Friday, December 2, 2011

Women's Forum & Other Things

Sometimes you have to start at the end.. :-) --- the first photo you use in a post becomes the "thumbnail" on the little promo when you put up a new post.. so I'm putting a photo at the top that was taken on our way into town today.  I saw this image and said to hubby.. quick, take a photo with my iPhone!  This is the Sandy River which we cross to get to "town".
Now, to back up.. yesterday we had the Portland Women's Forum December meeting which is a party after the business is taken care of.  We decided this year to have a "Christmas Bazaar" and ask everyone to bring something for it - old, new, "re-gifts", whatever.. and it was fun to see what people brought.  My older sister brought 12 pieces of homemade fudge in a tin, a bottle of wine in a pretty fabric bag and bath set.  My younger sister brought a fun candle holder.  I brought some of my silver earrings and a candle.  Here is a photo of all the fun things.
One of the ladies brought cross stitched decorations. 
We were raising funds for our Spring Bus Tour of the Columbia River Gorge.  We made $82!! 
Some of the ladies!
The other side of the table.  I'm not in the pix as I'm taking them.. :-) 
I caught a ride to the meeting with my friend Sally.  Hubby picked me up and we went on to Costco to buy some new Christmas lights for the outside of the house as our old ones were half burned out!  Heading back home up Marine Drive we snapped this of the Columbia River with Mt. Hood off to the far right.  Don't we live in a pretty place?
Starting December 1st, I wear my red hat that I knitted in bright red chenille and then I crocheted the ivory white chenille brim.  It was impossible to photograph, it's folded in half in the picture.  I had a pom pom on it but it came apart.  I do get some double takes with this hat on this time of year. *<[]:{D 
I thought I'd show you the things I got at our bazaar, my sister's candleholder, a glass angel and the frosted glass deer candleholder.
The candleholder that sis brought is so pretty, with a horsedrawn sleigh and trees and stars. 
The glass angel playing a harp. 
The little frosted glass deer candleholder. 
My daughter posted a couple photos of the girls on Facebook, so I snatched them to post here and show you how they're growing.  This is Jenna, age 7, eating a carrot.  In their new home.  In Ohio.  2,000 miles away.  Far far away. 
And 3 year old Paige dining on her carrot.   
I've been busy putting together a "Swap" package for a member of the "We Love Lucy" Ravelry page.  Her name is Lucy and she lives in Essex, UK.  I will be wrapping everything up and get it ready to mail on Monday.  When she has received her package, I will show you what I sent.  I am excited to see what she sends to me, as she works in a yarn store there in Essex!  :-)

And also this weekend, I will hopefully finish waving my *magic* wand over this home and be turning it into a Christmas wonderland!  Thanks for visiting my blog and you *know* I love your fabulous comments!  It's how I get to know you better.  My worldly friends.

 *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa - First time commenting on your blog. I want you to know that I think you are the cutest thing! I love coming to your blog to see what you are your hubby are up too. Your pics of the area you live in are gorgeous. I can't wait to see how you have decorated for Christmas! I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and wonderful new year. :)

  2. Hi Teresa - I'm feeling very Christmassy after reading your wonderful blog post. I love your festive hat! :o)

  3. Yes Teresa .. you do live in a beautiful place. I love your photos. What a great idea to have a bazaar - such fun and the things you bought were so pretty. The girls certainly are growing up - they're both real sweeties. Looking forward to seeing pics of your Christmas decos soon. xoxox

  4. Wonderful Teresa - you just gave me those 'fuzzy, happy and excited about Christmas feelings' for the first time this year - no doubt they'll escalate now :)) Reading your blog is a delight! Now - get decorating with those lights etc. - I'm over here in England waiting to see the results!! Di xx

  5. So lovely to see your beautiful surroundings again, and I'm always impressed by the lovely crafty community you have around you!
    I would love to start my Christmas decorations but I am trying so hard to hold off until after little B's birthday. I don't want her special day to be all swallowed up!
    Can't wait to see yours though.

  6. You live in a gorgeous place, Teresa! You already knew that I love your hat ;-) Such fun to see the girls, I can't wait to read some news about a planned visit really. Looking forward to pictures of your Christmas Wonderland home! :-) xxxx

  7. You do live in a gorgeous place! I love how much you enjoy life.

  8. Happy Weekend Teresa, What a lovely day you had and yes, you really do live in a beautiful area. What's best is that you both enjoy it so and take advantage of its beauty. Hope your decorating goes well. I'm doing the same. xoRobin❤

  9. Teresa, so glad to see the girls, they are growing and changing. I bet your heart is aching for a hug from them. Love the pictures of your surrounding area. I am waving my magic wand for some Christmas shopping to get done, I just wish I didn't have to be the one to do it. Just call me Grinch!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  10. It's so exciting to get together with friends and do Christmas-y things :) Your purchases are quite nice; I particularly like the little red candle holder! My hubby and I are supposed to be putting our decor up this weekend and I'm very much looking forward to it!

  11. Beautiful photos Teresa and yes such a pretty place you live in. You sale was great, such lovely things there. I love those little lanterns and your frosted deer. Your granddaughters are certainly growing fast and look so cute in the photos.Can't wait to see your house decorated. We have ordered our tree today and it is coming tomorrow.I also bought 2 gorgeous holly wreaths, one for the front door and of course one for my studio! Enjoy your weekend and "see" you next week,
    Jane x
    PS I L*O*V*E the new header to your blog...SO festive!! xx

  12. Oh my do live in such a stunningly beautiful place!
    You must have had such a fabulous day at your bazaar and your grandaughters are adorable....I can just imagine how much fun you have together...
    Wishing you a great weekend,
    Susan x

  13. Paige & Jenna are both beautiful :) I love all your decorations, and that "thumbnail" photo is gorgeous!
    I love seeing everyone's Christmas decorations!

  14. Please send that magic wand my way when you are finished with it. I need a miracle here to get it all done. Oh, and include a mountain, river, gorge or two for my viewing. Stunningly, beautiful. What fun goodies you got and I for one, can not wait until we get to see what is making it's way across the pond. Of course, snap of the treasures coming your way will be much to our viewing pleasure. By the way, if you think I didn't order both of those polka dot candle C.K. packs too, then you really don't know me at all.....he-he....of course I did. Have a great weekend day.

  15. What a great photograph at the start of this post. You did well raising $82 too. I love the photographs of the girls 'Healthy Eating'. I could learn a few things off them! :) I am exhausted after decorating our tree, I had to do a whole load of housework to make room for it!!!

  16. HI...some great buys and lots of healthy eating going on there..great pictures they look like they are very happy in the new home

  17. That top picture is just amazing! Such stunning scenery and you capture it so well. I liked seeing your bazaar buys, especially the little frosted deer. And how cute your grandgirlies are looking, very sweet pictures.
    Have a happy cosy week, Teresa, and enjoy putting up your decorations!
    Helen x

  18. teresa you love in a beautiful place. Lovely photos of the girls. I wonder if you have any plans to visit them. I loved the candle holder and the glass angel. A lovely idea to hold the bazaar. I am looking forward to seeing your decorations I am sure they will be stunning. Anne x


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