much love at grandma's home...what wonderful memories you are making for your grandchildren. Isn't that what life should be all about? Pure joy my friend. xoxo

  12. They look like they are having so much fun!

  13. Teresa,

    I just wanted to let you know that every time you comment on my blog it makes me smile. It honestly makes my day.

    Thank you for your interest and kindness!
    Sam (NotYourGramsAfghan)

  14. Hello Teresa,thanks so much for your visit to my blog.
    Your blog is fun and full with life!
    Have a great weekend.. warmest regards ~ Cindy


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