Thursday, May 3, 2012

Portland Women's Forum Tour

Today I led a bus tour for the Portland Women's Forum, and it was my last official duty as president, which I've served for 3 terms.  We were supposed to have a BBQ at Rooster Rock State Park put on by the State Park staff there, but it was rained out so I had to make new lunch plans fast.  This is the cake they ordered to have for our dessert - they showed us the cake on the bus as we headed to Bonneville Dam and we picked up cake pieces at the end of our trip in individual boxes.  The State Parks is thankful to our group for saving the land many years ago and then donating the viewpoint to State Parks and we also raise money to do different projects here to improve the park.
Here is Kevin Price, District Manager and Mark Stevenson, Park Manager showing the busload of people the cake.  :-)  Kevin also greeted with group and talked to us for a while and thanked us for all we do for State Parks.  :-)
We then headed on to Bonneville Dam where we were greeted by Pat Barry, Supervisory Park Ranger, Natural Resource Specialist, Bonneville Lock and Dam Visitor Center.  We had a great program by him in the theater, and learned lots of new things about the dam.  We then went down to the bottom floor and visited the fish viewing area where you can see the salmon going up the fish ladder to continue upstream to spawn.
Here is a salmon going by.  Wouldn't you like to have him for dinner? :-) 
Then we loaded up and headed to Bonneville Hot Springs Resort for lunch.  I was very pleased that they could take us on such short notice.  I thought to take a photo of the salad, but again, forgot to take a photo of the prime rib beef stroganoff before I scarfed it down.  :-)
They took us to see the pool.. remember, this is a different group and most had not seen the pool like I had. :-)  The mineral waters here are very healing and I plan to go spend a day in the pools soon.
There is a center courtyard that has a creek running through it and is planted beautifully. 
See the wall at the other side of the courtyard?  It's a water feature and water trickles down both sides of this and sounds beautiful. 
Here is our group photo.  Unfortunately all three of my photos came out fuzzy, this is the least fuzzy.  After this shot I handed the gavel over to the incoming president.   
Here is the website for the group - Portland Women's Forum. And then home.  I... am... dead... tired.  We had to get up so early, 2 hours before our normal waking time, then we were hiking all over, then I did the "interpretive" talking on the bus going and coming.  I'm plum tuckered out.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Wish me energy for swimming tomorrow. :-)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa. What a day! And again I say, what a beautiful corner of the world you live in!!! Such history!! And such interesting facts you share with us. I know when you have to be hostess of something, it is always tiring. I hope you are sitting in your easy chair with feet up...cozy and relaxed!!!!!! Good luck making it to the pool to swim tomorrow! I need to get myself back to my treadmill!!!!!~

  2. Thank you, Teresa, and the Women's Forum for saving and sharing this wonderful park for so many to enjoy. It is one spot we take visitors to see, and they always enjoy taking pictures of the wonderful views. I'm glad you had a good tour today. I liked viewing the salmon ladder when our family first visited the dam. It is so amazing to observe the beauty and complexity of the natural world around us and I especially appreciate your gifted photos and interesting commentary. Have a good rest tonight so you can enjoy your swim tomorrow and your birthday celebrations this weekend <3

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time. "I'm plum tuckered out" not heard that expression before!
    CN x

  4. Hi Teresa, it looks like you had another great day out. Will you miss being the PWF President?

    That pool looks soooo good! As does the cake.

  5. What a wonderful place and group of women! Thank you for your sweet words yesterday..they helped! Have a great weekend!

  6. Well done Teresa what sterling work you have been involved in. Great cake too! Enjoy the rest and have a good weekend,
    Jane x

  7. That cake is so cute. Your pictures of the water and rocks is so peaceful. great trip. thanks for taking me along. I wish you energy..I've been working hard to summon more for myself...Im pooped since donating blood last week

  8. What a beautiful, thoughtful cake. I am sure they are all going to miss you because you are so special.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Always love coming to see the beautiful pictures you take and thankyou for joining my blog, although nothing as lovely as yours ☺. What an awsome cake!!
    Hope you had/have good swimming. ♥

  10. That is some cake! I wonder how you ever sleep Teresa, you are always on the go!

  11. Your posts are ALWAYS so informative and fascinating! I agree with Hilly T...when do you rest, woman? Lovely cake! So what will you do with this new found time? Three years...that's a long time running! When you talk about how tiring it all was, I am reminded of a time in my career that I used to teach (softwares) to employees of our company. It was exhausting to have to be on my feet and talking for 8 hours a day. The classes ran for one week. By the end of the week, I was also, as you say, "plum tuckered out"! Hugs, Annette


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