Thursday, May 17, 2012

OK, I'll Tell You...

So, no one guessed what I was embarrassed to tell you.  The funniest guess was "Depend" adult diapers!  That was *not* it! LOL!  The answer is that I felt I needed a good but small camera for our trip to Washington DC in a few weeks.  Hubby thinks I have a camera "problem".  He is probably right. :-)  But the salesman at Costco said he thought this was the best camera for the size that they had.  I took it with me when I went swimming yesterday and on the way home did some "testing".  I have to tell you, I'm pretty thrilled with the quality of images and the zoom on this thing!  This flag was waving so pretty at a car dealership that I pulled into the median, whipped out the camera, zoomed in and this is what I got.  What do you think?
This Mt. Hood shot was taken from the parking lot at LA Fitness where I swim! 
I parked at the end of the Stark Street Bridge as I wanted to get a photo of Dabney Park from the bridge.  You used to be able to see the park from the roadside but the trees have taken over and you can't see it well now.
This is the Sandy River and Dabney State Park is there on the left where you see the beach. 
I tested the zoom here.. there is an island in the middle that is easy to get to and there were a bunch of people there yesterday. 
I took a photo of a sign that I designed many years ago, I drew the Historic Columbia River Highway sign using pen and ink and it was adopted by the Oregon State Highway Department and used for many years in the "keystone" shape.  Now it's been added to the green background and used for the Scenic Byway sign.
I then drove up to Portland Women's Forum State Park to test out the camera in the gorge and snapped this bronze plaque.  Our road is a National Historic Landmark, cool huh?
I'm extremely pleased with the quality of this shot of Vista House, taken from Portland Women's Forum State Park.. about a mile away.  You can see the new tile roof, and beyond you can see Bonneville Dam! 
I turned and took a photo of the fields in Washington across the Columbia River. 
And then close photo testing.. I'm very happy with this wild rose! 
You can click on the photo below and get a bigger image if you want to read it.  Portland Women's Forum State Park used to be known as Chanticleer Point and there was a restaurant there run by a woman - with a great view! 
Another image, the white blossoms on the right are Mock Orange. 
I like this one. 
The white azalea is at it's peak now. 
The Pink Rosebud Azalea is almost fully open. 
These make very pretty bouquets. 
Last call on the lilacs.. their season is way too fleeting.   
The vibrant magenta Rhodie. 
These are still opening.. so very pretty. 
This baby will serve me wonderfully in DC and all around here too.. it's light and small but packs a punch!  Woohoo! 
And it's not adult diapers!  LOL!  We have another graduation this weekend.. what do you have planned?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow, what a bang up little cameras Teresa! Again I say, the country side in which you live is breathtaking at every turn!!!!!

  2. Wonderful photos Teresa! You really have some beautiful scenery to take photos of! I just got me a little compact camera and I really like the quality of its photos too. My expensive digital is so heavy and not good for traveling and carrying it around. I forgot my little digital on my trip to California and had to use my Iphone but it did the trick I guess. Thank you for showing us some beautful shots of around where you live!~Hugs, Patti

  3. We have a "big-girl" version of the Lumix and it's awesome. It would be even better if I learned how to properly use the dang thing! You should be pretty happy with that one.

  4. I want one now. I need one now. I really really want one now. I really really know I truly need one now. I'm going to have to do some sweet sweet talking now. No, I don't need the "depends"......well, maybe, as I might pee my pants with delight if I had one of these in my travel pocket too. Perfect. Great pics. Guess what you are the first to know.... I just called and I officially done with JD. No city tomorrow... Let me see if I can finally get a haircut....

  5. Wow that does take really nice photos. I have been shopping around for a pocket digital camera. I LOVE my nikon but i want something I can keep with me all the time for those spontaneous moments.

  6. I have a Lumix, and it is a lovely camera, but I think you do it way more justice than I do!! That wild rose, is quite something, I think I could reach into my screen and touch it, such fantastic detail. Oh, and mock orange, I LOVE the smell of that, we have loads on the walk to school, but it is not open yet.

  7. Amazing pictures!!!....but whatever camera you have used for blog pictures has performed beautifully because of your gifted artistic sense (in my opinion). And the state of Oregon agrees with my recognition of your artistic ability and used your design for the scenic byway sign, Wonderful!!! Did you decide to return your BGC? After over a month of nursing my pulled muscle/ligament I started to go out and about a bit with good results so I shoved furniture around yesterday. Now I am back to resting/icing and moving carefully so I guess I will be crocheting or knitting this weekend. Happy graduating celebration for you and yours! <3

    1. Gracie, somehow your comment posted 3 times, so I will delete 2. Wonder how that happened? Thank you for your sweet words! Sorry you hurt yourself again. Time for you to stop overdoing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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  10. Wow you are the queen of cameras, I love the results of this little beauty. The flag photograph is awesome. I went to Washington DC many moons ago. I spent a great day there and then got snowed in at the Holiday Inn for three days! Story of my life! I went to the Grand Canyon too and it was so darn foggy I couldn't see my hand in front of my face! Lucy's Luck! xxx This weekend I will be trying to stay out of mischief. I am hoping to overcome my fears and go for my annual hair cut tomorrow and buy braces for my knickers! :)

  11. I want one of those! Was it expensive? How many megapixels is it? I've let my Costco membership lapse and have toying with the idea of reinstating it. This might just push me over the edge! Your images are gorgeous! I can't believe the quality on the zoom! Very clear! You're coming to my neck of the woods! Forgive me if you've already stated this in a past post...have you ever been to DC? I hadn't been there until we moved to the East Coast (8 yrs ago). We've been up there a few times (about 2 hours from where we live) - and I always find it fascinating. So many photo opportunities! Can't wait to see photos of your wanderings! Hugs, Annette

  12. Well you have just been having a fantastic time with your new toy. I think I need one, too. I love the shots you took, distance and up close look so good.
    Hugs to you,

  13. I swear I was going to guess that!! It crossed my mind that you might want something smaller. I was too chicken to guess it because I thought it might hurt your feelings (like I thought you needed a new camera or something). I loved seeing all your pictures today. Such pretty flowers!

  14. Wow I love the scenery... so beautiful.. I love the camera.. I need one really bad. Mine makes everything look dark and when I first turn it on it goes in zoom mood and it never did that unless I needed it to. So, I think I need a new one.
    Everything is beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing
    Shari :)

  15. You are surrounded by such beauty!!

  16. Had to laugh about your camera 'problem' ... I'm a bit that way too as you've probably guessed by now. Actually I don't think its the camera that's brilliant, I think its got a lot to do with the photographer and you have a real talent there. All your pics are beautiful. I have a Panasonic Lumix but mine only has 16x zoom however it does take nice photos. I'm finding I tend to use my iPhone camera quite a bit though (now that I've worked out how to get the pics onto my computer). Always enjoy reading your blog. xoxox

  17. It sounds like you had some entertaining guesses, lol. I don't think another camera is all too peculiar. Then again, my sister has an art degree and loves to take pictures too. You can imagine her camera stash. The quality of the pictures you're getting with that little thing is very impressive! I'm sure you'll have a bunch of nice pictures when you return home. I'll be attending a graduation this weekend as well and I'm hoping I don't forget my camera!

  18. Yea!!! I am SO happy for you:) I know how much you love taking photos and this is the perfect camera for you (and us, who love your beautiful pictures)! No lens changes in order to zoom, small size, great photos, good color....tis perfect my dear, talented blogger friend!
    You didn't tell me you were famous--I LOVE your design!

  19. Very nice pictures! You got yourself a nice little camera!

  20. Your photographs are wonderful Teresa...I agree, the Panasonic Lumix Series are all great cameras and this is perfect for you when you are out and about..
    Hope you have a happy weekend,
    Susan x

  21. Wow if this isn't a fabulous camera... and photographer too! What amazing shots of your area to share with us all. And I LOVE that sign you created! Just my kind of artwork! You will certainly get some amazing shot in "the other" Washington!


  22. Welcome to the world of Panasonic Lumix with Leica lenses Teresa. I have a DMC-TZ8 and I only ever use it on the IA (intelligent auto) setting and it takes the most wonderful people comment on my blog. I cannot get on with SLR cameras and like something tiny to tuck into my pocket..these cameras fit the bill perfectly. You have taken some great photos...enjoy. I have had mine for just over a year and I would honestly buy it again if I needed to. Have a good weekend,
    Jane x

  23. I'm glad you bought it. It's super, for me !
    Thank you for this great present.
    I wish you a very good week-end !
    See you soon.

  24. Wow, that takes wonderful shots! I just got a Canon and am real pleased with the pictures it takes too.

  25. Hi Teresa,
    What a great camera. It seems to take awesome photos. I love the beautiful scenery and the up close flowers are so clear!. I love new toys too. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your camera.

  26. Incrível, maravilhoso...
    Lindo de mais.

  27. Hi Teresa,

    I will be reporting to Dabney 2 days a week this summer; a search on Dabney led me here! I'm sure you recall that I used to volunteer at Multnomah Falls with you a few years ago. Perhaps I will see you in the gorge this summer. I will report to both Rooster Rock and Dabney.

    Kyle Robbins


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