Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rainy Beachy Birthday

After the kids headed home yesterday we drove south on Hwy 101 and pulled in to a glass blowing shop - Kristi had wanted to blow her own glass float - and they offer that, so next time we're here, Kristi and I will blow our own glass - that will be an experience!  I bought a small item there, a glass sand dollar, isn't it neat?
My sweetie walked the dog on the beach in front of our trailer last evening and found 4 more nice agates.. I thought it would be fun to photograph them in the shell I bought yesterday. 
I just love agates, the honey amber color, the natural swirls, their natural inclusions.
My prizes from this trip.  Which is your favorite?   
My favorites are the golden ones in the middle and the left.
We haven't found any sea glass this trip, but I have worn my sea glass earrings all this trip that I made with some glass I bought off of eBay, it was drilled.  I do love glass. 
I brought some yarn on the trip in this wonderful vintage basket that my sister Roberta found for me at a thrift shop and gave to me as a gift.  I love the 1930s drapery fabric used on this.  I'd love to have more of these.  I know a woman who has a collection of these in all sizes from very small to large. 
It's been raining all day but I don't mind one bit as we are warm and cozy in our trailer with the roar of the ocean outside.  I took some photos of the inside of our trailer/caravan. I brought the pillow cover from the house and plopped it on the little vintage stool I got last year.  Dayle uses it to rest his coffee cup on in the morning.  If you're new to my blog, that colorful throw on our sofa is my Granny Stripe crochet blanket I made. 
The old TV in the trailer died, so we got a new little flat screen one and our son Travis helped us out by installing it for us.  Our 2 comfy recliners. :-)  Oh, and my granny square blanket which is a WIP.. I need to make it bigger. 
Here is our cozy bedroom..  
This is how close the Pacific Ocean is to our trailer.  And you can see the rain. :-) 
 The bedroom is rather unusual as the sink and shower are right there.. and the "water closet" is enclosed to the right.
My fun little stool. 
Buddy usually curls up by his dad on the sofa, but this morning he hopped up in the other recliner and pawed around on the pillow until it was just right and plopped himself on the top of it.   
Here is our kitchen, the clock is one I painted years ago.  It says "Home Sweet Home" on it. :-) 
This afternoon we headed off for a late lunch at Tidal Raves Seafood Grill.  It's got a great view of Depoe Bay and the food is deeeeeevine!
I forgot to take a photo of my meal.. but here is what's left.  :-) 
And look what they brought me after lunch?  I made a wish.. and blew out the candle.  The cookie was warm and full of melted chocolate chips and chunks of nuts.. oh my.  I shared. :-)
Here's the view from the restaurant. 
We then drove down to Newport and visited an antique mall.. which was a huge disappointment.  It was more a junk shop, ugh.  But then we drove down through the Historic Bay Front where there are working fish processing plants and also restaurants, galleries, kite shops, an underwater gardens, candy shops, a wax museum and souvenir shops. I love the exterior decor of this place, we need to try it sometime!
Here is one of the original Mo's cafes, the first one is up the block and across the street.  Now there are several of her restaurants up and down this area. 
We always drive down to the harbor and get a photo of the fishing boats with the Yaquina Bridge beyond. 
Here is "our" ocean when we returned "home" to the trailer. 
When we got back Dayle handed me this beautiful card, isn't it sweet? 
And so.. my birthday is over and it was a great one.  Family, friends leaving such warm and thoughtful messages here on my blog and over on Facebook 67 people have expressed kind sentiments.  (*(*(*(*(*( Hugs )*)*)*)*)*) to you all!  Teresa


  1. Oh..happy, happy birthday Teresa!!! I know you had wonderful birthday trip to the sea! Loved seeing all of your photos!!! Your trailer is really something! You could live in it!!!
    Thanks for taking us along on this trip with you!
    Happy Birthday my friend!!!
    XO Kris

  2. I'm so glad you are having a happy birthday celebration, Teresa! I certainly am celelebrating your birth and your beautiful, creative life and continue to be grateful for the fun and loveliness you generously share with me and so many others. This post is another one that encourages me with the wonderful things you have enriched and the spectacular views of the sea and shore that stir all the good memories I have of adventures I have had near or on the ocean. Thanks for sharing. Continued blessings to you and yours. <3

  3. Glad you had a lovely birthday Teresa! Your photos are beautiful and your trailer is magnificent!

  4. I'm sooo happy you had such a brilliant birthday! I have to say, I LOVE the cushion cover like that on the vintage stool, it's gorgeous. Looks like Buddy is having a very relaxed holiday too ;-) It's not the first time I see your trailer, but it continues to amaze me, so comfortable and cosy. Wishing you loads of fun to come! :-) xxxx

  5. What a wonderful birthday you had Teresa. Your trailer is stunning, I could almost fit my tiny house inside it.Buddy looks as though he had fun too. You look as though you are also getting some of the torrential rain we are having in the UK at the moment.Keep dry and carry on crafting ;0)
    Jane x

  6. Happy Birthday Teresa! Seeing Buddy so comfortable there on the chair, made me wonder about your gorgeous cat ...must be missing you all!

  7. HaPpY BiRtHdAY Teresa! Looks like you all had a marvelous time. Love all the places you explored. I think your agate is so pretty and quite the find. I also love sea glass, I am always on the look out for sea glass on the beach in Martha's Vineyard. It use to be more plentiful but it seems to be diminishing. Thanks for sharing the inside of your trailer, it is so cosy and spacious! Love all your crochets in the traitor, just makes your home away from home so inviting!!
    Safe trip home, xoRobin❤

  8. I'm so glad you had such a lovely birthday! Hope your vacation continues to be so. Happy Birthday!!!

  9. I'm really enjoying your holiday Teresa. Your caravan is awesome - it must be HUGE and what a fabulous view. Sparky looks as if he's being thoroughly spoilt (as he should be). The card Dayle gave you reminds me of your dolls house for some reason - maybe its the verandah ??

  10. What a totally wonderful birthday! I could sit in front of that window and stare at the ocean and rain all afternoon and be perfectly happy! Your post made me feel all rainy-day cozy. Wish it was rainy here. My fav agates were the same ones you chose. The gold one on the far left is a good one. Would love just one bite of that birthday cookie and ice cream too!

  11. Happy Birthday. WOW> I LOVE your stool and want one just like it. I love the pooch too.
    THe ocean is glorious from your vantage point

  12. Oh, how I adored that tour of your Caravan. What a fun way to travel. My only worry would be who would have to do the driving. But, a great way to see the sea. Love those rainy days at the ocean. It does look like the P.N.West that I know. I think the agate on the left is my fav. Keep on enjoying your birthday week and keep the pictures coming.

  13. Love the rainy beach pictorial.
    Buddy is so cute and cozy on his pillow.
    Happy Birthday and many many more sweet lady.

  14. Happy Birthday Teresa. Sounds like you are having a lovely time by the ocean. I love the treasure you have found. One of my treasures is a small piece of sea glass which is heart shaped and which my hubby spotted on a beach years ago and gave to me. ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  15. I am SO happy that your birthday was a great one! I absolutely LOVE your trailer--the wood, the personal touches of home that you've given it and Buddy (of course)!
    Love all the places you went to--and I love the glass sea dollar shell (would you mind sharing with me where you bought it?) My favorite of the agates--the middle one and the one in the upper right.
    Blessings my blogger buddy,

  16. Lovely, lovely, lovely, Many Happy Returns, what a great day. Your trailer looks very cosy indeed :)

  17. oH tERESA WHAT A WONDERFUL POST AND WHAT A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY YOU HAVE ENJOYED whoops had caps lock on - I would have enjoyed every minute. I too loved the middle agate - can't say why just did. The sea is really calling me now. I would have loved a rainy day. I love being tucked up warm and cosy with my 'sweetheart' looking out at the sea and the weather and either reading or crafting with a lovely cup of tea or coffee at my side. It is my baby's birthday on Saturday ( he will be 34 :-) ) and my 'sweethearts' on Monday. Three out of the four of us have an April birthday.
    Glad you have had such a wonderful time Teresa. Anne x

  18. ACK!!! I missed your birthday! I'm so sorry. But...I'm glad it was such a good one and you got to be in one of my favorite places. We'll have to try the Tidal Rave next month when we spend our week at the coast.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.



  19. Thankyou for sharing such a wonderful story about your trip! Oh... Happy Birthday!


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