Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Agate Hunting

The kids called this morning and asked us if we were ready to hit the beach, so off we went.  Here we are on Agate Beach, looking for the elusive stones that we all love.  It was a windy cold day today, but we had fun.  All we got on Agate Beach was exercise. :-)  Dayle, Buddy and our grandsons are on the left and Kristi is on the right.  Travis was here by me.
Looking back towards our cars. 
I looked north and there is Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  It's the tallest lighthouse in Oregon, and very beautiful.  We'll take the "Big Girl Camera" and take some photos of it tomorrow.
The Oregon Coast is wild and beautiful, this is the Pacific Ocean. 
I was fascinated by the patterns in the sand.. the wind was blowing dryer sand across the beach and there were these patches of damp sand.. pretty. 
Then we warmed up at "Pig n' Pancake" for lunch. Kristi got the boys these fun juice bottles called "Hog Wash" with names like "PiggleBerry Punch" and "Oinken' Orange".  Hayden said.."YUMMY"! 
They had mac and cheese.. but Caleb decided he wanted Grandpa's "Yeggs", and ate all 3 of them!  AND his mac and cheese! 
Caleb is a cutie patootie. 
After lunch the boys started to nod off so the kids bid us adieu and headed towards home. Dayle and I drove through the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse park and got this shot of this smaller lighthouse.
If you'd like to read this sign text, click on the photo and you should see a bigger image. 
Just past the sign is a great shot of the Yaquina Bay Brige.. it's a very pretty bridge. 
We then drove across the bridge and headed south to a little known beach access where we'd found a lot of agates in a past visit.   
Dayle took the dog on a beach jaunt and brought back 3 agates and this shell.   
Then we headed back to the trailer and are relaxing after 3 busy days.  Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes.  Tomorrow is the real BD, we plan to do some more fun things. Thanks so much for the great comments!  How is your week going?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow! I sure am enjoying this vacation trip! Thanks for doing the driving and exploring! (:
    It's so wonderful to see the smiles,ocean waves, spectacular sand pattern, lighthouses, awesome bridge, a beautiful shell, agates and Buddy, too! Thanks, Teresa! <3

  2. Such beautiful photos for such a fun family time! That lighthouse is so stunning...I love the colours. The boys are darling. Hugs.xoxo

  3. Another super duper day!!!!!!

  4. Teresa .. Caleb is an absolute doll and could probably make a million in television commercials !! Seems you're enjoying your holiday - hope the weather is good to you. I love the little light-house - never seen one like an actual house before. The bridge reminds me of our Sydney Harbour Bridge - wonder who copied who? Have fun. xoxox

  5. Wow, the Orgeon Coast does look gorgeous! And today is the day: Happy Birthday dear Teresa!!!!!! :-) xxxx

  6. Gorgeous Pictures Teresa, So happy you are having such a great time!

  7. Que lugar lindo Teresa.
    As fotos são lindas.

  8. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...Lucky Agate finds, very pretty :) Luvverrrly photographs as usual :) xxx

  9. Thank you for the holidays.
    It's a really nice travel.
    Read you soon.

  10. So I'm commenting today so that I can say "Happy Birthday!" Hope the rest of the week is a wonderful continued celebration of the wonderful woman you are!

  11. Aside from a nasty little bothersome stomach bug, the week is quiet and lovely. Lots of knitting. Lots of blogging. Even a botanic gardens walk. Lots of hockey, baseball, basketball too. Maybe I should say lots of gatorade too

  12. Beautiful photos Teresa - I want to go to the sea again!!!! Those agates are very pretty - what are you going to do with them? Have a great day tomorrow. Anne x

  13. Happy Birthday Teresa. Have a wonderful day!


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