Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Blog Buddy Swap Arrived!!

I arrived home from my Portland Women's Forum meeting today and there on the table was a box.. from England.. from Lucy.. my blog friend from "Lucy in the Sky" blog!  And look, she sent me a newly hatched chick! :-)
But I digress.. let's start at the beginning.. (but that first image makes a better beginning, don't you think?).  Here is the box that was sent by Lucy just one week ago!
This is like Christmas in April! 
Look at all the goodies!  A porcelain teacup and saucer, buttons, fun scissors, some fabric, little "handmade" charms/tags, a stitch marker or bag charm, some other fun bag charms, a Union Flag tea towel, a very sweet card....
And this wonderful bag with my name on it.. I *love* this! 
Some close-ups, there are 3 fabric swatches in each package and the neat sharp sewing scissors.. a treasure!
The buttons and tags and bag charms.. so pretty! 
And Lucy designed these adorable chicks and gave instructions on her blog.. they are simply tooooooooo cute for words!  This one has long hair, she's a "Hippie Chick". :-) 
Here is the beautiful teacup.. I think I need a "cuppa"!
I just love the Union Flag tea towel!  I descend from one of the Kings of England, so I have an affinity for this flag.  Oh... who is that watching my every move?
Buddy loves my gifties too. :-) 
And look at these gorgeous enameled beads on these charms.. I can't wait to use them on things.. my Cath Kidston bags for one.   
These will be fun to hang on some of my gifts.. like my Teddy Bears! 
I think these buttons would look nice on a cowl like Lucy made recently.  Don't you think? 
Lucy did a very cute post about her crocheted Easter eggs and how overnight they hatched into chicks. I will treasure this darling forever.
I hope Lucy gets my package as fast as I got hers!  Thank you, Lucy.. I love all the things you sent and hope you'll like my gifts to you.  I'm so glad we met over at Ravelry.. and now we're really great blog friends!   ((B((E((A((R(( Lucy ))H))U))G))   Teresa  :-)


  1. How exciting that it has arrived. It all looks so at home with you. I am glad you like it. The 'Teresa's Crochet' bag is great isn't it? I loved shopping for you. No post for us today, the boys are waiting for a replacement games console so they were disappointed too. Tomorrow the Postie has a rest for 'Good Friday'. I will be up at the crack of dawn on Saturday waiting for the door to knock! :) You are the bestest Blog Buddy anyone could wish for. xxx

  2. Splendid!!! I am so happy for you both! All of the gifts are treasures, and the chick inspires me to try out Lucy's pattern and see if I can hatch one for our basket of eggs! I am still oooooing and ahhhhhing over the buttons and beads and bags and tags .....everything! (-: <3

  3. Great swaps are so fun EH? I LOVE your scissors....they are adorable. may have to get some for myself. do you know where she got them?

  4. Awesome know I love the hippy chick :)

  5. Wow, such brilliant gifts Lucy sent you! My very favourite (but they're all sublime) is the "Teresa's Crochet" bag. I can't wait to see what Lucy will receive from you! Such fun :-) xxxx

  6. That is a great Easter surprise for you the hippy chick too ;0)
    Jane x

  7. Great selection of items, I'm liking your personalised bag....

  8. Oh you are so lucky what a fabulous present.

  9. What a wonderful box full of treasures!!!! I love every single thing in there!!!

  10. I love those 'hand made with love' hearts. Great swap!

  11. I have no word, it's so so so ......fantastic ! ?
    Bravo Lucy you did very well for Teresa, she's so nice !!!
    Happy Easter to you both and visitors!
    See you

  12. What a box full of lovely surprises you received from your blog buddy, Teresa! So many special gifts, and with you in mind for each lovely! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.
    Helen x

  13. Theresa lucky you to recieve such beautiful gifts. Enjoy! cathy (ed4448)


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