Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Friends, Flower Shawl & Family Times

Did you have a good weekend?  I sure did!  Shirley, my best friend from 7th grade, was in town and so we set up a lunch on Saturday.  When I told my younger sister, she said she'd like to join us.  So, on Saturday we met at Claim Jumper restaurant and we got to meet Barb - Shirley's best friend from high school and her niece, too.  Thanks to Facebook, Shirley re-connected with Barb after losing contact with her since high school!  Now they are fast friends again and spend a lot of time together.  We talked and had a good time for 3 hours!  Then I went to the biggest fabric store in Oregon to find the perfect ribbon for Paige's yellow Teddy Bear. (More on that below)
Yesterday Shirley brought Barb and came out to see us.. and the dollhouse!  Shirley has collected miniatures for years and I knew she'd love the dollhouse.  She did!  So did Barb.. and Barb's husband who has actually built 3 dollhouses himself.  Then I showed them my Japanese Flower Shawl I'm working on.. and here is Shirley modeling it for me.
The back and the front.  I have a ton more flowers to do to get this puppy finished.  It's made using Drops Alpaca and is very soft and very organic and very pretty colors! 
Then we went to our son Shawn's house for a visit and a pizza dinner.  Here are our 4 grandsons being silly and having fun.  Michael and Gabe are Shawn's boys and Hayden and Caleb are our younger son's boys.  I got the head of Jenna's teddy bear done while watching the boys playing and racing about, up and down the stairs.  Shawn invited us to come each Sunday so it seems we'll be having family time every week, which I'm really happy about.  :-) 
And lastly.. the great ribbon debate.. I found a really pretty yellow and green ribbon at Fabric Depot and I think it looks great on the bear.  When my daughter showed a photo of the finished bear to Paige she said.. I don't want a "tie" and I want a red jacket.  But the bear will stay as it is until all 6 bears are done.. then I will get to making some clothes for them.  LOL! 
Did you have a good weekend?  I hope it was great and that you have a fun week ahead of you.  Thanks for all the great comments on my last post!  You are the BEST!! 
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love, love, love it Teresa! The green ribbon is perfect, but wouldn't you know she wants a jacket. Those grandbabies! And your flower shawl is amazing.

    I've reconnected with several friends from high school with Facebook. It can be an amazing tool.

    Have a wonderful Monday. It's sunshiney here in Spokane after a weekend of downpour rains.



  2. Hi Teresa, I love your teddy bear, it really turned out great. Your Flower Shawl is just gorgeous and the colors are to die for. You have been a busy girl. I love the fact that you get to visit each week with your grandsons, that is so special and nothing like the sound of kids playing and having fun. So nice you got to visit with your dear friend, friends are so important. Five more teddies to go, can't wait to see them all! Take care, xoRobin❤

  3. Love the Teddy! I found out this weekend that I am allergic to alpaca. I bought a skein of Bernat Alpaca in Tomato and when I went to make a hat with it this weekend my face started itching, my eyes burned and itched and my sinus' filled up. I put it down for a bit and when I went back to it, the irritations got worse. :o( Loved the color but I guess I won't be using alpaca anymore.

  4. Your flower shawl is so lovely, it has made me want to make one so it is on my (long) to do list now! How cheerful the bear looks with the lovely new sunshiney and happy too.
    Have a wonderful week, Teresa!
    Helen x

  5. I adore the flower shawl. Looks great!

  6. Hi Teresa it sounds like a fun weekend. How lovely to catch up with friends and family. The bear looks great with his new ribbon...good choice! have a wonderful week,
    Jane x

  7. Ha ha ha! I don't want a tie I want a red jacket! Bless her. It is good to know what you want and even better if you know how to get it! xxx

  8. You found it. That is the perfect yarn for Teddie. And boy does that shawl look awesome on your BBF model. I bet she wanted to take it home. I'm figuring that Drops yarn is wonderful. I have used a few before and it's great stuffn. Glad to know your weekend was fabulous.

  9. Hi Teresa so glad you had a lovely time with your grandsons and aren't they just gorgeous. So glad that you are going to see them each week as well.
    The shawl is fabulous - as are the colours.
    Did your friend want one?
    Thanks for visiting me yesterday. Anne x

  10. Wow, if only we adults were so honest and forthcoming life would be much less complicated! Good for her.
    Love the bear, the ribbon and your gorgeous flower shawl. Your hook is going to be very busy with all those bears.

  11. The bear looks just right now. Nice that you are getting in some time with those boys. They are cuties.

  12. It is such a great thing to connect with friends!!I feel so fresh and full of energy after that. The teddy is super cute and your flower shawl is very very pretty!!Love the pic of the 4 little monkeys. They look so cute!!

  13. Well, I think the ribbon is a perfect choice! (: This afternoon after admiring the 14 starched hearts pinned to our mantle, my young friend, Amber, asked if I had ever tried to crochet flowers. I haven't. But when I came to visit you here, I discovered that you have, and are making lovely flowers! Enjoying your prolific creativity helps me have a happy, inspired heart! <3

  14. Such a fun day! Your Japanese Flower Shawl is gorgeous and it looks sooo soft and cosy. You did find the perfect ribbon for Paige's bear! Although it looks like there will be some jacket-making in the future, lol :-) xxxx

  15. Hello Teresa....Isn't that the wonder of Facebook? clearly all had such a special time...Oh my, and your 4 wonderful grandsons...I am sure you must have so much fun with them (I bet you need quite a bit of energy too!)
    Love your happy crochet teddy and the ribbon does look perfect..
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x

  16. love the flower shawl collar...what a fun weekend.. :) the teddy is so cute...

  17. I like the idea of the red sweater myself. Your shawl is looking good! I know you are thrilled about Sundays with the family!


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