Monday, May 14, 2012

Fun Weekend & Teddy #4

Hubby and I have been sooOOooo busy of late.  We attended our Daughter-in-law Beth's graduation from college on Saturday and then treated our son's family to an Italian dinner along with Beth's mother and brother who drove almost 1,000 miles up for the event from Los Angeles, CA.  Yesterday we headed back to their house in Vancouver, WA for a celebratory BBQ.  We were celebrating Beth's graduation, Mother's Day and Michael's birthday.  Our other son Travis and his family joined the party.  Since it was Mother's Day - the duty for making the macaroni salad fell to hubby.. I talked him through it.  We also picked a big huge bouquet of lilacs for Beth and also for her mother who loves them but can't grown them in LA.  Here is my sweetie holding all the stuff for the trip over the river. :-)
Michael is now 12 and I finished his bear while enjoying the company of my family.   
I used a bulkier yarn on Gabriel's bear, "Mr. Mint" - Michael's denim blue bear is smaller.   
Bear #4 is done! Now I will begin on the lichen green bear for Hayden, and then the "Ow-eeng" bear for Caleb. 
It's been very warm here - record highs - so the boys were inviting Michael to squirt them with his new water gun.. hence the stripped down kids in this photo. :-)  12 candles on a strawberry and whipped cream cake!  2 kinds of ice cream too.  :-) 
From left is just turned 3 year old Caleb, 7 year old Gabriel, Michael and just turned 4 year old Hayden who seems very intent on keeping an eye on the cake until he got his piece. :-) The boys were chanting cake, cake cake!
3 of Beth's friends joined the party, this friend is from Thailand and he was thrilled beyond measure when Travis offered to give him a ride in his classic 1966 Mustang GT Fastback.  :-) 
Now.. you know how things happen at family parties that become "Family Lore" - stories that get told over and over and OVER?  Well... here is the one for yesterday.  3 yr old Caleb saw the car pull up with Beth's friend Shirley who is from Taiwan and is now working in Shanghai, China after graduation college here - and Annie, from Taiwan also, but lives here now... SO.... Caleb sees the 2 girls and as they walk up he leans on the red car and says.. "My name is Ca-wub and this is my Muh-tang."  His mom, Kristi, nearly fell on the ground in hysterics.  Do you have a funny family story to share?
We didn't get home until 10 pm, and no rest for the weary, I had to get up and get going early this morning to attend my last Daughters of the American Revolution meeting before the summer break.  THEN I went swimming for an hour... ::whew::... when I got home the farm looked beautiful so I strolled around to get some shots to share with you.  This is my gorgeous white Azalea and my white Lilac.. I want to plant more white flowers for my little "white garden".  
They are in their prime right now.. no brown edges. 
I have realized that my white lilacs are very bushy and full, this must be a "double" variety. 
My pink "Rose Bud" Azalea is starting to open nicely.  The florets are full like a rose. 
Another Rhododendron has opened up, I think this one is called "Blue Boy", but I'm not sure. 
Dayle had to repair the little windmill as he'd broken the leg by pulling the hose around it.. hard.  That darn hose is in almost all my photos.. grrrr. 
Spring flowers all over! 
My un-inspiring tan irises.. including a fly.  
Pretty purple Iris. 
I was spoiled with flowers and gifts from all 3 of my children.  Amy sent the milk glass hobnail vase last week from Ohio.  Yesterday Shawn and Beth gave me the rose bouquet and a cute little Teddy Bear that says "I Love Mom". Travis and Kristi gave me the adorable little glass vase with Siberian Irises from their yard.  Thank you, kids!  I love you!!
I hope your weekend was wonderful and wish for you a great week.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 
(PS. Blogger was acting up yesterday and I had to end my post without all the text I'd added about the salad - so to tell you about it, it's made with a bag of "salad macaroni", cook it to al dente, cool it, then add 12 hard boiled eggs, chopped, mayonnaise, yellow mustard and sweet relish to taste, salt and pepper to taste, and hubby added chopped fresh chives from our garden, sprinkled Paprika on top and then stuck 3 chive flowers on top.  YUM!!)


  1. Thanks for sharing your good times and incredibly beautiful flowers! I loved the pictures of all your boys and Caleb's story is definitely a family classic(: We are having good times over here, too, campfires, hotdogs, smores, BBQs, gardening, a tea party at Chariteas, wedding plans and enjoying the super sunny days <3

  2. Mrs. Teresa,
    I loved your little family story. My hubby and I just drooled over that beautiful, well taken car of Muh-tang. I love the Rhododendrons! So beautiful!

  3. Love the Mustang!! We had two '73 Mustangs at one point - a convertible and a Mach I...last weekend my 21-year-old son just bought his own 2004 Mustang and is so proud of it. We are a Mustang family too. I was also interested in your mention of DAR -- I am eligible to join since I have a direct ancestor who was in the American Revolution...have gone to some meetings at a chapter down here in AZ, but have put off the paperwork. I really want to do it, just so busy. It's very cool that you are a Daughter of the American Revolution. Maybe one day, I will officially join you as a DAR member! Love your flower photos and your macoroni salad looks and sounds awesome. What a fun weekend!

  4. Teresa, it sounds like you had a perfect day too!!! So many great things to celebrate!! Your family is beautiful! I have a soft spot for Cawub!!!!
    Loved the picture of Dayle with the roni salad and the lilacs!!!!
    Your property is filled with gorgeous flowers!! What is the building behind the windmill???

  5. Good family times and great pics to match, love coming here Teresa!!
    Got a bit of a giggle with Dayle also with the salad & flowers, lovely man lol.

  6. Great post Teresa, your flowers are all stunning..that white azalea is gorgoeous. We had a sunny warm weekend but the rain is back today. Enjoy being busy, I am off to my silversmithing class now...bye!Jane x

  7. Nice post! Those kids are too dang cute for words. I love the one with Caleb in the pull-ups and standing by the Mustang. Adorable. A little ladies man in the making. He he.

  8. You have been busy, and it looks like you have been having a lot of fun. So many wonderful things to celebrate. Lovey family photos and the lilacs just make me want to reach into the computer and pull them out.
    Happy Tuesday,

  9. You have been busy, but the best kind of busy because it is all happy busy! Glad you had wonderful Mother's Day!!

  10. Your farm is so beautiful. I love the flower pictures. I'm also very impressed with those bears, they are perfect.

  11. I'm not sure which I think is sweeter...your beautiful flowers or
    that sweet man sitting in the car holding them for the drive
    He's a keeper!!
    Enjoy your week

  12. Beautiful! Your grandsons are all a credit to ya! What Happy Days. Michael looked like he was having a lovely time. I love your funny story, surely three is too young for impressing the ladies like that! All those flowers to surround you too, lucky you...mind you don't trip over that darn hose too! tut tut! :) xxx

  13. How beautiful the farm is looking with all the wonderful spring blooms! I especially love the pictures of the flowers against the painted house, just gorgeous! Glad you had such a lovely (and well deserved) mother's day, Teresa.
    Have a happy week too!
    Helen x

  14. It sounds as though you had the best time!!!! The boys are gorgeous and that was a lovely story about Caleb he is a real cutie. The flowers are beautiful, especially the lilacs. Picture of Dayle is cute as well. Love the teddies - had been wondering if you had completed any more. Love Anne x

  15. Look at that stunning garden. Look at those naked little boys...he-he... It must be warm. I so wish I had a lilac bush in my yard. Been very busy outside each day. Yesterday was massive mulching with Jose and the boys. Yes, I'm always out there moving things around at the last minute. But, I enjoy that. Another day without Jury Duty this week. It's always a good one. Off tomorrow too, as I just made the call. Can't wait for this to be all over. I'm outside as much as I can be, as it will be hot, hot, hot soon and then I will be hiding inside. I just love those bears. I know I need to find a ball of yarn soon and get crackn' on something. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. It was a real challenge at the beginning after so many years, that's kind of why I disappeared. I've had to keep very very busy. I am feeling so much better now working outside. Scott said I'm lasting so much longer. My fingers are still crossed, as I do have these crazy moments still after three months. Enjoy your spring.

  16. Oh my goodness Teresa you have been so busy and such a heart-warming post with your lovely family...Your farm house does look so pretty to return home to..
    I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day and you are having a happy week,
    Susan x


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