Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chestnuts, Sandy River & Ripple Progress!

We have a huuuuuge Chestnut tree and each Autumn they fall all over the ground.  To be honest, we don't know what to do with them.  We've had Asian families in the past ask if they could collect them which we're happy to let them do.  In the last few years the past owners of this house and farm have emailed to ask if they could come and get them.  That family lived here for 30 years and in the house's 100 year history, they're the 2nd longest owners.  We're the first longest owners.. well, we've been here 30 years and have no plans on leaving.  :-)  (NOTE:  All photos in this post were taken with my iPhone.)
A shot of only a part of this mongo sized tree.  Actually I think it's several trees in one.
Below is a shot of the Sandy River, which is "our" river.  We cross it every time we go to Gresham, where we do most of our shopping.  We drive alongside it to get to the freeway to get to Portland and further destinations.  When we come home from Gresham, we start out high above the river and drive down to the Stark Street Bridge where we cross.  Dear hubby ventured across the road and balanced on the historic rock wall to get this shot for me.  :-)
I just took my ripple-blanket-in-progress out onto the deck to get a photo.
A close up.  This is going to be a fun throw across the brown leather "guest chair" in our family room.
The latest additions to my Autumn table display.. hubby suprised me with a bag of fun, wart-y gourds.  I put a few in my lantern along with an amber colored pillar candle and laid more of the gourds amongst the other items.  It brings me joy to see this every day.
Hubby is outside sharpening his chain saw - he intends to begin cutting the limbs off a dead maple tree between our shed and garage barn.  Yes, he will be climbing a ladder and running a chainsaw 12 feet up a huge dead tree.  Oh my.  :-|

I'll let you know how that goes... ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Mrs Teresa, I'm not too sure what to do with the chestnuts either but those bright green balls on the deep green of the tree is beautiful!

    We also have to cross water to leave town. Ours is called Paint Creek. It seems no matter where we go it snakes through it. I keep saying that creek is everywhere :)

    OH I would love to be able to decorate everything for the holidays and seasons. I can't do my dining room table though as that is homework central and would be messed up all the time. I strive to decorate my little fireplace for each holiday/season though. Sadly I only have Christmas decor lol.

    Hope your hubby is careful and comes back down that ladder safely!


  2. Hope your hubby stays safe. Your ripple is very pretty and I love your fall table decorations. Looks like you have some beautiful trees on your property.

  3. I've never seen chestnuts that look all spikie like that. Cool, we will have to figure out something to do with them. I love to collect things like that. Ok, I love to collect nature. Hey, I think your ripple is looking great. What fun bright colors. If only, if only I could live so close to such lovely water in nature. And last year I had surprise pumpkins and grouds. This year, nothing, those squirrels did not bury me a treat at all. But they have sure been busy getting ready for winter out there today with a chilly 40 degrees in the air and rain moving in.

  4. Those chestnuts look so fun! I know they can be a nuisance, but they are interesting to look at. And I must gush over your Ripple. What pretty colors! That'll add a smile to any chair in any house :) I love your color choices. It sounds like you're enjoying the project as well. That's exactly how it should be!
    PS- Best wishes to your hubby! Please tell us he conquered the tree no worse for the wear!

  5. Hi Friend, Hope your Hb is safe and you are in range of watching him. Love your decorations.The chestnuts are funny and I don't have a clue what to do with them. I have a ripple started only I started it about a year ago and have to get back to it at some point! So what else is know, many unfinished projects.
    Hope you are weel, xoRobin❤

  6. I love your tablescape! So very cute. I hope your hubby stays safe!

  7. Teresa, as usual you make me feel like I am right in the room with you. The chestnuts are amazing aren't they? Love your decorations.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Your table looks magical. We don't do that kind of thing here in Oz and I always find it interesting to see what people do in other parts of the world. Your throw looks very pretty - the colours are working so well together.

  9. Hi Teresa, I hopped here from Anne's Copper Beech Crafts blog after seeing your comment about English castles. Now, almost an hour later I truly need to go to my bed as it's 1am here in England but I've loved reading your blog and seeing the gorgeous photos. Have added myself as a follower so I can keep up with happenings :) Di xx

  10. Hi Teresa. You live in such a beautiful place!! When we were out picking apples, there are chestnut trees there that we love to look at, and collect the spikey orbs to bring home. Have you ever taken them from their pods and roasted them?
    Your ripple is coming along so nicely!!! I love it! How nice of hubby to bring you nice treats. Love your fall display! And thank you for all of your kind comments!!!

  11. We love chestnuts and have to go and forage for our own. They are delicious toasted in the fire, peeled and eaten. Also they are great to make stuffing - here in the UK they are part of a traditional Christmas Dinner with the Turkey stuffed with chestnut stuffing. They can also be eaten as a vegetable dish with Brussel sprouts and bacon. You really should try them, you are missing a treat. I hope the tree surgery was a success. :) x

  12. Love the chestnuts....your new phone camera is working soo well! I do hope your hb was safe up that ladder! Your ripple blanket is looking so pretty, and how quickly you are making it too, very inspiring. Have a happy day, Teresa.
    Helen x

  13. Hello Teresa

    Being from the UK, roasted chestnuts is a very Victorian / Charles Dickens thing :o)

    However I have found you two sites that might help; http://www.cottagesmallholder.com/sweet-chestnut-jam-recipe-97 and http://www.eatingbritain.com/free-food-chestnuts/

    A quick clue for chestnuts are; (I would hate anybody to eat the wrong sort), the very prickly ones; like yours you can eat and the other less spikey but thicker spikes are the chestnuts / conkers that you play with (well school children do, here in the England) or put in a room to keep the spiders away* (*old wifes tale so not sure that it works).

    You have got to about the same stage as me in the Ripple blanket and I have been 'doing' mine since the beginning of summer!

    Jacky xx

  14. I'm the worst to tell you what to do with the chestnuts....we used to throw them at each other when I was a kid....The ripple is looking great :)

  15. Wow Teresa that really is a humongous tree there, SO many chestnuts..as other people have said they are often roasted here and sold on the street in the winter in big towns.I see them up in London. I also love chestnuts in my Christmas stuffing...yum! Your little autumn display looks so sweet, I love the gourds, such fun! Make sure that Hb of your's takes care up the ladder, keep safe.
    Jane x

  16. LOVE the chestnut photo (the spikes are SO cool)! I will have to hunt some down. LOVE your ripple blanket too--I am enjoying seeing your progress on it!
    Got to go--busy day!
    Be blessed,
    PS: I will have to check with you sometime about a distant relative of mine who used to (still does?) live in your area. Love seeing the Sandy River--my ancestors would have arrived at just about this time of the year there!

  17. Love the river pic! And hope hubster doesn't get hurt! Men think they are indestructable sometimes.

  18. Gorgeous photos Teresa and you Autumn table is looking beautiful. Hope you DH is safe and sound after being on ladders with a chainsaw eek! Anne x

  19. My mom used to collect chestnuts when I was very young for me to play with.

    I've heard of roasting them, but never tried them.

  20. Love your ripple blanket. The colors are beautiful! :)

  21. I love the nature photos you have put!!I always do!!And beautiful ripples!!!!


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