Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Roses and Sisters

I went to the optometrist today for a checkup.  My eyes are pretty good, I just need correction for reading.  Then I went swimming.  When I arrived home and was walking up to the back deck, I was quite pleased to see my "4th of July" roses are beginning to open!  I got a few photos of this wonderful bloom to share with you.  What is funny is I never see the little insects in my roses when I'm taking the photo... UNTIL I download the photo and there they are!  See the little one in the center and one on the petal?  The leaves don't look so good on this, but the flowers are pretty!  This rose is so eye-catching, it looks like fireworks, and has a lovely aroma.  
And when I opened this photo to look at it I went "EEEEK!" Someone is peeking at me!  Do you see it?  Sneaky little bee with that rather evil little face!  LOL! 
Yesterday I organized a "Girl's Lunch" with my two sisters at Red Lobster and then to get a mani/pedi before our trip to Washington DC where all our toes will be on view while we wear sandals.  It was funny because I posted this on Facebook for fun and my daughter guessed each of our tootsies.  She said, the bright pink is probably Mom's, the foot with freckles is Denise's (my red headed sister, although now it's platinum silver) which left the light colored polish for my older sister, Roberta.  Right!  The amazing part is my older sister made it to the ripe "old?" age of 69 before this sister (me) talked her into getting her very first manicure/pedicure!  I think she enjoyed it! :-)
Hubby and I are madly trying to organize our things for the trip.  We got him 3 new pairs of cool cargo shorts in varying shades of beige and 5 new cotton polo shirts with pockets, and now we need to get him some sandals.  I sure hope our plane doesn't crash as 3/4s of my siblings will be gone at once.  My brother is flying out a few days ahead.  :-)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. These look like strong and healthy feet. I might be wrong? Anyway, nice toenails. What fun! Maybe I can talk my sister (only one) into a pedicure too. :-)

  2. Oh how I envy you getting ready for a summer break !!! Its so cold here and will remain so till about September. Where I live is high and not too far away from Australia's snowfields so our winters are quite long and very cold. That rose of yours is beautiful - I don't know a great deal about different species of flowers but I can't recall seeing one like that before. xoxox

  3. Oh do your toes look better than mine--LOL!
    Wishing you a very good trip!

  4. That is a beautiful rose. Earwigs love mine! I always seem to bring them into the house with the roses!! You and your sisters have pretty tootsies. Dayle's wardrobe reminds me of my husband. He loves the pocket tee's too.
    When do you leave?????
    XO Kris

  5. Gorgeous rose Teresa, love those photos. Your tootsies are all looking very smart, once the sun shines I have to paint mine, I think bare toe nails look very odd!! That's my crazy ways!
    Jane x

  6. Gorgeous Rose! I love it. Like the feet as well. Joan

  7. HI Sweet Teresa,
    Love the roses, they are so pretty and do look like fireworks so perfectly named!! I did see that bee, it was hiding. I often bring in large ants with my peonies and I don't like it! Boy, they love peonies!!!!!
    Love all those toes, I think my toes are the same bright pink as yours. I love the stand out colors too! Hope you have a great trip, not sure when you are going.
    Have a great day and thanks for all your kind comments to my mom.

  8. What a great day with your sisters! Hope to be having one of those myself soon...Shhh....She's coming home for someone's graduation but it's a surprise!! Can't wait to see her! Good luck on getting everything ready for your trip!!!

  9. Linda flor e linda as cores dos esmaltes das meninas.
    Escolha perfeita.

  10. Your mind works a bit like mine...when our 2 daughters flew out to Vegas all I could think about was that plane crashing and loosing our children. There have been many plane trips since then, but you won't catch me on one, I like my feet on the ground. Your rose is beautiful and I bet it smells heavenly. I looked back on your last post and felt it a very moving. The grave marker looked so nice polished up.
    Have a safe trip.
    Susanne :)

  11. The rose is beautiful Teresa. Am also planning a pdicure next week. Have a wonderful trip. Anne x

  12. That is the cutest toe picture. I bet you are getting so excited for your trip. Dress for heat in Washington, D.C.

  13. The rose is truly unique and spectacular! Very pretty toes, too. I am like Roberta was, but age 61 never having had my nails done. I will have to ask my sisters if they have ever had theirs done professionally(: A future project for us perhaps! I am looking forward to your trip posts and getting together with you in the near future. Blessings to you and yours! Gracie <3

  14. I do hope you have a wonderful family trip!

  15. What a nice post! Your rose is stunning. I've never seen one like that before. And the toes!! I confess, I love to paint my toes in the springtime. It makes my feet feel pretty. :-). Have fun getting ready for your trip. The plane ride will be fine and so worth it for the time saving factor. More time in D.C.

  16. Love the flower and the sneaky bee lol. Always good catching up with sisters and wish I could see mine more often. Would you believe I have never had a pedicure and I am 55, love your pink toes ☺
    Have a wonderful trip Teresa. About to head home from my warmer time in
    the state of qld in oz. Fun times at themeparks on my blog lol.

    wendy ♥

  17. Hello Teresa...Your roses look so pretty..the photographs are beautiful...Is this your latest camera? They are lovely quality.
    Love your painted toe nails...You must have had so much fun with your sisters having your manicure/pedicure and taking the pics...I'm sure there was lots of laughter along the way!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  18. Wow! Your roses are beautiful...and everyones toes look fantastic!

  19. Ah, those coloured toes nails, pretty!!
    I need to do this too, before the summer begins. It sure looks nicer in sandals.
    What a beautiful photo's of the flowers!!

    Wish you a lovely weekend.

  20. The humidity is up and running strong - hopefully it will be a bit less by the time you get here! Your hubby will need those cool shorts! Love that rose! It's strikingly beautiful! The bugs...that happens to me too! I guess that happens when we're looking through the viewfinder and focusing on other things! Mani/ guys are so cute! I love pedicures. I used to go regularly when we lived in California...I paid $8. Here, a pedicure STARTS at $35! Can you stand it? I do my own! $35! What the...heck!????? Hugs, Annette


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