Thursday, February 2, 2012

My First Big Girl Camera!!

Another busy day here.. I presided over the Portland Women's Forum meeting and I was able to tell them something really neat... the founder of the group was Gertrude Jensen and I got an email from her youngest grandson who found our group via the website that I designed for PWF.  He was so happy to find that his grandmother's organization was still alive and well!  He wants to attend the meeting next month, and I asked him if he'd provide a photo of her and a biography for the website and he is working on that.  The ladies were thrilled with this information!!  After the meeting, hubby and I went to Costco and we finally decided to get a Nikon SLR camera so I can take even better photos for you! :-)  
As you can see I just opened the package and I have the battery charging.  I have the camera laying on the instruction sheet.. the first thing they say to do?  "Unpack the camera."  Isn't that hilarious??
We're having a lovely sunny week with warm temperatures.  Tomorrow I'll take some photos of our little Snowdrops that are up.. with the new camera.  ::excited::  On our way home we drove down the Sandy River and hubby stuck my iPhone out the window to get this shot of the river with the sun sparkling off it.  Hurry up Spring!
As you can tell, the river is clear again, not brown with muddy run-off.  I so much more prefer the river when it's clean looking!  This is the Stark Street Bridge which is what we use to go to "town" (Gresham).   
Also.. I have meant to say thank you to a few of my blogging friends who have mentioned me in their blogs when giving some blog awards.  I have gotten some blog awards in the past and have followed through on them, by posting "my 10 most interesting facts" and passing the award along to 10 more bloggers.  But you never know who's interested in the awards and those who don't do them, so I have decided not to pass them on.  

That being said, I want to thank some of my friends who've given me awards lately.  First is a blogger named Lucy who writes the blog "Lucy In The Sky".  She lives in England and I just *LOVE* her blog and think of her as a good friend.  She has chickens, gardens, cooks, spins, crochets, knits and is a wonderful mother of 2 boys and daughter to her parents.  Please visit her and tell her I said hi.

Second is my blog friends Matt and Dennis who I met in Ravelry, "We Love Lucy".  They crochet and knit absolutely *AMAZING* things!  Their blog is called "According to Matt".  Dennis is a performer on a cruise ship and uses his free time to make wonderful things, many of which he gives as gifts to his fellow ship mates.  If you visit and leave a comment, tell the guys hello from me.

I also want to thank a new blog friend of mine, Gracie who does a blog called "One Saylor's Log".  She and I have become great buddies as we live not far from each other and have so much in common.  She is a spinner and I think we'll be in the same spinning workshop next week, if her sore elbow gets better!  She has been making my red crocheted hearts and has given me a shout out in her blog several times... thanks, Gracie!

And my other friend, Kate, from "A Garden Bell".. she got inspired by my Teddy Bear and made *THE MOST COLORFUL* bear ever, go check out her blog and see it! 

The best part of blogging has been making friends from all over the world.. I wouldn't trade my last year and a half for anything!  Love you guys!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Yeah.... now get out there and take some pictures. You can read the directions later. I can't wait. Congrats. You will love it. And thanks for the mention. Yarn has arrived and I hope to dye over the weekend.

  2. WOW! That is a seriously awesome big girl camera! [the first direction is hilarious]. I'm enjoying learning about the Portland Women's Forum through your reports. Thanks for sharing your blog roll, and allowing my blog in it!! I am grateful!!! Like you, I'm enjoying visiting folks from around the world through blogging. I have to go back to see the NP again tomorrow, but I hope to be mended soon so I can enjoy the spinning workshop with you!!!! <3

  3. Hi Teresa. I am so far behind on blogs! I have been incredibly busy, with no end in sight for a few more days. Congrats on the new camera. I have one too. Love it!

  4. How wonderful that the founders grandson found you and wants to attend the next meeting. Congrats on your new camera. I just saw your watercolor cards and they are so beautiful! I wish I could paint like that. Years ago, I made 5 crochet teddy bears for friends -- I gave them names and wrote poems to go with each one. I didn't follow a pattern and when I think about them now, I don't even know how I did them. Sometimes a surge of creative energy hits and you just go with it. Your teddy bear is cute and I love Kate's too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  5. Wow, what an impressive camera! I can't wait for you to show us pictures you shot with it! Have fun! :-) xxxx

  6. Great camera, looking forward to your new photographs :) (although it does look rather like you need a degree to operate it!!)

  7. Ooooh, that camera makes me feel nervous just looking at it! I would not know where to start but I could unpack it from the box. I am not sure I am grown up enough for a camera like that yet. Thanks for the mention. We are good friends aren't we. X

  8. Hi Teresa,
    Love your new Camera! I love getting new tech things, I feel like I got a new toy. It looks like it will take fabulous pictures, can't wait to see! Have a great weekend, xoRobin❤

  9. Wow that is a real beast you have there Teresa. Looking forward to seeing some of your photos you take with it. Enjoy the weekend,
    Jane x

  10. We love you too, Teresa! And we enjoy your blog so much. You are a lucky girl with that new camera! I'm green with envy. Have fun with it. Can't wait to see your pictures with it.

  11. Did you get the Nikon 3100? That's what I just got and I really like it so far! Good luck with your first pictures.

  12. Congrats on your new camera!! I love, love, love my Nikon DSLR and know you will catch on quickly to your new baby:)Enjoy!

  13. Great camera Teresa, I love mine but really have no clue how to use it. I am not tech savvy at all. Congrats on the awards, you deserve every one.
    Happy Weekend,

  14. You mean to tell me that all the beautiful photos you have taken in previous months/years were taken with something other than a "big girl" camera? I can't imagine what you're going to be sharing with us on a go forward basis! Congrats on your new toy. Crochet is my passion...right after photography. I feel a bit guilty because I've put it on the back burner as my addiction to crochet has grown, but it's really my first love.

    So agree with you about the wonderful friends in blog land! And how fun that one turns out to live close by! It's such a small world.

    My Mom and Dad were from Portland...don't think I'd told you that before. In fact, the family is written up in the history books as some of the founding fathers. They traveled by covered wagon from Indiana to Portland back in the 1850s. The old family name was Blossom. That's my THIRD love...tracing my roots. Wow, I've found some relatives on Ancestry and am now in touch with them. That's a hoot too! Talk about a small world that is brought together by the power of the Internet!

    Now, why did I go and write a novel here? I really just stopped by to say hi!
    Hugs, Annette


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