Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Evening Stroll in the Farm Yard

Buddy the dog decided that "we" needed a stroll in the garden last evening, so I stuck my iPhone in my pocket and off we went.  Our incredibly pink Rhododendron is in bloom, I must tell you that cameras don't seem to like this color.. maybe it's a bit too much for them to believe, that anything could be this amazing.. :-)  
Can't you just drown in this color? 
I took several shots from different angles trying to show you how tall this thing is.  The white blooming tree next to it is a Hawthorn.  Can you see the lilac beyond? 
What a lovely time of day when the sun slants across the long shadows of the early evening.  Our 2 story farmhouse seems to disappear in the green of the lawn and trees. 
Sun lighting up the front porch of the farmhouse. 
Standing in the same spot, I turn and get this image of the big barn dwarfed by all the trees and greenery. 
I walked up the front walk to pick some Lily-of-the-Valley at it's peak perfection and looked up at all the new green of the leaves of the weeping birch and pin oak tree. 
I came on in the house and filled up the vase my daughter sent to me for Mother's Day and put the fragrant flowers in water and took it into the front entry where the sun was shining in... 
If you've never had a bouquet of these lilies to bury your nose in, you need to find some.  We have a huge bunch of them in the front entry and I put some by the back deck too and they are thriving there.   
Yesterday hubby and I went to Costco to do some shopping and I bought something that I'm embarrassed to tell you about. :-)  Maybe tomorrow. :-)  It's for our trip to Washington DC.  For a good cause.  Can you guess what it is?  I hope you're having a wonderful week!  I'm heading off to the pool in a few minutes!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your farm really looks beautiful. Lucky Buddy! Lily Of The Valley is one of my favourites and it looks perfect in your new vase, I wish I could smell it! I can not imagine what you would be embarrassed to tell us about...I don't think you should leave us guessing for too long.

  2. I am guessing a fanny pack for your camera, am I right? Love the pictures of your beautiful property, so gorgeous,
    Hugs to you,

  3. Just look at that yard. What fun evening stroll. The sun appears to have been shining bright there lately. I love all your HUGE trees of grandeur. Plant and Stroll on, Kate

  4. Teresa, your property is so beautiful!!! And that garden shed, from a few posts back....Oh my!!! What I wouldn't GIVE to have one of those. So fun, so many possibilities!! Your flowers are lovely. Such a wonderful time of year!
    Now, you certainly do have my interest piqued!!!!
    : )

    1. Kris, I need to work on my garden shed.. when we moved to this farm place it was a "play house". Then I used it as an art studio. Next 2 of my kids took turns living in it (sleeping) when they were in high school. Now it's a shed filled with boxes of things that I need to go through and have a garage sale. I never seem to get around to that, though! But I'd love to re-do the inside like a proper English Garden Shed. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I absolutely love your farmhouse and the rhodos (my camera has problems with some red shades), the hawthorne (I didn't know the name of the ones I have been seeing; love it) and lily of the valley! You have SO convinced me that I will definitely be planting some of them (OK, a LOT of them).
    Have a safe and very good trip to Washington DC...and take lots of photos. My hubby used to live near there before he and I were 'us':) Are you going for DAR?
    Enjoy our sun today-the roses and water lilies are now blooming here.
    Blessings, Aimee

  6. Lily of the Valley, a little flower that packs a huge punch of fragrance. Are they not one of the sweetest little flowers! Your whole yard seems to be in bloom. Your rhododendron is absolutely gorgeous. I have one too, hidden a bit away next to a forsythia bush that bloomed sparingly this spring. We went from warm to cold to warm to cool and nothing was quite as it should be. Even the morel mushroom hunters are not having much luck this year. I have seen a few yards with geraniums but no one else seems to have been bitten by the flower gardening bug yet. Thanks for sharing your blooms, they are beautiful.
    Susanne :)

  7. I can't imagine what it could be that you're embarrassed about. Those dainty little white flowers are perfect in your new vase! I love them (and the vase). Your yard looks great.

  8. Hmmm ?? Does Costco sell yarn? Like everyone else I'm DYING to know what you're embarrassed about. Your house and property is beautiful - I'm glad Buddy wanted a stroll.

  9. I love your photos and would love to live in a place just like yours. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm so happy you like the hotpads and are getting lots of use from them. I'll wave as we go by the Corbett exit on Sunday! :-)

  10. I love your lily of the valley...I really need to get a plant for my garden and they love shade don't they....perfect for our backyard.
    Happy Thursday. xox

  11. Sooooo much beauty, Teresa. Thank you for taking us along on your walk with Buddy. [Thank you, Buddy, for wanting to go for a walk!] What did you get at Costco that you are embarrassed to tell us about...I can not guess. I hope we can get together before you fly to D.C. Has your schedule calmed down yet?

  12. What beautiful grounds you have Teresa and the trees look so lush. I have lily of the valley in my tiny front garden they are sweet pretty flowers. Is Costco a food or a general shop....I will have to wait and see!
    Jane x

  13. You have such a beautiful place to live!

  14. I would take Buddy on evening strolls every night if I had your yard...gorgeous!

  15. You really do have the most beautiful bit of land. I love the Lily of the Valley, although I've only ever seen it in person once. I wish there was more of it around here. You do have me curious about your purchase! I'm looking forward to the reveal :) Are you flying or driving across the states?

  16. It looks fabulous!! And the evening light is always my favorite in the garden. I didn't realize your home had one of those "dormer" windows... one of my all time favorite looks!


    PS my camera really makes certain pinks or reds almost florescent! Not sure why, probably because it's a cheap point and shoot :)

  17. Well I guess Depends...but just from a practical standpoint......the nurse in me says its that.

    LOve your images


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