Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flowers & Gifts!

My dear sweet daughter who lives in Ohio sent to me two very thoughtful gifts. The one below is my Mother's Day gift that she sent early along with my birthday gift (which I'll show you below).  She knows I have a small collection of vintage hobnail milk glass things and was recently antiquing and found this wonderful small vase.  Just in time for my first bouquet of lilacs!  I love the ginger jar shape of this one.  Thank you, Amy! :-)
Here is the vase filled with water before I added the flowers.  Isn't it pretty!?
These are my 3 colors of lilacs from our garden, lavender, purple and white.
Hubby and I ran some errands and went out to lunch today - when we returned I looked up at our apple tree and noticed that the blooms were just perfect for photographing.
I am continually amazed at the quality of photos that I'm getting from my iPhone 4S! 
It's a big old tree that needs some professional pruning! :-) 
White lilacs! 
Yellow Azalea! 
Dark purple lilac. 
Lavender lilac - this was *supposed* to be a white edged lilac but it isn't.   
The little teapot is my birthday gift from my daughter.  Isn't it cute with the bigger one and my other collection of Shawnee Corn dishes?  This size is the individual teapot. Thank you, honey!
We saw this potted gardenia in the store the other on the Mother's Day display and we got it - I adore gardenias and love the aroma.  
Another "thing" I have a "thing" for is these vintage knitting baskets with 30s "bark cloth" fabric on them.  My sister got the one on the right for me for a birthday, and I got the one on the left on eBay last week. :-)
We are expecting our son Shawn to arrive shortly and drop off our 2 grandsons who will spend the night with us so Shawn and his wife Beth can go out for his birthday tonight!  I will be making a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for a birthday party at Shawn's house tomorrow.  We'll be celebrating our other son's birthday too, AND Michael's 12th birthday!  What are you doing this weekend?  I hope something super fun!  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. That is a beautiful vase Teresa!!And you have such gorgeous flowers growing around your property. Neat tea pot too, very cute. Have fun with those grandsons. I hope to see my 2 on mothersday next sunday here in oz, they live about 2hrs away.

  2. O vaso é muito lindo.
    Parabéns pelo presente.
    O bule de milho é uma gracinha...adorei.
    Um abraço.

  3. Lovely vase and beautiful flower photographs. I am enjoying your blog!

  4. Hi the ginger vase, and the teapot. What a thoughtful gift from your daughter! I also LOVE the lilacs in three colors! We actually But so far we haven't. I also love gardenias. My favorite flower!!!
    And the vintage knitting baskets are darling!!! The tablecloth underneath is one I would love to have!!!! Roosters and chicks!!!
    : ) Kris

  5. Lovely gifts from your daughter and the arrangement of your lilac is awesome. As usual, your photos are magnificent which, along with your interesting notes, makes reading your blog very enjoyable. My weekend has been a lazy one - sleeping late, knitting, mucking around on the computer, plus of course eating and drinking too much coffee. xoxox

  6. What a great daughter, family members often know exactly what to give don't they! I love your yarn baskets, and the yarn in them, I'm off to ebay to have a little look... X

  7. I love the vase - I have never seen one like that. I also love your Lilacs, we used to have two trees in a garden but they became unsafe and started to collapse, so they had to go - I still miss them.

  8. Such lovely gifts Teresa...Your family clearly know you so well!..The glass vase is so pretty and your lilacs look beautiful in it...I'm hoping to spend time in our garden today....fingers crossed that the sun will shine...we have had so much rain here!
    Susan x

  9. I think I can smell all those lovely blossoms right through the monitor! Love your early Mother's Day gift! I think I remember a vase/bowl like that in our home when I was younger! Hugs, Annette

  10. Such lovely presents, you should be adored for your birthday and Mother's Day. Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower. We had them in Michigan where I grew up, the fragrance and the colors are to die for. I love my gardenias but would trade them for a lilac any day.
    Have fun with all the birthday celebrations.

  11. What beautiful gifts to add to your collections. Your flowers are blooming everywhere! Your camera phone is most impressive too. Hope you are having a great weekend :) x

  12. Hello Teresa stunning photographs - your phone is pretty impressive taking photos of that quality. The vase is just beautiful as are the lilacs you have chosen to put in the vase. Such lovely presents you have received. The cake for your forum looked awesome hope it tasted as delish as it looked. Do hope you have had a good rest and are feeling less tired. We have been away in Witney visiting my friend. We have been friends for 54 years ever since we were seven years old and met at junior school. Take care. Anne x

  13. WOW!!! Viewing your blog makes me feel so enriched ! Thanks for sharing so much joy and beauty. <3

  14. That vase is adorable, beautiful and I want one

  15. What wonderful gifts! I know you will enjoy them!

  16. Hi Teresa what beautiful gifts your daughter sent you, you must be thrilled. Your flower photos are stunning, I can almost smell them, does'nt the I-Phone add scent -LOL ;0)
    It's been a bank holiday weekend here and we went down to visit our daughter and our SIL- to-be yesterday. It was great to catch up with them. The wedding plans are really coming on well. Have a great week,
    Jane x

  17. Hi Teresa - I so enjoy the gorgeous flower pictures! I especially love the white lilac. The hobnail vase is just beautiful - what a lovely gift.


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