Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dollhouse Porch Swing & Knitting Bunny

Yesterday hubby and I worked together to hang the porch swing on my dollhouse porch.  We have yet to figure out how to hang the flower baskets.. we need some tiny screw in hooks.  You would not believe the trouble it took to adjust the chains to the right height, screw in the little hooks in the right spot and remove the extra chain.  :-)  I think the swing needs an afghan and some pillows.. I found a teeny tiny granny square blanket that is winging it's way here as we speak.  :-)  The fun part is that we have the exact same oak swing on our real front porch of our real farmhouse. 
I just love the pastel colors in my Easter "tableaux" on the farm table.  I lit up a pink candle with white polka dots last evening at dusk, I got the candles from Cath Kidston web shop. I enjoyed seeing the daffodils in the garden in the photo. :-)
My little knitting bunny mummy arrived today!  That was fast, wasn't it?  It came from Nottingham, UK!  I just adore her! 
It's so neat to see her knitting basket by her chair with different colored balls of wool.  I think she's making a nice scarf for her little baby boy rabbit, what do you think?  The title of this figurine is "Mrs. Rabbit and Flopsy Bunny" from the Beatrix Potter Collection Enesco. 
Another neat item came in the mail today - Lucy from Attic24 showed us an art piece that she'd ordered from Etsy.  It's a Caravan (trailer) all decorated ala Lucy colors!  I thought that it would be so cute all framed up and in our trailer, don't you agree?
And I just had to show you the meal that Dayle made for us yesterday.. it's teriyaki chicken over a bed of brown rice with perfectly steamed asparagus.  And my goodness, it tasted even better than it looks!  Yum yum yum!  
We're heading off to Portland Women's Forum right now to meet a stone mason.  I'm working on a project to replace a historic stone drinking fountain which was replaced with a rather unattractive one some years back.  Then we were invited to join my sister Roberta and her family at Tads Chic Dump for dinner!  Oh boy!  Thanks for visiting and super duper thanks for the fun comments you leave for me.  To be honest, were it not for the neat responses I get, blogging would lose it's luster for me. :-)  So, keep them coming!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Mama Bunny is precious! I'm glad you found her.
    I am enjoying the decorating of your doll house; the swing looks so inviting. I hope you find just the right solution for the water fountain upgrade. And Dayle's dinner looks wonderful. I hope Tad's can match his efforts.
    I got a bobbin of yarn spun and plied today, and my youngest daughter got a bag of fiber carded. You will like the ladies that came to DFAS, I think. Now I am off to try some swimming before heading off to church tonight.
    Thanks for sharing your days with me/us. <3

  2. Hi Teresa love the swing on the porch of the doll's house. That little bunny knitting came not a million miles from my neck of the woods- she really is lovely.
    The teriyaki chicken looks yummy. Hope your plans for the drinking fountain work out. Anne x

  3. Oh, and the Lucy-caravan picture looks like a cheery addition for your trailer. Fun! (: <3

  4. What a fun day you have had with Dayle. I want a porch swing so bad, but I do not have a porch so there is the problem. Have a great evening,

  5. Teresa, how do you always find such interesting things to blog about? Your dolls house looks gorgeous with the little swing and I agree, it does need a crochet afghan to 'complete the picture'. I love the way you decorate your table for each season - the knitting bunny is precious - where do you find these treasures? By the way, Dayle can come cook for me anytime he likes !!!

  6. I love that porch swing and I hope you will show it with the afghan!

  7. Oh Teresa, your doll house is coming to life!!! It is becoming such a representation of you!! I love the hanging baskets and the porch swing! I used to hang outdoor teeny tiny xmas lights on mine, but I just kind of hung them from wooden post to post on the rails. It held fine. Do you have a hobby lobby? Try there. I will be on the lookout for you too.
    Okay...can we talk Cath Kidston? I am so in love with everything in her shop, in her catalog pages, and in every book of hers. LOVE!!! Now...about your bunny...,how sweet is she? And knitting!!! Perfect!
    Dayle is quite the cook. That meal looks fabulous! I love hearing you are so close and do so much with your siblings. So lovely.
    Hope you had a wonderful evening together. You may not stop blogging. I would cry!
    XO Kris

  8. The hanging swing is very sweet Teresa it's great to see you adding details to your dolls house. I do love that wall hanging for your trailer....that is really cool. Enjoy your project replacing the water fountain that will leave a great legacy. Have a lovely Easter...our weather has taken a more wintery slant today!
    Jane x

  9. I love this post (again). The dolls house looks beautiful, I can't wait to see the tiny Granny Square. I love the knitting bunny too. The trailer Art is fantastic, I would really like to have a caravan but we have nowhere to keep one and our cars are too small to tow one, it would really beat camping though. Teriyaki Chicken! You should have told me, I would have popped round :) x

  10. Do you think the small pins with balls on the ends would be the answer for your hanging baskets? Just a thought. I love the knitting bunny, that's so sweet.

  11. As always, warm and fuzzy images of your life! My soul is always warmed when I come to visit. Hugs, Annette Oh, and guess what? That "cotton tail" bunny of my Mom's...I DIDN'T throw it away, I glued it all back together and stored it away with my Easter decor...and I found it when I unearthed my decorations this year! YAY!

  12. The swing looks so cute on the dollhouse porch! I need to rehang mine. I hope I still have the little screws that my grandbaby pulled out along with the swing! I think a little afghan would look darling hanging on it too. The chicken teriyaki looked just delicious! ~Hugs, Patti

  13. I want to move into your doll house. It's so awesome! And your hubby can come to my house and cook any time he wants :)

  14. Good Morning - Your dollhouse is so inviting...I can't wait to see the granny square blanket. I'm going to have to search out those Enesco figures on Ebay - too cute. And ending your post with that delicious food photo - omg now I'm hungry!
    Smiles, DianeM :)

  15. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful Batrice Potter figurine.

    My better half has bought me one for Easter as not only is it Easter so it saves having a chocolate egg, but Beatrix Potter has a Hugh amount of memories as I read my son the books as he grew up and we went to see her house in the Lake District. Also my sister is called Josephine and my mum bought me a rabbit when I was I'll many years ago which she called Flopsy bunny.

    So you see I had to have it!!


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