Monday, April 23, 2012

Sea Glass

On our 2nd day at the beach, my daughter-in-law Kristi and I headed out to go antiquing while our son Travis and Dayle took the two little boys on an adventure.  Our first stop was this shop and they had a nice collection of vintage Japanese glass fishing floats.  I have several at home and I just adore them.  See the two that are in the shape of rolling pins?
Lucky beach combers have found these on the sands for years and years.  The Japanese made them out of old bottles and jars and use them to hold up the fishing nets.  Now they use plastic, so these wonderful old floats are prized collectibles.  Some even have the original nets on them.. they are all shades of blue, aqua and green.  Some are brown like beer bottles.  The best ones are "signed" with a signature embossed on the pontil - the plug-like end where the glass was blown and closed.
We visited several antique shops, then picked up an espresso drink and pulled into a park overlook by the ocean and enjoyed the view while sipping on our drinks.  See the kite in the air?  And the sea gulls and the sunshine.   
Then we crossed the street and visited a shop where they make their own caramel corn and salt water taffy.  Kristi picked out 2 of each flavor.   
The shop next door sold souvenirs and had a nice collection of modern day hand-blown art glass floats.  The local glass blowers make these and hide some daily on the beach for lucky beachcombers to find.  I just love these and photographed several to show you.
This amber colored one was wonderful. 
Blues and pinks and greens.. like the Earth. 
Reds and oranges. 
 Which one would you like to have the most?
The boys went to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Hayden got blown over in the wind, but he's okay.  Then they went to Wal*mart to do some shopping and got 2 videos to watch and some "Goldfish" crackers for the boys. They then met up with us and we followed them in Travis' Land-Cruiser to a restaurant for dinner.
 The guys bringing the boys in for dinner.
After dinner we drove to Depoe Bay to see if we could see whales going by, but we didn't see any so we headed back to the trailer to watch a kid movie and hang out.
The kids looking for whales. 
While we were hanging out I showed Caleb a shell I bought at the souvenir shop and told him if he held the shell to his ear he could hear the ocean. 
And this is what a cake looks like with 63 candles on it.  :-) 
Somebody call the Fire Department!  It was a very yummy chocolate fudge cake! 
We are relaxing now.. more fun tomorrow!  I hope your weekend was fun and that you have a good week ahead!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Belated happy birthday, looks like you had a good one!

    The glass is just wonderful.


  2. Happy Birthday celebration week, Teresa! Your cake was amazing! (: It was another beautiful day here, also. I'm so glad you are enjoying your time at
    the beach and letting me come along, too through your great photos and interesting travelog! I love looking at the glass and usually pick cobalt blue, but they are all lovely. <3

  3. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Teresa
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu xoxox
    The look on little Caleb's face is so sweet and my favourite ball is the red and orange one ...... aren't they stunning ?

  4. What a beautiful birthday, surrounded by beauty and family. Perfect. Happy Birthday wonderful Teresa,

  5. Great pics!! I have been to those places. I used to live in Grants Pass. (now T-Town, Ala) Made me homesick for "my" beaches.. Great glass I want all of them.Glad you had the perfect place for your B-day.. Joy to you from the deep south :)

  6. The floats are so gorgeous. I'm glad to see you are enjoying your birthday trip! Be sure to celebrate ALL week:) Happy Birthday Sweet Lady!

  7. That glass is absolutely beautiful, the antiques and the modern. I can't imagine coming across one of those on the beach! I would feel like I won the jackpot :) And the looks of that cake are quite impressive! I don't think I've actually ever seen that many candles lit on a cake before. I hope you continue to enjoy your vacation with your family.

  8. Que passeio mais divertido.

  9. Happy Birthday Teresa!!!! What a fun way to spend it! I thought the glass was beautiful! I was so taken with the hand blown glass in Italy. So pretty. Are you back home now?

  10. Hope it was a Happy Day Teresa. Loved the glowing cake....that must have taken some lighting ;0) The glass you showed is very beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your stay,
    Jane x

  11. What a lovely post, you sound like you are all having a fantastic time. The coloured glass is beautiful. The Taffy sounds really good. I had to chuckle at your cake, it looked like a camp fire. How spectacular! I bet is was delicious and your helpers enjoyed it! Fancy getting blown over by the wind! Poor little fella. xxx

  12. The glass images are so pretty. The candles lit on the flaming funny. I want some of the chocolate cake. and the kids..

    they are darling....always

  13. A very happy 63 to you! All of the glass is awesome..I love the picture of all the artsy glass. My favorite is the one on the top shelf 3rd from the left. It is GORGEOUS! I must make it out that way and buy some!

    Have loads of fun!


  14. Hello Teresa Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Teresa, Happy Birthday to you. It sounds as though you are having a wonderful time. Just how I like to celebrate!! The cake looks yummy. That glass is gorgeous found it difficult to choose a favourite. Had a read through posts I have missed- some beautiful photos as always. Been away at my eldest son's so catching up with everyone. Anne x

  15. Sweet, sweet B-day wishes to you. Looks like a great time you are having. I adore sea glass. I've always wondered if those were still to be found out there on your shores. I could comb for hours just looking for a sliver. Now, that's alot of candles burning bab.

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERESA, gorgeous little guys. And that cake looked very very tasty ☺. Beautiful sea glass.


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