Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Promise Kept & Flowering into Autumn

When our daughter moved to Ohio (2,000 miles away), she gave us a big metal star that she had over her mantel as she thought it might get damaged in the move.  She made us promise to mount it on our barn as she told me it was a "barn" star.  She even made us promise to send her a photo of it on the barn so she'd know we used it.  :-)  So, here is her daddy, following up on the promise.  We held it up on the red barn and the rusty red of the star blended in too much and so we decided to put it on the garage "barn" where it would actually be seen by all who pass our farm.  What a good man I have.  Every time he climbs a ladder like this I am convinced he'll fall.  ::shudder::
Below, I am so happy to see that my "4th of July" rose is *STILL* blooming.  I'm so happy with this rose. 
Another shot of my Fuchsias still happily blooming.  (No frost yet.)
Our Begonia is still blooming!
The other one too.. hubby has nursed these through 3 summers of blooms!
Here is a really neat and different variety of Geranium.. the petals are quite unique.
Last evening I helped to a product review of items in the gallery/shop in the basement of the Historic Vista House - we looked over things to see what was still good and what was no longer viable.  One of the other ladies who helped was wearing these earrings... and she told me that she bought them from me MANY years ago.  I did the beading in peyote stitch and even cut little corn husk leaves and glued them on.. they are Indian corn.  I don't know where the ones I had that I made for myself, so I took a photo so I could try to re-create some for me.  I even cut the leather thong out of a buckskin I have.  
Well, hubby and I are going to go to town for Chinese dinner.  So, I'll see you later!  I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Mrs. Teresa your flowers are beautiful as always! My favorite would have to be...the 3 summers of blooms one! It is lovely!

    Those earrings are the cutest things ever!!!!! Love them!

  2. Where to begin....
    1st... I adore barns and that star is perfect up there. Your daughter was 100% correct and every time you look at it you will think of them.

    Second, I can't believe you still have such pretty flowers in your garden. Six hours today and our's are all put away for the winter, which we have to do here in snowy Chicago. And this winter is suppose to be a bad one here.

    Lastly, those earring are too die for cute. You have to figure how to make them and put some in your shop.

    Off to check on the pizza, we are BBQing them this time, for a first try. Wish us luck or we may have to have one delievered...

  3. The star is a lovely idea and will direct your daughter back home when she is ready. The earrings are perfect, I want you to take a picture of your new pair so we can see them, too.

  4. Hello Teresa,
    I love the star and what a great way to remember each other and know you are always in each others thoughts! AND you do have a sweet HB and he has a wonderful wife! I love the earrings you made, they are really quite unique and would sell like hotcakes in your shop. I don't know how much time they take but they are wonderful. Your flowers are still amazing, mine are pretty much gone except geraniums and mums. Hope you have some great Chinese, one of my favorites on the weekend! xoRobin❤

  5. Perfect star on a perfect barn...looked at these last year and they were so expensive so l made an indoor version in cardboard, in fact l made several in cardboard for did it get to being so close to 'next Christmas' already? lol
    Hugs x

  6. Teresa, first of all, how neat to have that star on your barn. I love it. I got a little nervous seeing hubby up there that high on the ladder too. Your flowers are stunning. The rose, the fuschia, the interesting geranium, all so pretty. The Indian corn earrings are so creative! You should definitely recreate them!!! Hope you enjoyed your Chinese food tonight!!

  7. The star looks wonderful on your garage'barn'- I'm sure your daughter will be pleased. We had Chinese last night for our Saturday evening meal. I had my eldest daughter and her partner here plus my daughter and son-in-law who live here at home with me - it was nice to all be together and the food was great, even though is was a very long wait for the delivery. Your flowers always look beautiful Teresa.

  8. Oops .. forgot to say those earrings are amazing.

  9. How wonderful that star on your barn, and I LOVE those earrings! Hope you've had a yummy Chinese dinner :-) x

  10. Teresa 'You are a Star' :) x
    Love the photos are they taken with your new phone?

  11. That star will always shine on you and your dear Hb Teresa. Your garden is still looking good but it's probably not long though until the first frosts. Those earrings are wonderful,I hope you manage to recreate them. Here's to another week of sunshine,
    Jane x

  12. My daughter and I LOVE those flowers!!

  13. I just love the pictures of your farm always. I so wish I could sit on your porch and relax for awhile.

    Those earrings are very cute. I hope you can figure out how to recreate them.

  14. The star now up on the barn is beautiful and symbolic. Your daughter will feel so happy to see it there. Your ear rings are amazing, I can't imagine how you made them, they look so complicated and clever! Love all your flowers, they are so colourful. Have a great week, Teresa.
    Helen x

  15. The star looks awesome. I would say that I can't believe your flowers are still blooming, but it's actually supposed to get up to 80 degrees here today....It's October?!?! Those Indian Corn earrings are so great!

  16. Hi Teresa, the star looks really great on your barn. Your flowers are beautiful as ever and those earrings are amazing! Have a great week ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  17. I adore your barn star...I have a big one too that I put up on our home every Christmas...we don't have a barn..wish we did.

    To answer your question about the bulbs in the you don't have to let them get cold for a period of time...mine are already starting to sprout ....i love them!



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