Sunday, April 22, 2012

To The Sea

Goodness sakes -- there is a lot of preparation to going away on a vacation from real life, isn't there?  Hubby has been toiling away for days to get the trailer ready to go and the packing and organizing, etc.  But here we are.. well, I'm getting ahead of myself.. 
We got on the road shortly after noon and headed west then south towards Lincoln City, the upper central part of the Oregon Pacific Coast.  I snapped this photo of the road sign in Newberg, OR.
We are heading into the Coast Range on our way to the beach.. we were thrilled that we are having such wonderful weather.. when I made the reservations for my birthday trip I actually assumed we'd have rainy stormy weather.  Yahoo! 
I wanted to share with you the forested mountains we were driving through.. so this is fuzzy but we were zooming along.. I must tell you that I was shocked to see how heavily logged this area was.  It seems the forest has been decimated through these mountains.  As a "tree hugger", it disappoints me greatly that whoever owns these mountains would cut it all down.  Only a narrow buffer of trees has been left but you can see the clear cut forest beyond.  :-(
The Siletz River runs alongside the roadway.
I called my son on the cell phone and told them we were near our destination of the RV park called Sea & Sand and they met us here and Travis helped us back the trailer into our spot.  And this is our view, we are just yards away from the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  Isn't it beautiful?
Kristi took the boys on a hike down to the beach while we got all set up and organized.  They found a creek and came back to the trailer wet and sandy.. they stripped the wet clothes off outside and grandpa used the warm water shower on the outside of the trailer to wash the sand off the boys and handed them to me where I wrapped them in warm fluffy towels to warm up.  We got them all dressed in clean dry clothes and headed to Mo's Restaurant in Taft.  Mo's is famous and was started by a woman years ago and is famous for it's clam chowder.  This is the view from our table of Siletz Bay.  Travis' family is staying right to the left of the restaurant and the boys will have this beach to play on tomorrow.
They had such an appetite after all the fresh air and beach playing!  In the trailer each one ate 3 cups of cherry jello and a half a banana - and at dinner they polished off their orders of macaroni and cheese and applesauce.. so I ordered them each a "Mo's Dirt Sundae" - which is vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate syrup, crumbled Oreos and 2 gummy worms!  Caleb was quite impressed with having worms on his ice cream!
Hayden looks more shocked at the worms than happy.  LOL! 
We enjoyed watching the sun go down during dinner. 
Here is a neat rock formation with a tree on top that I snapped a photo of just around the corner from the restaurant.. the tide is out.
A bit further down..  
When I downloaded my photos this shot was on there from yesterday.. this is the hill behind our farmhouse and the plum trees are in bloom.  This is the view from the carport where I park my SUV.  The ones on the right are wild cherry trees.  We have skylights over our bed and watched in amusement the other morning while 2 squirrels were chowing down on all the wild cherry blossoms on a branch arching across the windows.  I didn't know they ate flowers, did you?
And I had to show you the 4 little crochet pillows for my dollhouse that the lady in Canada made.  I found her on Etsy, let me know if you want her link. These are just a little over an inch and a half square!
We are sure looking forward to tomorrow!  I sure did enjoy all your chocolate comments.  I wish I could share my tin of goodies with each and every one of you.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. A fabulous start to your vacation!!! Such beautiful photos...even of the shocked gummy worm eater. (: The pillows are perfect, and I did not know squirrels each cherry blossoms, either. I'll try to watch our cherry tree that just started blooming and see if I can spot any squirrels munching on our blossoms. Thanks for making time to share your trip with us. I have good memories of eating at Mo's too, and am enjoying your delight in your adventures. <3

  2. What amazing photos Teresa! The colors are incredible and are tempting me to pack my duffel bag and head westward:) My DH is probably relieved that my list of 'to do' items will keep me at home...for a day or two at least (LOL).
    Have a very blessed birthday trip!
    PS: LOVE the mini pillows--so pretty!

  3. I'm so happy you're having a great time already, and such glorious wheather! I fully understand your disappointment regarding the cut trees, it makes me very sad as well... I'm looking forward to seeing more pics, have a wonderful time!! :-) xxxx

  4. Beautiful place, enjoy your vacation!

  5. Enjoy your birthday holiday, from the pictures it looks like you are already having a fab time. xx

  6. Beautiful pictures Teresa. I love the two of the sunset and the rock formation. Have a great holiday. xoxox

  7. Looks such a wonderful spot right on the beach - I would love to camp there too. My kind of holiday. Lovely to see you all wearing summer clothing, including a sundress showing off a touch of the sun. Enjoy the sand, sea and sun!

  8. Such beautiful photographs Teresa...thank you for sharing them...I could just do with sitting on one of those chairs on the beach right now!
    The little crochet pillows are much detail in something so small...a very talented lady...
    Enjoy your vacation my friend!
    Susan x

  9. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip! Relax and enjoy those grandbabies!

  10. Teresa,
    Looks so inviting and beautiful! I can see you are having a great time already. Enjoy your time and Happy Birthday my friend!!
    hooray for good Weather : )

  11. My.. these photos are just glad you had a wonderful time with your family.. the beach is just beautiful.. I think I must travel outside of Louisiana!! Shari

  12. What glorious weather for your break Teresa, have a wonderful time. Your photos are stunning and the views breath taking. Enjoy ;0)
    Jane x

  13. How fun to spend time at the beach! I've only been to the Oregon coast once but it was certainly beautiful. We think of ourselves as being on the "coast" here but of course we're actually on the Puget Sound. Looks like it was a GREAT time!


  14. Lord have mercy, I missed your Belgium chocolate post! Not even 8 in the morning, and I am craving some chocolate!!!! Those chocolate covered orange rinds look so delicious!!!!
    Your photos are always amazing! When I went to Oregon for the first time, we drove all up the coast from our home in California. It was some of the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen! Looks like you are really lucking out on the weather. Your life is so similar to mine Teresa!!! I know you are missing your grandgirls something fierce, I can understand that completely, but I am so glad you get to spend so much time with your sons and their families. Life is truly grand.
    XO Kris
    PS Those teeny tiny pillows are just amazing! They are going to be so darling in your playhouse!!!

  15. Beautiful pictures, so glad you are having a good time and that your weather is cooperating.
    Big hugs to you Birthday girl,

  16. Happy Days, by the seaside. Those boys are lucky to be so pampered :) What better way to end their day than with 'Worms on their Ice cream' :) xxx

  17. Such wonderful pictures of a beautiful place! I'm so glad the weather is lovely too and you are enjoying your break by the sea. Happy Birthday too, Teresa!! (I missed the chocolate going back now to read it!)
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.
    Helen x

  18. You enjoy your holiday, and keep sharing these gorgeous pictures with us all. I feel as if I've had a holiday just looking at them.

  19. such glorious images....thanks for a fun trip!

  20. Have a fantastic trip, Teresa. It looks amazing!

  21. Gotta love a day at the sea and beach. But, the sundaes sure are calling my name. Cute baby pillows and perfect for your doll house.

  22. Moe's! I can't wait to have some of their clam chowder next month. We usually eat at the one in Taft too but sometimes head down the coast to Florence and have lunch there. It looks at though you're having a wonderfully fantastic birthday week. We have reservations at d'sands in Lincoln City next month and I'm counting the days.




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