Friday, May 18, 2012

Flowers, Cake Stand & Our Volcano

Our pink Rhododendron is blooming! It reminds me of cotton candy.  I got this shot from the deck, 20 feet away from them.  Don't you love pink? I planted a bamboo plant near this shrub and so this photo has both in it which I think is kind of neat.
Our woods are behind this.. to the east of our house.  Our bedroom French doors open to this little forest.
I always look up at the sky and it brings me peaceful feelings. 
I was hoping my camera would get some good shots of our pond goldfish and 2 koi, but I got a lot of reflection.. but it's fun anyway.  The Koi we got with our 2 granddaughters with us last year before they moved 2,000 miles away... ::sigh:: 
I spent yesterday tidying up the house.  We have a house-sitter arranged to stay with Buddy and Lucy while we're away in Washington DC, so I want things to be nice for her.  
One of my favorite bloggers, Alicia at Posy Gets Cozy, showed a neat cake pedestal recently and so needless to say, I have been looking for one.  I found this one on eBay, it's jadeite and I can't wait to bake and cake to put on it.  I put my little collection of milk glass hobnail vases on it and they look pretty on the table.
I figured that with 3 kids, 3 spouses of kids and 6 grandkids that I will be baking a LOT of birthday cakes, so I needed a cake stand, right?  See Dayle on the deck?  He's washing bird doo off our windows - some unwelcome avian squatters have taken up residence in our rafters and have been making a terrible mess on the deck.  :-(
Our Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980 on this day.  Here is a photo of my sister and her boyfriend canoeing on Spirit Lake long before the eruption.  I did a whole post about it last year, click HERE to read more about it and see photos, before and after.  (NOTE, the link to a video is invalid, the video is not longer on the History website.)  OK, I'm off to swim - I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love coming by for a visit, just like meeting up with your next door neighbor and catching up. I know you are going to have a fantastic time on your trip. Can't wait to see all your photos.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. The house looks nice Teresa.. I hope you a wonderful and safe trip.. Take lots of pictures.... can't wait to see them.
    :) Shari!

  3. love the cake stand. .just beautiful

  4. I have the same problem with capturing our koi on photos:( I usually get the best results from shooting when they are in the shade (when I can find some in the shade that is--LOL). LOVE your koi and your beautiful pink rhododendron!
    Have a good trip.

  5. You live in such a beautiful place. The flowers and Koi pond are amazing. I also love the cute, colorful afghan and pillow on your chair. Looks like your walls are similar in color to bright and cheerful! Thanks for this post. Enjoy your trip to D.C.!

  6. Hi Teresa,
    I enjoyed the post regarding the volcano. Such wonderful photos! I love the canoe in the lake shot! My girlfriend lived in WA when the volcano erupted. I remember how bad it was. Love the cake stand!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi, I just love the pedestal and the glass ornaments! A friend of mine lived fairly near Mount St Helens and kept us informed and sent photos. Wow is it that day again! The year surely flies past! Have a good weekend. Joan

  8. I love the color of your cake stand! My grandmother collected milk glass when she was alive. She had an enormous collection. Sadly when she found out she had cancer she sold off most of her belongings to come here to Ohio so my mom can take care of her.

  9. That is so funny. I recently spent my birthday over in Redmond with a dear friend (who is my daughter's godmother) and we were out thrifting and I mentioned how I had always wanted a cake stand and she gifted me hers.
    Mine is clear glass with little glass rosebuds decorating it with a clear dome lid with 'the knob'.
    I have a perfect gluten-free white cake to make this next weekend and show it off in style.


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