Sunday, December 4, 2011

Waving the Magic Wand

Christmas is in full tilt around here!  I hope you're enjoying the season too.  I participated in a "Swap" on Ravelry in the "We Love Lucy" group (who enjoy the Attic24 blog) -- and I was paired with Lucy in Essex, UK.  Here are the gifts I put together for her all wrapped and ready to post tomorrow.  I will show you what I sent after she receives them.  I will also show you what she sends to me!  *Excited!*
Yesterday while I was wrapping these things and also decorating the tree, Dayle was outside in the cold sunny day hanging new outdoor lights.  I must say that the colors in the lights don't show up in this photo, but it sure looks pretty at night!  He even pruned down a Rhododendron on the left of the porch so the lights would show. :-)
I just glanced in the dining room and the sun was shining across the table and it looked so pretty I grabbed my iPhone..  
I usually have a lighted small tree on the table along with several Santas and a sleigh, but we're having a holiday dinner party for my 3 siblings and their spouses this coming Friday and I'd just have to take it all off, so I will put those up after that dinner.  
The tree is decorated!  Now I need to find the tree skirt!  Today I want to put my North Pole village up on the baby grand piano with the skating pond, where the skaters really skate!  I'll show you that later.   
I had to share this photo of our grandson Gabe.. and his newest stuffed animal.  He loves his stuffed animals sooOOooo much!  Our son Shawn is coming to visit today, with his wife Beth and the two boys, Mike and Gabe.  
I was working on my neat ripple crochet blanket and Buddy came and snuggled up next to me so I took this shot with my Hipstamatic App on my iPhone.. it made it all look golden and cozy..  we took both the dog and cat to the groomer on Friday and they are all set for the holidays!
I've been meaning to photograph my little houses that I painted many many years ago.  So here they are.  I made a bunch of these for a craft fair and these are the ones I have ended up with.  I found it great fun to re-create a vision of what I had in my mind on these.    
You can buy some flowers in the florist shop, and then dine in the cafe with red checked tablecloths and candles on the table.   
My favorite is the little house all decorated for Christmas - and then my patriotic painted log house.   
 The house has double doors, a well lit tree, a fire blazing and 2 stockings hung with candles in antique brass candle holders on the mantel.. hung with a wreath.  I had a friend of mine who does wood work to cut these little blocks of wood out of a pine 2x4! :-)
I hope my efforts here in Oregon of bringing the Magic of Christmas to our home has inspired you a bit.. I am looking forward to seeing the decor of my blogging friends, too!  Here's to a great holiday season for us.. one and all.. ho ho ho!!  *<[]:{D

 *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow your tree looks so pretty, found mine very hard to photograph. I love your little painted street, very cute :)

  2. Hi Teresa, your tree is beautiful and the lights on your house look wonderful. Your painted street is adorable, love all the little details on each. ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  3. Fun-fun-fun...yes, your house looks beautiful with the lights! Gabe is just adorable. You know, we both have a son named Shawn...we just spell it different. My Shawn is Shaun. His middle name is Michael. If he was a girl, I was going to name him Shauna Michele. I just really like the name Shaun for a boy or girl.

    Your painted houses are so cute. You are so talented, Teresa! You do so many things so well.

    Can't wait to see your swap items -- given and received.

  4. It all looks so good! I still don't have all of my Christmas things out in the house! *sigh*

  5. Your posts are always so interesting and I love how you decorate your table for the season. Those little houses are so cute but where's the yarn shop? C'mon Teresa - you can't leave that out. :)

  6. Lovely decorations Teresa, and I love the houses you painted. By the way I think Dayle thinks I am sweet because I was so worried about him. Hugs to you as always,

  7. Teresa, you are all decked out for Christmas and it looks amazing!!! I have a little more because we went xmas shopping this weekend and was too pooped to decorate today. Oh well, this week I will finish. Take care and enjoy your week. xoRobin❤

  8. Hi looking very Christmassy x

  9. Such a lovely tree. Looking forward to seeing the treats hidden in those gorgeous parcels - bet Lucy can't wait for the postman to come knocking!

  10. Ooh what a fun post! Your house looks magical and the tree is gorgeous! And my friend Buddy looking all handsome next to your beautiful ripple :-) Gabe's picture is lovely, I remember the best present ever 'Saint Nicholas' brought me was a huge stuffed dog, I loved it to bits. The little houses are so cute, i'm trying to pick a favourite but it's too hard... I agree with Dorothy - add a little yarn shop perhaps? :D xxxx

  11. i really like the crystal candle holder.:)

    houses look really nice with Christmas lights

  12. What a lovely post Teresa. I love seeing all your decorations and your beautiful tree. Isn't it such fun to see everyones' on our blogs? Our trees went up too yesterday and now the house feels so festive. I LOVE your outside lights...looks so cosy there.
    Jane x

  13. The houses are adorable and the blanket is so pretty. Great post. So festive. Love your tree...are those crocheted snowflakes I see on there? :)

  14. What a bunch of holiday fun. I sure am wishing I had signed up for that Secret Santa exchange. But, then that would have added one more thing to my already crazy list. You know what can I come and sit by your tree in the SUN. Look at that sun coming in your windows. Great tree. I so am missing not putting one up this year. I will have to do with my few scattered bow and dime projects. By the way, I do have your address, so not to worry... It's the old one's that got lost in my nightmare address book thing-ie. Back to the cupcakes.....

  15. It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house -- very cheerful!

  16. Enchanting, Teresa! It's time to visit around our blogger's friends.
    You are done for Christmas!!
    As always you have a warmy house I look forward to visit in this cold time.
    ❤ hugs Cindy


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