Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter, You've Worn Out Your Welcome.

They are predicting snow in Portland, Oregon - down to 200 feet.  We're at about 750 feet above sea level.  So...  we'll see.  We had a fun time at our son's house on Sunday.  Our DIL, Kristi, roasted a 22 lb. turkey and had stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans with bacon, mashed sweet potatoes with a marshmallow & popcorn topping, homemade rolls and even pumpkin pie!  She's a great cook!  The boys really enjoy our visits and played with us for hours.  Yesterday we met my 3 siblings and their spouses for a family visit - we're all going to Washington DC together in June, so we have lots to talk about.  Today I went swimming.  When I came home I snapped this photo of my Daphne Odora.. I kind of feel like that.. all tightly furled, hoping for Spring and warmth. :-)
I looked over at Dayle yesterday and saw the dog with his 4 paws in the air while his "dad" was petting him.  I had to get a shot of that.  And see the cat?  She's napping next to the pellet stove, keeping warm.  All of us are just trying to stay warm, here. :-)
Below is a yarn winder, called a "swift", that I found in my mother's things.  Several of the "sticks" were loose so I did some repair work on it and after I was done -- I realized I am missing 3 sticks.  Now I wonder, where do you get spare yarn winder sticks? 
My cat, Lucy.  She loves me.  I love her.  Dayle tolerates her.  She likes him to pet her occasionally but NEVER sits on his lap and cuddles with him.  She is *always* coming up on my lap to sit next to my laptop computer to cuddle and be petted.  She is a Tortoise Point Himalayan and she has a very unique look.  Dayle thinks she looks "mean".  I think she's pretty.  What do you think? :-)
I just had to show you my biggest and thickest Snowdrop patch.  We have them all over the farm.. here and there.. but this is by our front porch and this is the thickest they've ever been EVER.  Gorgeous! 
Tomorrow is my cedar bark basket class at the Damascus Fiber Arts School.  I certainly hope it doesn't get snowed out.  That would be a bummer.  I will take photos!  Are you like me.. do you want Spring to come?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Hi my friend...I can help you on your comments word verification thing.
    Go to your Design box...top right. click onto it...it will bring up a screen that has settings etc, on it..click on to settings....then onto comments. Once in comments scroll down until you get to show word verification for comments...yes or no...click onto no. Remember to then click save settings at the bottom of that page. xoxoxxo

  2. I think you are having our winter. It was in the 70s today. I'm really missing winter. I think your kitty is beautiful. She has gorgeous eyes.

  3. Hi, I saw you over at Red Gate and thought I'd stop for a quick visit. I was born and raised in Portland and hubby and I have a home in Vancouver and all of the family is in Portland. - We mostly are up in Anacortes WA for hubby's work. - Love how relaxed the dog is on Dad's lap..looks like our house..the cat is very smart (like most) to find the warmest spot around. - Stop by my blog if you get a chance. Little House In Paradise. xo

  4. Hi Teresa .. I don't know what's going on with the weather these days .. here we are, still in summer and I'm wearing a fleecy sweatshirt !!
    It just 19 degrees celsuis. I hope you don't get snowed in. Lucy is gorgeous and Dale probably only says she looks mean because she isn't that fussed on him :) Cute pic of the dog too - looks so comfy.

  5. Teresa, your post is delightful!!!
    First of all I have to type that I am sitting here chuckling after thoroughly laughing out loud. Your cat, Lucy is beautiful...[but I can understand Dayle's concern.]

    I don't know where you can find replacement sticks for your swift, but I think it is great that you have it and a treasure because it was your mom's.[Even missing 3 sticks I bet it works better than my method of sitting in my recliner with my feet up stretching a skein of yarn between them while I wind a ball of yarn!]

    Your snow drops look so promising.
    Surely Spring is on it's way! (:

  6. Loved your post. And your kitty is beautiful (Mine alsways looks like she is doing evil incantations in her head) LOL. Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow....I am so jealous :)

  7. Hi...T-shirt weather here yesterday too, very odd weather but lately we have had fabulous spring weather, not usual at all
    Lucy is a real stunner so cute , make you want to hug her
    have fun x

  8. ps the word verification is a real pain isn't it?
    Ill be checking mine but i think it off?x

  9. I had to chuckle at Dale and Lucy, I think those very furry cats are loved by women but I've yet to meet a man who likes them. I think she is beautiful, our cat was a rescue 8 years ago and she still looks like she just wandered in off the streets this morning!

    I'm glad you are having lots of family time, cozy afternoons with family can help make up for the cold weather. X

  10. I love Lucy (ha ha)!! I think she's beautiful :) We're kittie lovers at our house and have 2 rescued kitties. They are spoiled rotten...LOL.

    The snowdrops are amazing!!!

  11. Teresa, I hope you have a wonderful time at your class. I think your beautiful cat knows that Dayle thinks she looks mean so she is a bit miffed at him. Beautiful snowdrops.
    Hugs to you,

  12. Hi Teresa the snowdrops are so beautiful. We have a few - I'm hoping that they will spread. Lucy is a beautiful cat. We've had one or two springlike days here - today was especially lovely but I have been inside all day working on a cake for my son's birthday. Have a great day tomorrow. Anne x

  13. I think your kitty is darling and has a sweet face! Swimming sounds so nice this time of year...in a nice warm place that is. Your dil sounds like a very good cook! How nice of her to make such a great meal!~Hugs, Patti

  14. Wow, those eyes, I could look into those for ages! Beautiful!

    Looking forward to hearing about your basket weaving class. Our next Guild meeting is something similar, we have to take some secateurs and garden prunings! Not what you expect from a guild of weavers, spinners and dyers!!


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