Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sharing Past Memories

As I was cleaning and clearing and organizing my office/craft room/dumping ground.. I ran across some neat photos from the past.  The one below I just had to share with you.  This is me and a friend sailing my sailboat Stargazer in the Opening Day Parade for all the boating clubs in Portland, Oregon.  All the yacht clubs organize their members and boats in a water parade celebrating the opening of the sailing season.  It's pretty awesome.  There is a lot of advance planning of who is going and where you'll be in the formation and a lot of cleaning and decorating of your boat.
You arrive early at the club for a big breakfast in the dining room, then all dressed in white slacks and navy blue blazers and white shirts and shoes there is an Opening Day ceremony with all the Past Commodores and the present Commodore and his officers and all the members.  There are speeches and a flag raising and a cannon is shot off!  Then everyone gets on their boats and head out and get in formation.. then you have to hold your place and then when it's our turn we get in line in the big parade.  There is judging of lots of categories.
All the Commodores.. a few years ago we had our first Woman Commodore! :-)
The local Sea Scouts do our flag raising ceremony for us each year.
Here is a wonderful shot of the ceremony and the clubhouse.. and the sailboat marina.  Our boat is on the dock to the left which is not shown.  The club is half sail and half power and we alternate commodores from sail to power each year.  

After the parade we peel off and most everyone sails for the afternoon.  Many boats headed down to the Portland Yacht Club's "outstation" - they own a small bay on Sauvie Island where they've built docks and a lovely floating clubhouse for dining and partying.

I am the webmaster for the Portland Yacht Club.. do visit and learn more about the group if you like.

We're still packing and organizing for our camping trip.. if you haven't left a comment on my "Give-Away" post a few down below, hurry as the contest ends at midnight tomorrow (Sunday).

Thanks for visiting and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Great pics and have fun camping.

  2. My Dad got the sailing bug for a few years after I booked him a short course of taster lessons one fathers day. I get very motion sick so I am hopeless. I get train sick, plane sick, car sick and I could get sea sick in the bath! My Dad has sold his little boat now, but he had a few fun years out of it. The 'Ceromony' looks an incredibly formal affair! It must have been quite an honour to be part of.

  3. Wonderful memories ! I hope you have a great time on your camping trip.

  4. Looks like you will have a fab time Teresa. Take care and " see" you soon,
    Jane x

  5. I love boat with all the bunting on! What a wonderful sight all the boats in formation would be! Love from a very rainy Northumberland Joanna xx

  6. Teresa, my family had a sail boat when I was growing up. We saile don Lake Erie, it was so much fun. Glad to see your pictures, you are one busy girl! have a great trip.

  7. Your boat is absolutely beautiful! That would be a lovely way to whittle away the hours on a slow Sunday afternoon. It is so neat that so many people in the area take the time to have such a lovely ceremony. I'm sure it really helps create a nice sense of community with the other boaters.

  8. Hi Teresa that all looks so much fun. We live in the Midlands here in the UK which is about as far away from the sea you can get in the UK. I am very envious of your boat and proximity to the water. I do love the sea and have to go aand get a 'fix' every so often- fortunately my mum and sister live near the coast. DH and I are planning a tri[ somewhere for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary, not sure where but it wil involve the sea - lol. Love Anne x

  9. I love the Commodores! They all look so dapper! I know absolutely nothing about sailing, but I would sure love to try it someday :)


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