Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Yesterday hubby packed up his cleaning supplies and cut some flowers and we headed off to where my Dad is buried to polish up his marker and visit with him.  My older sister Roberta and husband Teddy joined us, as did our oldest son Shawn and wife Beth and son's Michael and Gabriel.  It always brings a lump in my throat to see my dear husband, himself a combat wounded veteran, down on the ground, cleaning the bronze on the grave of my beloved Father.  Dad had a rough go in the service, huddled down in a foxhole for over a month on the island of Iwo Jima.  He told me of holding a dying friend who called out for his mother.  Is it a wonder that I am a peace loving person?
We are constantly amazed at the rough condition of almost all the other markers.  We are so proud of what Dayle does for Dad's.  I must tell you how soft-hearted my sweetie is, as before we left he took the extra flowers we brought and filled the vase in the man next to dad and left him flowers.  We've never seen flowers there in all these years.
Family... while we watched Dayle do his magic on the marker, I told our grandsons stories about their great-grandfather, and asked Dayle to tell them about the day he was shot while flying the helicopter in Vietnam.  I want them to know the family stories.
My sister and BIL holding a Marine flag she found - the Marines on Iwo Jima raised when they took Mt. Suribachi during the Iwo Jima battle.  
And here is the marker, all shined up.  
I did a walkabout to photograph some of the flowers in the farm yard.  This is our first rose to bloom of the year.  It's my "Scentimental" rose - beautiful and fragrant.
And here is our "Beauty Bush".  When someone first told me the name of this, I was skeptical, but I did some research and indeed that is it's name!  And it is very pretty, covered in orchid-like flowers.
A close-up of the flowers.. see the fuzzy little bits at the base of the cluster?  So cute! 
The apple tree is looking nice and green after the blooms have fallen to the ground and been mowed into mulch.
A warrior through the leaves.. this guy stands guarding the top of our creek and pond. 
The Beauty Bush is located up behind the creek and waterfall.. I thought I'd show you this other vantage point of our water feature.. love the Hosta and Japanese Grass that comes back every year. 
The Rosebud Azalea is staying strong and beautiful for a long time.   
Another variety of Rhododendron is opening.. I find it curious that each variety opens at a different time, which is nice as then we always have a new one to enjoy.  This one has yellow markings in the throat.  Pink buds, open to white flowers.  I wish I knew it's name!
We're just taking it easy today.  What are you doing?  We have a lot to do over the next week, getting packed and ready for our trip to DC and getting the house ready for the house-sitter.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. My most favorite post of the weekend. Great pictures, great stories, great memorial memories shared with the kids. And iced off with a few flowers of glorious color. Way too hot here to step outside. It's been in the mid 90s all weekend. Blistering hot. All my pots are wilting in the heat. I was out watering at 5am this morning and they are dry again. Maybe if we cool off I'll open the blinds and head out with my camera. I know it's been a while. Have a wonderful finish to this beautiful day.


    P.S. Scott has bogued the office all weekend with filing, so first minute on the computer just now finally to see what's up. I'm off to check on the others.

  2. It's 10pm over here Teresa and I was clearing up for bedtime here but had to sit down and read your post. Your Hb really is the most kindest man and I want you to send you and him my very best wishes. To see him on his knees cleaning that plaque brought a lump to my throat. And to read he put flowers on the other unloved grave too...that is a real man. Bless you all,
    Jane x

  3. What a lovely post today Teresa, that Dayle is a keeper, I've said it many times and I mean it. I have been taking it easy, one graduation party to attend and the rest of the time at home cleaning, and pottering about. I am working on my vest and the new shawl for my friend who is moving.
    Hope you have a wonderful week,

  4. What beautiful photographs, you have every right to be a very proud family and passing the history on is a crucial part of who your Grandson's will become. xxxx (((Hugs)))

  5. My favorite post too, what a nice way to spend the Memorial weekend.

  6. It's so great that you are sharing your family history with the next generation. I applaud you for taking such good care of your father's grave and his memory. Thank you and thanks to your husband and other family members for their service to this great country.

  7. Your rose is amazing. Your cemetery images beautiful and wonderful

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  9. Thank you, again, Teresa, for sharing who you are so beautifully. It is a very precious post with stories not everyone can tell but we need to know. And the incredible flowers around you...amazing. Have a happy week getting ready for your trip(: <3

  10. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  11. Another beautiful and amazing story. Thank you for sharing a story about your father.I know I don't know you on a personal level but seeing your husband cleaning the marker brought a tear to my eye and a smile upon my face! Until next time.. Oh and I just LOVE the pictures of your flowers!!!
    Shari :)

  12. Hello Teresa and thankyou for sharing another part of your family history. Your DH is certainly a 'sweetheart' so kind. Lovely photos as always. I hope to be going to the cemetry on 4th June, where my dad and brother are buried. My dad died six years ago on the 4th June. We lost my brother 50 years ago when he was only 10. Hugs at this special time Teresa. Anne x

  13. Teresa-I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I read your blog. It saddens me that a lot of people have forgotten the reason for Memorial, "decoration" day. Dayle-on his knees-brought the tears. And he himself a combat veteran. Oh my. I'm so glad you're passing down the family history to your grandchildren. It's important that they, and others, never forget the reason we have the freedoms we do.

    I was able to go the graves of my parents while in Nebraska a few weeks ago. My dad was also a WW II veteran and whenever I visit I put flowers on their graves. It also saddens me to see so many others with no flowers at all, but then I remember that just as I live far away, maybe their families do too.

    Thank you for a beautiful post and I agree with everyone else, that Dayle is a keeper!



  14. How wonderful that Dayle cares for that gravestone! So touching!

  15. How awesome that Dayle cleans up your dad's marker. Maybe the others' families are not close by to put flowers and clean their markers. That's sad to think about.

  16. What a sweet way to honour you dad! This was very touching for me today!
    have a good week. xoxo

  17. Thank you for sharing this. It is good to remember, and sharing the family stories. I often do it with my children. we have the 5th of may. And your DH impresses me. the simple but so thoughtful way of honouring and remembering.

    I read your blog now for some time, I love it, I love the beautiful photos.

  18. I've just been catching up on your blog and I wanted to say how lovely it is to see your dads grave so well cared for and it was really lovely of your husband to lay flowers on the next grave too :-)


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