Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Camas Lily

Every Spring I await the blooming of the Camas Lily with expectation.  There is a wonderful field of them on my drive to Multnomah Falls.  The local Native Americans used the root to make a bread and shared such with Lewis & Clark on their expedition through the Columbia River Gorge to "discover" the Pacific Ocean.  In fact, the Camas Lily was unknown to science before being recorded in their journals.  For more information, click HERE.
I had a meeting yesterday at the falls with the USFS Site Manager, and on my drive there I was thrilled to see the Camas in full early bloom.  So, on my drive back I parked on the side of the road, hopped out of my car and got some photos with my iPhone.
Believe it or not.. the hills you see at the top of this photo are on the other side of the mighty Columbia River and is Washington state!  Aren't these flowers divine? 
In this shot you can see the river and our state to the north.  The flowers seem to thrive in a bed of moss. 
Another photo. 
They grow along this sunny berm every year. 
And on the rim of the bank. 
This is the green of Spring in the gorge on the Historic Columbia River Highway.. lush.
It's warming up to the point of enjoying our deck and "water feature", and the goldfish and koi are out more.  The ferns and hosta are coming up!  I love Spring!
It's supposed to be raining and cold for a few more days and then sunny and warm for the weekend.  YAY!  On Thursday I lead a bus tour for the Portland Women's Forum.  We're going to visit Bonneville Dam, have lunch and a tour at Bonneville Hot Springs Resort.  We have our two older grandsons for an overnight visit on Saturday night then we'll take them home for a birthday party at our older son's house for BOTH the boys who were born 3 days and 3 years apart.  I will bake a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for them. What do you have planned for the weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa,
    I have never heard of the Cama Lily! So pretty and delicate looking. They are gorgeous seen in such concentration along the river and road. What beauty you are surrounded by there where you live! I so loved Oregon! The greens of all shades...everywhere you look! Sounds like you have another fun excursion planned, and likely we will be treated with more great photos! Have fun with the grands!!!! Happy sunny weekend to you!!
    XO Kris

  2. Thank you for teaching me about the beautiful Camas Lily, and showing me one spot where they thrive, Teresa. You bring me joy.(: Happy touring and birthday celebrating!

    I am working on crocheting a special bib for my soon to be born grandchild. We are having a baby shower for my oldest daughter here on Sunday. And Saturday my oldest grandson will be celebrating his 7th b'day in NY. [oh to be able to be two places at once!!] <3

  3. TY SO much for sharing these beautiful photos--I LOVE our native plants and have been wanting to know when the Camas lilies bloom! They are quite pretty aren't they? I shall have to go and seek some out to view close up:)
    LOVE your waterfall and pond. I know, I keep saying that but I do! Our koi are getting more active these days and soon it will be time to start them back on their regular food...
    Have a safe and fun tour on Thursday:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  4. Boy, everything is so GREEN! I love it! The lilies are gorgeous. I had never heard of them either. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Everything is so beautiful. I can almost smell the freshness from here. Enjoy the boys Birthday celebration.

  6. Sweet Teresa, From your posts while I was away, I can't believe how far ahead your flowers and bushes are from us. Everything is so beautiful and lush. The little girls are so cute, could just eat them up!!!

  7. ´Que lugar magnífico.

  8. They are beautiful lilies Teresa, I have not seen them before. Enjoy even more birthday celebrations...you certainly keep busy ;0)
    Jane x

  9. So beautiful to see things in the wild:)
    They remind me of my tiny Kaffir Lilies.

  10. I love your Blog so much, I never know quite what to expect but always find some interesting little snippets. How fascinating. I wonder what Camas Lily root bread tastes like? Maybe you could try and rustle some up and let us know how it goes? Happy Birthday to the Grandsons :) I hope you have a lovely weekend. I am hoping mine will be as quiet as possible and I may actually squeeze some crafting time in somewhere! xxx

  11. Thanks for your lovely comment Theresa, these Camas lilies are amazing - what a wonderful blue!
    Greetings from Dartmoor

  12. Hello Teresa I somehow missed your last post. There are so many plants blossoming in your part o the world. My azaleas are not flowering yet nor are the rhodedenrons- don't think that's the spelling. We have had a lot of rain though it was sunny and warm today. It is due to get colder at the weekend.The Camas lily is beautiful. It was lovely to se the latest photo of your GD's - they are gorgeous as well. Take care Anne x

  13. Teresa, I love your blog.. you write such great little stories. I always look forward to what comes next. Love your pictures.. thank goodness for our phones.. don't know what we ever did without them...lol!
    See you soon.

  14. Oh dear is it time to talk about the WORKEnd again? Im still tired from last weekend. I think I figured out why though...I gave blood on friday.
    No wonder Im pooped. Oh well. FOr a great cause.

    I want some of the carrot cake and frosting please...

    only have to work ONE night shift this weekend YIPPEe. Satu night. THen off sunday for fireman's birthday

  15. Thanks for the beautiful photos!!!


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