Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Collections, New Teddy Yarn & 1st Quilt

Do you collect anything?  I do.  Much to my husband's chagrin.  It's funny how one thing isn't a collection, but two.. is a start. :-)  The item below has a story.  Of course it does.  My mother kept a similar item on the back of our toilet as decoration all while we were growing up.  I'm not sure where Mom's bottle is, but I bought this off eBay so I could have one again in my life to remind me of my mother.  When searching on eBay for this one I found that they were used in barber shops to hold "toilet water" and such.  My mom worked in a beauty shop for some friends - he had a barber shop and she had a beauty shop, side by side, in Watonga, Oklahoma.  I wonder if that is where she got hers?  We'll never know now, as we lost our mother 2 years ago in March.  
The last time my best friend from 7th grade, Shirley, was here we went antiquing in nearby Troutdale and I found the fan vase and hubby bought it for me.  See the sugar and creamer?  They were a gift to me from Shirley at her visit a few days ago.  Voila!  A collection!!  Thank you, Shirley!  These are hobnail milk glass. 
I started my 2nd Teddy Bear for Jenna.  She wanted purple.  I found this wonderful Magenta colored yarn.  I hope it's the color she will like.  
I also got some other yarn for the other teddies.  Gabe wanted mint green but I hope he likes this moss green.  Mike wanted dark blue, and I hope he likes this denim blue.  The grey is for one of the baby boys. 
Now.. I had some crafty needs so I went to the great crafty wonderland called "Fabric Depot".  They have literally *EVERYTHING* you'd ever need.  Buttons, ribbons, yarn, fabric of every kind, and everything else too.  I've seen tiny spools of "bakers" string in pretty colors, but grabbed this skein and wanted to show you.. it's recycled cotton in a candy cane stripe!  Cool, huh?
And lastly.. the one thing in my dollhouse I do *not* like is the bed cover that came on the 4 poster bed.  I mean geez.. it's wrinkled and too small.. what were they thinking?  So, I've been laying in bed thinking.. why couldn't I make a teeny tiny quilt for the bed? ? ?
SO.. at Fabric Depot I asked the ladies.. do you have any tiny print fabric?  Of course they did!!  They had some fabric called "1930s".  So, I found these three fabrics.  I also thought I could make some gingham valances for the kitchen.  Problem is.. I don't have a sewing machine.. or at least the one I have is very old and kind of buried in our attic.  So, I figure since this will be tiny I can hand sew it all.  Right?  But I have *NO* idea how to start.  You will help me along the way, right?  
I'm in love with this tiny print. 
And I just had to show you the hand carving on the headboard of my tiny bed.  Amazing, isn't it? 
So.. what are YOU up to?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hello Teresa the glassware is gorgeous - you collect such lovely things. I agree about the quilt on the bed and am sure you will come up with a beautiful replacement. That magenta yarn is a glorious colour and I'm sure the children will love the colours you've chosen. That carving is remarkable.
    I have been at sugarcraft this morning and looking after Ella this afternoon. Anne x

  2. I try not to collect anything apart from fleece and yarn. I do pick up random nick nacks though all sorts of weird and wonderful things. I love the pink bear!

  3. Nice collection of hobnail Teresa and that fabric is gorgeous. At first I thought you were going to hand sew curtains for your own kitchen and was thinking how adventurous you are. Now I realize the curtains will be for the dolls house :) Nice yarn for the bears - I'm sure the grandchildren will all love their bears.

  4. You've got me started. Now, I'm already thinking about my next. It went together so nicely. I had the whole thing done while watching T.V. last night. Just had the two legs and putting together this morning. And viola. Thanks for the quick project tip. Love you hobnail collection, what fun. You are having a blast with that dollhouse.

  5. Teresa, on her site Alicia Paulson, Posy gets Cosy, has a great method of putting together patchwork. You use interfacing and iron on the squares to fuse all the patches. She has a pattern for sale called "Summerhouse Pillows Sewing Pattern" which uses the technique. I imagine that you could use handsewing instead of machine sewing to finish it off.

  6. Hi Teresa, I love your collection of hobnail milk glass. It is such old fashion decor, I think my grandmother had it too. Yes, I have the collection disease too. I love to collect tiny things, like baskets and buttons, and cutesy things.
    I really love your teddy bear and all the yarn colors for the rest. You are going to busy in your toy making.
    Love all the doll house collections you have shown us, the quilt idea is great. And a very doable hand sewn project.
    Happy to help if you have questions, just email me.


  7. Beautiful hobnail. I seem to collect odd antique things...along with furniture! lol

  8. Teresa! You are in the pink! I like your new blog color for February featuring your Scandinavian heart. Deedownunder's suggestion to check Alicia Paulson's blog for a possible way to quilt the dollhouse quilt is something I want to check out, too. I hand quilted a nine-patch pillow last year, with a dear woman sitting at my elbow coaching me through the whole process. I had torn apart my first two or three efforts and was so grateful for her kind and knowledgable encouragement! I look forward to seeing your creation. <3

  9. Hi Teresa, Love your collections! I have lots of them here too. I love the idea of a tiny quilt for your bed. I make quilts, but I am not sure how I would do a tiny one. I have crocheted several doll blankets. But not made any tiny quilts. It would be easier I think, to do strips, rather than squares. It would be very fiddly for sure! And by hand...wow you are ambitious!
    Good luck!
    Oh, love your flower shawl. Fun times with good friends too!
    : ) Kris

  10. The hobnail milk glass is very pretty, I don't think I've ever seen it over here in Belgium! Books are my weak spot, I have way too many already but I just can't stop buying books :D Colourful tealight candle holders are another one, and yarn of course... ;-) Love the fabric for the dollhouse bed, although I first thought you were going to whip up a tiny granny stripe with embroidery thread! :-) xxxx

  11. Don't ask me about the quilt...I know not a thing about sewing! I bet you will be able to do it easily though with some instructions from someone. You are so talented at so many things. It will be so cute on that tiny little bed. I'm still having a fit over your yellow bear. He turned out so great, and I do love that ribbon you got for him. Kids are so funny.

  12. Love the idea of a quilt on your little 4 poster bed--it will look perfect! Have fun:)

  13. Mrs. Teresa, I'm trying to think if I collect anything besides dust!!! My family gets me frog stuff because I just love frogs and we do have a variety of DVDs but other than that I don't think I do (well yarn of course)

    I just love your milk glass! My grandma had some white milk glass and I just loved when you held it up to the light and could see the gold in it. I wish I still had some of it!

    As for the teddy bears. Oh my I am in love with the little boogers. I may just have to break down and make some for all the little ones being born in my family!!!

  14. Oh my. That hobnail milkglass is gorgeous!
    What a fun way to jump start your collection.

  15. Such cute delights over here my friend...that hobnial milkglass is stunning! Happy February. xox

  16. That hobnail glass is very beautiful Teresa. As you know I am a pig girl but these days I really only buy occasional pig themed things if they are really special...I do have a gorgeous collection of crested pigs, some dating back nearly 100years. Maybe one day that is a post I will do? The teddy wool looks great, can't wait to see the bears appearing!
    Jane x


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